General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 2 Recap

Chu Xiuming arranged for Leopard Head to lead Shen Jin to the rest room. It turned out that the man named Leopard Head was the subordinate and the general named Wen Zou Zou was the general. Shen Jin thought about the scene of the sword dance on the way to the wedding today. The masked general is so good, how will she live after she gets married?

Early in the morning, General Chu Xiuming, General Chu Xiuming, was going to visit Shen Jin, and she was overjoyed, and Hairpin came out to greet her. Unexpectedly, the general came to question her why there was a meticulous work in the sending party. The one killed in front of the door yesterday was that it might be fleshy later. When Chu Xiuming asked this, he suspected that she was a stud. After working so hard to marry, she was worried and jealous. In the following days, her door was always guarded, and her food and vegetables were the same. She only guaranteed her. Just stay alive.

It’s really boring to go out and not to go out, to eat and not to eat well. Fortunately, there is the Demon General’s legendary storybook she brought with her in her luggage. It is just right to read it. The textbook says that the first three wifes of the Demon General died tragically. . It was to relieve the boredom, but the more she talked about it, the more frail, then she would not become the fourth wife of the general who died.

She flipped through her luggage again, and there was a pill of suspended animation. Anyway, there is no freedom or happiness here, so it’s better to die. Gudong Shen Jin swallowed the pill. This really scared the flesh, she hurriedly called Chu Xiuming, but when Chu Xiuming came, she saw Shen Jin, whose body was hot due to the drug reaction and whose tongue was clumsy.

She came out to breathe, her mouth was unclear, and she was kidnapped by the assassin who had already ambushed outside the wall. She pushed and shoved to the wilderness. Unexpectedly, the two of them came to kidnap Mrs. Chu Xiuming and threaten him. , The last big defeat, this time with hostages in hand, must be shameful.

Chu Xiuming has been quietly following. Hearing that these two turned out to be enemies, Shen Jin was angry and anxious, but was exhausted and unable to breathe, and fell to the ground without breathing after pointing at the gangster. Chu Xiuming hurriedly went up to get rid of the two Xiao Xiaoxiao. He thought that Shen Jin was pretending to be dead, but he didn’t want to sniff. There was indeed no ups and downs. Only then did he believe that Shen Jin was married to him because of his mother, but he lost his life in a hurry, and he was really disappointed.

Chu Xiuming took her back to Yongning Mansion all the way, fleshly holding Shen Jin’s hand and weeping sadly. Unexpectedly, when everyone was mourning and regretting, the next second, Shen Jin took a big breath and sat up directly, returning to life like a corpse. Chu Xiuming’s eyes widened, and Shen Jin began to meditate again, while reading it again and widening the neckline, as if the fish first got the water and took a big breath, revealing the jade pendant between the neck.

Chu Xiuming was even more surprised and asked Shen Jin for more information. , Begging for it, he was rudely offended and robbed him directly. Shen Jin hurriedly hugged him and yelled for robbery, but was stunned by a winking palm of the leopard’s head.

Chu Xiuming was holding the jade pendant, and it seemed that 80% of Shen Jin had the secret he wanted to know. When Shen Jin woke up again, he found that he was locked in the room. In the study room on the other side, Leopard Head was complimenting the sky lock he had found to Chu Xiuming. The lock had a key that no one could unlock. Here, Shen Jin’s hairpin leaned into the keyhole and fiddled with it a few times, then turned around and locked Chu Xiuming’s study. Really is the current world report.

Locking Chu Xiuming and others, Shen Jin solved the horses at the door and went to the streets to play, but it was a pity that she could not ride, and she could not touch any strange things on horseback. Know any general lady, only when she is lying. After a long time, Shen Jin was escorted back to Chu Xiuming, and was forced to perform an unlocking session. Chu Xiuming glared at Leopard’s head, ashamed of all the useless things.

Chu Xiuming became weak, and Shen Jin complained loudly that the imperial order gave her not only a bumpy marriage, but also did not marry her when she married, and he told the emperor if she was so close and suspicious of her. Under the emperor’s order, Chu Xiuming promised Shen Jin’s three conditions, that he could enter and leave the general’s mansion, he could leave the city, and the third hadn’t decided yet.

Shen Jin didn’t know how to ride a horse, so he took Chu Xiuming as a teacher. Of course, the great general Chu Xiuming would not lead her horses. So the two had to ride together and cross the prosperous streets to welcome the people’s greetings. At the gate of the city, Shen Jin set his identity triumphantly, facing these soldiers one by one, I am the general’s wife.

After coming out of the city, Shen Jin found that this horse could run fast. Chu Xiuming led him to gallop through Xiaoxiao Bamboo Forest and gurgling rivers, beautiful mountains and rivers, and forest trails. Today, he had a great day of fun. It was at ease. During the dinner, Rourou looked at her with only four words, her heart was rippling, and she even forgot about the jade pendant.

If you want to come and eat, you have to improve. Shen Jin found Chu Xiuming the next morning. Chu Xiuming asked Shen Jin where this jade pendant came from. She said it was given by her mother, and then no matter how Chu Xiuming questioned her. I can’t remember it, I have to think about it only after I’m full of chicken, duck and fish.

So in Shen Jin’s room, she was facing the delicacies of the mountains and the sea at first, and then he and the meat feasted together, and finally even the chef who served him joined, a group of people surrounded a large table of dishes, and it was very lively.

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