General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 1 Recap

On the long street next to the pavilion, a slender young man squinted slightly, and dozens of neighbors stood behind him. It seemed that everyone was looking for this young man. The son is not only slender, but the facial features are equally beautiful. If it weren’t for a small moustache, he might make people think that this is a daughter’s home.

With a wave of the young man’s cloak, the neighbours waited with all kinds of abacus. Around this young man they called Lord Jin began to crackle and fiddle with his abacus, but no one could call Lord Jin. Jin Ye, who lost, will take care of this person’s life. Why don’t you hit your child and hurt your wife? The left is just a bit of life. If you win, you can ask Jin Ye for help. Zhang’s ancestral treasure box can’t be unlocked. After trying his best to win the next round, Jin Ye unplugs a certain lady’s hairpin and opens the lock of the treasure box. .

Depending on what kind of lock it was, it was nothing but nothing in the hands of this Shen Jin. Shen Jin, the third lady in the Royal Palace of Rui’s, his mother was not high-born, so although she was the daughter of the prince, she was run on everywhere in the residence. But it was a man dressed as a woman and went on the street to have a good friendship with the old folks.

Everyone was grateful that the flattery of praise hadn’t blown enough, and two family members with sticks sprang up on the bridge. When Shen Jin saw that the situation was not good, he hurriedly put on the hairpin for the lady just now, and ran away.

On the long street, there was a flurry of flying dogs, soliciting goods, selling chickens, and shooting pots and shooting targets. Shen Jin walked all the way in a hurry and did not forget to help a little bit, and rushed to the backyard of a dyeing workshop with colorful clothes. Overwhelmingly, she was finally caught back to the house.

With a strong and meticulous heavy makeup, the third lady of the Royal Palace of Rui had a dignified manner and smiled, sitting in front of the painter, but behind her a sword flashing with cold light was against her, and there was a family in the dark, ready to serve with a stick. Playing with the ruler behind him, who would dare not smile dignifiedly in this scene.

The prince ordered the painter to send this portrait to the palace. If this daughter can enter the palace, it would be a contribution to the palace. Unexpectedly, the imperial decree arrived just after the painting came out. It turned out that the second lady of the Royal Palace of Rui, Shen Zi, and the border general Yongning Bo Chu Xiuming married. It is rumored that Yong Ningbo is a demon general who kills people without blinking. The previous three wives were short-lived. At this time, Shen Zi, who was aloof on weekdays, finally remembered that there was also such a younger sister, Shen Jin, who was born in a humble background and had not been on the genealogy.

All the frustration was to ask Shen Jin to marry the demon general for her second sister, and to use Shen Jin’s wife as a threat. Shen Jin did not want to see her mother being humiliated by others, and agreed to marry, but King Rui promised that she would never treat her mother harshly.

The sedan chair was sent to the outside of the Great Wall. Yongning Bo Chu Xiuming’s men came to welcome the relatives, and the sending party returned. Unexpectedly, they met the culprits. The sedan chair was even more happy when they saw the sedan chair behind. Seeing that the situation is not good, Shen Jin flees to the depths of the dense forest with her maidservants and frightened the two young women with swords along the way.

At this time, a general wearing a mask and a gold armor rode a gun past Shen Jin’s eyes. Shen Jin looked at those murderous eyes and hurriedly hid in secret to pray. The masked general immediately broke the army and was unstoppable. The enemy yelled and fled in panic.

When silence was restored outside, Shen Jin and Flesh came out, but there were corpses everywhere, and even the welcoming team dropped them here. Unreasonable, the welcoming did not leave the bride here halfway through the welcoming. Now that no one came to pick him up, only oneself walked over, cursing all the way to Yongning Mansion finally following the horseshoe prints, angrily called for a long time and no one answered, Shen Jin found the low wall and climbed in. The one who went to the front door to open the door for Flesh, came to a room in a muddle.

Fortunately, she had prepared well in the dark room. Huozhezi lit the candlelight, turned around and was suddenly frightened by a tall figure. She fell backward. She was about to fall on the side of the table, but she actually fell into it. In a hug. The humanity Zou Zou in front of him, there is a general armor in the room, then this person must be Chu Xiuming’s book boy. Shen Jinziliang’s identity as the general’s wife wanted this boy to guide her. Not many fairy tales only pointed to the door for her. Shen Jin felt that this person was really boring, and waved his hand to find the door.

When they arrived at the gate, the guard was about to kill Flesh. Because she suspected that she was a spy, Shen Jin hurriedly stopped her. Her identity as the general’s wife could not save a single Flesh. Who knew these people did not kneel down after listening for a while, but fortunately Kneeling down. Shen Jin saw that the leader who bears the brunt should be the burly, black-bearded man, presumably this is the demon general Chu Xiuming. She began to keep complaining about this man who made it difficult for him to marry, but she said two words about the big man stopping her, and two words about the maid meaty also stopping her.

When she finally reacted, and followed the fleshy finger to look back, the little-spoken book boy, he said, was in Xia Chu Xiuming.

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