Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 14 Plot

After Du Lin came to the place where Gong Zhicheng met, Gong Zhicheng took out his prepared psychological medicine and exchanged Du Lin’s medicine design. Du Lin returned home and died of a heart attack after taking the medicine that Gong Zhicheng secretly replaced. When Gong Zhicheng heard it, he felt very happy, and Feng Lei had nothing to do with this incident. He was just Gong Zhicheng’s scapegoat.

Gong Zhicheng developed and created C2 and sold them to Ali and Du Lin respectively. He also concluded that there must be a larger drug trafficking organization behind Du Lin.

When Zhang Zhuoying came to return Pei Zhen’s car, she happened to see Pei Zhen’s mother. In a few conversations. Because Pei Zhen’s mother wants Pei Zhen to go to the company, but Pei Zheng wants to do what he wants to do. I had a big fight with my mother.

When Wang Xingjian returned home, his parents were very happy. He also happily told his parents that he had participated in the arrest of drug dealers. After her parents heard it, they felt very dangerous. A little regretted agreeing to let him go to the drug team. After all, bullets don’t have eyes.

Here Zhang Zhuoying and her father are on the sofa while watching TV. Zhang Zhuoying accidentally saw a shot shot on TV. Seems to be frightened, and told his father to go to the study to read. In fact, Zhang Zhuoying had long known that she was not her father’s biological daughter, because he accidentally saw a letter written to his father in the study when he was young. Only then did I know the truth. He was very grateful to his current father for adopting her. Just as she was thinking about the past, Wang Xinjian called and cared about how he was now. And it is recommended that Zhang Zhuoying go to the psychological service center to have a look during her vacation. Zhang Zhuoying knew that Wang Xinjian and Tang Xiaoran should dress more formally when they were dating. Don’t be so frivolous.

On the second day, Wang Xinjian and Tang Xiaoran came to the place that Lu Xiaoxue had reconstructed. Concerned about Lu Xiaoxue’s recent situation. Lu Xiaoxue didn’t know about Gong Zhicheng, in order not to hit Lu Xiaoxue. Wang Xinjian said that Gong Zhicheng was very good. Let her make a good transformation.

After Bai Wei’s blind date was successful, he was always excited after work. Wang Xingjian teased him to entertain him, but Bai Wei asked him to play games. Faced with Zhang Zhuoying’s stress disorder, Wang Xingjian worried that she would get worse and worse. By trying to compare Zhang Zhuoying’s marksmanship with Zhang Zhuoying, the Zheng team learned about Zhang Zhuoying’s illness. Team Zheng asked Zhang Zhuoying for treatment. I can’t delay my heart disease. However, Zhang Zhuoying said that the Zheng team always had nightmares and had such diseases. If Team Zheng goes for psychotherapy, then she goes too. Team Zheng agreed to go to the Heart Service Center to check

When Wang Xingjian and others came to the hospital to visit and rest the Zheng team. When talking about the case 20 years ago, Wang Xingjian said that Li Gang might be corrupted by drug dealers. Team Zheng was shocked, very angry that Wang Xingjian said so.

However, at night. Team Zheng was in the dream that he had always had. Finally saw the man pointing the gun at him. Li Gang

In response to coming to Zhang Xudong’s home, Zhang Xudong talked about it. In fact, he has always had this faint feeling that Li Gang has become a real drug dealer, but he has never dared to face it. After all, Li Gang is his best companion with Zhang Xudong. Zhang Xudong also knew that Zhang Zhuoying had a stress disorder. Both encouraged Zhang Zhuoying to go to psychotherapy. Faced with concerns about his father, Zhang Zhuoying agreed with their persuasion.

Zhang Xudong called Pei Zheng to accompany Zhang Zhuoying to relax. And Pei Zheng also learned of Zhang Zhuoying’s heart disease, and Pei Zhen’s mother Du Mingzhen almost said that Zhang Zhuoying was not Zhang Xudong’s biological after hearing this. It seems she

It is also clear that Zhang Zhuoying’s true identity is not Zhang Xudong’s daughter. Day 2 Du Mingzhen and her son accompany Zhang Zhuoying to go shopping together

Wang Xingjian used the fear of heights he had treated to suggest Zhang Zhuoying to try to treat her heart disease with the method of abstinence. Zhang Zhuoying expressed willingness to give it a try, after all, she couldn’t keep doing this.

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