To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 46 Recap

After Zhang Zhizhi returned to the company, he called Wei Yayun into her office. Zhang Zhizhi asked her if she was going to resign. Wei Yayun just wanted to defend her. Zhang Zhizhi didn’t give her a chance to speak, saying that since she is now a manager, what she considers is For the company’s interests, as long as Wei Yayun can create benefits for the company, she can put aside personal grievances. She also persuaded Wei Yayun that even if she really wanted to leave, she would wait for the commission before leaving. Wei Yayun couldn’t believe Zhang Zhizhi’s greatness. She was so moved that she almost cried, and sincerely apologized to Zhang Zhizhi.

Gu Xiaoling suddenly received a call from the landlord. The landlord said that he wanted to increase the rent by 200 yuan next year. He would receive Gu Xiaoling’s rent of 4,200 per month. Gu Xiaoling was a little surprised. He only paid 3,500 rent each month, but the landlord said He has been charging four thousand yuan. Li Siyu told Lei Haowen about Gu Xiaoling’s signing of the prenuptial agreement. Lei Haowen couldn’t help but went to Gu Xiaoling, telling Gu Xiaoling not to marry He Mu.

He also felt that Gu Xiaoling was betraying him for money. Lei Haowen was impulsive and said that since he has both It’s selling, it’s better to sell it to yourself. After his unique project is successful, there will be money. Gu Xiaoling is so angry that Lei Haowen is shut out, saying that Lei Haowen’s temporary poverty means permanent poverty.

Lei Haowen could only pin his last hope on Gao Zhengdao’s last experiment, but Gao Zhengdao stopped before the last experiment. Gao Zhengdao was a little scared. Li Siyu, Lei Haowen and Liu Yang all poured their attention on this project. With so much time and money, he was afraid that he would fail this time, so he didn’t know how to face them. Li Siyu patiently persuaded Gao Zhengdao. Even if the experiment failed, she would try her best to make the laboratory work again. , She will never give up halfway. Gao Zhengdao was encouraged and decided to start the last experiment.

The last experiment started. Lei Haowen and Li Siyu watched worriedly, praying for the success of the experiment silently in their hearts, but what everyone did not expect was that the experiment was not only unsuccessful, but the test product exploded. Lei Haowen was desperate and ran out of despair. The laboratory. Suddenly it rained heavily in the sky. Li Siyu didn’t bring an umbrella and went home under the rain. Gu Xiaoling saw Li Siyu’s appearance and knew that she had failed this time. Gu Xiaoling handed Li Siyu a glass of water. Li Siyu said that he could still hold it.

I don’t know what happened to Lei Haowen. Gu Xiaoling couldn’t get through calling Lei Haowen. She went out and searched everywhere under the umbrella. Here Chen Yiming found Lei Haowen and wanted to take Lei Haowen home, but Lei Haowen muttered to himself that he was finished, and refused to go with Chen Yiming. Chen Yiming knocked Lei Haowen down with a fist, which made Lei Haowen calm down.

Chen Yiming settled down with Lei Haowen, so he called Gu Xiaoling to report that he was safe. Gu Xiaoling was relieved and told Chen Yiming not to let Lei Haowen know that he was looking for him again. Chen Yiming soaked cold medicine for Lei Haowen and relieved him that he would start all over again. However, Lei Haowen said that today’s explosion made local headlines, and no one is willing to invest in them anymore.

Wang Ziru was very happy when he saw the news of the Gao Zhengdao laboratory explosion. Soon, Mr. Gong went to the laboratory and asked Li Siyu what they planned now. Li Siyu said that he would not easily admit defeat, but they did not plan to raise funds now, Liu Yang He Gao Zhengdao is going to go back to the entire experimental process, and wait until the results come out before proceeding with the next step of planning. This process may take three months or even six months.

Here, Chen Yiming was still comforting Lei Haowen. Mr. Gong came from the laboratory, and Lei Haowen suddenly suggested to Mr. Gong that he could sell all his shares in Yiwen Company to Mr. Gong for 5 million. Li Siyu received a call from Gao Zhengdao. Gao Zhengdao said that he had found the reason for the failure of this experiment. Li Siyu was very happy and went to encourage Lei Haowen, but Lei Haowen had lost confidence in Gao Zhengdao and even offered to sell the new green investment. However, Li Siyu refused to agree, insisting that he would be successful alone.

After Chen Yiming learned of Li Siyu’s situation, he told Wang Ziru about the situation of Dabu and asked her if she wanted to participate in the investment. However, Wang Ziru said Dabu is no longer worthwhile, and she would not invest no matter how cheap it is. I wanted to sell the house, and then lend the money to Li Siyu in the name of Wang Ziru to support her to continue the experiment.

Wang Ziru was not angry, but said that Chen Yiming was affectionate and righteous, and pretended to say that he also wanted to help Li Siyu, but Chen Yiming did. The method is not to help Li Siyu. Now they can’t accept the fact that they can’t succeed alone. Lending them money will hurt them. She can let Gao Zhengdao work in her newly bought laboratory, and she can also support Li Siyu’s other entrepreneurial projects, Chen Yiming I had to give up after listening. He found time to find Li Siyu, and heard Li Siyu outside the door cheering up the employees, saying that he would not give up this project.

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