To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 45 Recap

Liu Yang asked Zhang Zhizhi if she still had a chance. Zhang Zhizhi said that she had just arrived at the new company and was under a lot of pressure. If she didn’t think about these things, the relationship between them just let the flow go. Liu Yang agreed, but she vaguely felt that, He and Zhang Zhizhi still have the hope of getting back together. He asked who Zhang Zhizhi met in the new company, but Zhang Zhizhi didn’t want to say any more.

He Mu made an appointment with Gu Xiaoling. They have not seen each other for three weeks. He can guess that Gu Xiaoling is hiding from him. Gu Xiaoling excuses that his gallery is very busy. He Mu believed it for the time being, but he asked about the prenuptial agreement , Gu Xiaoling broke the jar, saying that he had dyslexia, and still did not read the prenuptial agreement, and left the restaurant after speaking. He Mu wanted to give Gu Xiaoling another chance, so he wanted his subordinates to change the prenuptial agreement to a PPT for Gu Xiaoling to see, but the subordinates said that Gu Xiaoling had no dyslexia and just wanted to break up with He Mu.

Chen Yiming and Wang Ziru talked about the fact that Li Siyu had invested 5 million yuan in Dogo. He was a little puzzled why Wang Ziru must have 60% of the shares. Wang Ziru said her reasons. She had sought an expert to evaluate this project before. This project is impossible to succeed at all, but even if it fails, Gao Zhengdao’s research data is still very valuable. When 10 million buys 60% of the shares, she just doesn’t lose, and if it succeeds, the value is inestimable. After hearing what Wang Ziru said, Chen Yiming felt that she was too sophisticated, but Wang Ziru said that she was an investor and was responsible to shareholders. It was impossible to be so capricious.

In order to stay in the company, Wei Yayun took the initiative to please Zhang Zhizhi, but Zhang Zhizhi said that no matter how much Wei Yayun did, he would not change her opinion of her. Wei Yayun closed the door of Zhang Zhizhi’s office, apologized to Zhang Zhizhi in a low voice, and pretended to be pitiful in front of Zhang Zhizhi. He said that he had not had a good time for the past six months, and he almost broke off the relationship with his parents, and was pointed out by a friend beside him.

Zhang Zhizhi was unmoved and drove Wei Yayun out of the office. Before long, Wei Yayun’s colleague took Wei Yayun’s contract to Zhang Zhizhi for approval. Zhang Zhizhi looked through it and found a low-level error. He asked his colleague to show Wei Yayun to correct it. The colleague told Wei Yayun that Wei Yayun wanted to resign, worrying that Wei Yayun was deliberate. Yes, he also persuaded Zhang Zhizhi to cut the mess quickly.

Gao Zhengdao’s experiment failed again. Li Siyu and Lei Haowen had only 300,000 money left, and one experiment cost at least 500,000. In order to support Gao Zhengdao in the next experiment, Li Siyu quickly promised that he would get the second place. Round investment. Lei Haowen had to look for contacts everywhere to invest in order to prevent his two million from being lost.

He Mu went to Gu Xiaoling. After he realized that Gu Xiaoling was about to break up with him, his mood fell involuntarily. Only then did he know that he fell in love with Gu Xiaoling. He Mu, who is usually like a robot, confessed to Gu Xiaoling and said Out of the phrase “I love you” Gu Xiaoling wanted to hear, he also handed out five million to Gu Xiaoling. He broke the rules he set, only because he found that he could not accept the future without Gu Xiaoling. Willing to make an exception for Gu Xiaoling.

After Gu Xiaoling and He Mu met, they called Li Siyu and Zhang Zhizhi to KTV. Gu Xiaoling sang and danced. Li Siyu chatted with Zhang Zhizhi. Zhang Zhizhi talked about Wei Yayun. Li Siyu was a little lamented that Zhang Zhizhi had indeed grown a lot now, and Li Siyu asked again. What happened to Gu Xiaoling? Gu Xiaoling said that she had signed the prenuptial agreement. Li Siyu was very surprised and said that Gu Xiaoling didn’t like He Mu at all. Why did she make such a choice? Gu Xiaoling said that only in this way can she forget her mother’s inferiority. On the day she went to ask someone to borrow money, she knew from that day on that only money in this world can be trusted. She wanted to live a stable and affordable life.

Li Siyu also wanted to persuade Gu Xiaoling to think about Lei Haowen, but Gu Xiaoling said that she might regret choosing whoever she chose, but now she is rich, she took out the five million and gave it to Li Siyu, but Li Siyu refused to take it and deceived Gu Xiaoling to say that she was herself The money has been collected, and she hopes that Gu Xiaoling can return the money to He Mu. She and Zhang Zhizhi both hope that Gu Xiaoling can be happy and happy, instead of marrying someone who doesn’t like it for money, but Gu Xiaoling said that she is very happy and very happy.

Lei Haowen failed to get the investment, and looked down to Chen Yiming and talked about the status quo of the unique project. If there is no new capital injection now, his house and Li Siyu’s next ten years will all be ruined. It happened that Mr. Gong was also here with Chen Yiming. Lei Haowen wanted to join Mr. Gong and was willing to transfer 20% of his shares at a price of 10 million yuan.

Soon Mr. Gong told Wang Ziru the situation, but Wang Ziru said this. She must have a controlling stake in the project. Now that Gao Zhengdao has run out of ammunition and food, it is her opportunity to raise conditions. Mr. Gong and Wang Ziru left after talking, but Chen Yiming, who came to pick up Wang Ziru, saw him. Chen Yiming took Wang Ziru and talked about Gao Zhengdao’s project and started the second round of financing, but Wang Ziru said that he had abandoned the project.

Lei Haowen took Mr. Gong to Gao Zhengdao’s laboratory for inspection. Mr. Gong suggested to Lei Haowen that he could only give out 5 million but 60% of the shares. Lei Haowen could only say that he had to discuss with his partners At one point, Gao Zhengdao did not agree to let others control. Li Siyu could only give Mr. Gong 49% of the shares. Mr. Gong conveyed Li Siyu’s conditions to Wang Ziru, but he suggested that Wang Ziru abandon the project, but Wang Ziru Still vaguely worried, she felt that according to Gao Zhengdao’s paranoia, coupled with Li Siyu’s madness, they could do anything.

Zhang Zhizhi asked Yuan Huizhong for dinner and asked her how to deal with Wei Yayun. The two were chatting. Mr. Wu, the leader of Zhang Zhizhi’s new company, passed by and greeted Zhang Zhizhi and Yuan Huizhong. Zhang Zhizhi knew that he could join the new company as a sales manager. It was Yuan Huizhong’s strong recommendation. After chatting with Yuan Huizhong, Zhang Zhizhi already knew what to do with Wei Yayun.

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