To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 44 Recap

Guan Xiaotang immediately called his father, but Guan’s phone could not get through. Guan Xiaotang called Guan’s secretary Meiying, and after asking where Guan’s father was, he took Li Siyu to find someone. After arriving at the manor, Sister Meiying said that Guan’s father was still having dinner with others. The two listened to Guan’s father at the entrance of the dining room.

It turned out that Guan’s father’s company was on the line of life and death. This meal was Guan’s father looking for a loan from the bank. I hope that there will be some capital turnover. Guan’s father saw that Mr. Wang refused to borrow money, and even knelt down and pleaded. Guan Xiaotang saw his father begging for help so low, and was so excited that he wanted to rush into the dining room.

Li Siyu quickly grabbed Guan Xiaotang and asked him Don’t be impulsive, now is the critical moment for Guan’s family. If Guan Xiaotang wants to overcome this difficulty, he should go in and have a toast with those uncles to let them know that there are successors to Guan’s family and Guan’s company is promising. After this difficulty, Guan Xiaotang can truly grow up. Guan Xiao calmed down and asked Li Siyu whether he would think about himself in time. Li Siyu asked him not to think about these things.

Li Siyu saw that Guan Xiaotang could not protect herself and could no longer make investment, so she went to Qiji Group to find Zhang Yanzhou, hoping that Zhang Yanzhou could invest money in the project of membraneless battery, she used herself as a mortgage, Zhang Yan Zhou lent her five million. One year later, she returned 5.8 million to Zhangyanzhou. If she didn’t pay, she would join the Qiji Group and work for Zhangyanzhou for ten years free of charge. Zhang Yanzhou was a little moved. , But he said that he could only invest 3 million, and that Li Siyu would invest 4 million a year later, and he had to use Li Siyu’s ten-year labor contract as collateral. Li Siyu readily agreed.

Zhang Zhizhi returned Mr. Su’s ring. Mr. Su was a little puzzled. Zhang Zhizhi said that although the two of them got along well, she didn’t want to get married, not because she couldn’t let go of Liu Yang, but because she couldn’t let go of work. Returning to the life of a husband and a child, the easy life made her feel insecure.

Mr. Su couldn’t figure out why Zhang Zhizhi wanted to live a hard life. Zhang Zhizhi said that when she first started selling, it was her. The most painful time was also the time when she grew fastest. There is no denying that Mr. Su, Zhang Zhizhi does not want to rely on others anymore, she wants to live on her own strength. After hearing these words, Mr. Su had no choice but to respect Zhang Zhizhi. s Choice.

Zhang Zhizhi submitted several resumes. Three companies were willing to ask for Zhang Zhizhi. Although one of them was a new company, it was willing to give Zhang Zhizhi the position of sales manager. She was a little confused about which company to choose, so she told Li Siyu about the situation, and Li Siyu asked Zhang Zhizhi to choose.

For that new company, Yu Wei listened to Zhang Zhizhi’s call and encouraged her to choose that new company. After hearing her daughter’s words, Zhang Zhizhi made up her mind to go to that new company as a sales manager. Zhang Zhizhi went to the new company to report. When President Wu introduced Zhang Zhizhi to the salesmen, Zhang Zhizhi discovered that Wei Yayun was actually his subordinate.

Wei Yayun saw that Zhang Zhizhi had become her boss, and she was always anxious. In order to avoid Zhang Zhizhi, she even had to give up the contract that was about to be signed, thinking about resignation. Her colleagues did not know Wei Yayun and Zhang Zhizhi’s past and persuaded her to wait. Resign after receiving a commission after signing the bill.

Lei Haowen mortgaged the house that his parents had left for him, and raised two million to invest in Li Siyu. Li Siyu was a little surprised. She repeatedly reminded Lei Haowen that the success rate of her project was very low, but Lei Haowen insisted on taking a gamble. Li Siyu guessed that Lei Haowen was betting on Gu Xiaoling, and Lei Haowen did not deny it.

Lei Haowen and Li Siyu set up the New Green Investment Company with 5 million yuan and formally invested in Gao Zhengdao’s membraneless battery “one step” project. Gao Zhengdao holds 85% of the shares, Liu Yang holds 2%, and New Green Investment The company held 13% of the shares. While several people were celebrating, Chen Yiming suddenly came. Chen Yiming was talking about investment with Gao Zhengdao on behalf of Wang Ziru, but Li Siyu said that now he manages the unique investment, and now they don’t need other investment, Chen Yiming had to leave when he saw it.

Before leaving, he called Lei Haowen and Liu Yang and asked them what was going on and why they refused to ask for Wang Ziru’s investment. Liu Yang said that Wang Ziru and Gao Zhengdao could not talk together not because of the share issue, but because Wang Ziru did not. Respect Gao Zhengdao’s research results, but treat this matter as a business, take money too seriously, and take gains and losses too carefully.

After Liu Yang learned that Zhang Zhizhi would not go to Europe, he was very happy. He thought Zhang Zhizhi had chosen himself. After he sent Yuwei home this day, Zhang Zhizhi invited him in for a meeting. Liu Yang saw that the light bulb in the living room at home was broken, so he took the initiative to give it to him. Zhang Zhizhi changed the light bulb and Zhang Zhizhi thanked him.

He wanted to say that he met Wei Yayun at the company, but Liu Yang first talked about what Zhang Zhizhi left behind, and promised that he would never let Zhang Zhizhi down. When Zhang Zhizhi saw Liu Yang misunderstood, he said I stay here not for others, but for myself.

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