The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 32 Recap

Xiao Chengxu came to thank you, but Xiao Chengrui blocked them outside the city gate and prevented them from entering the palace. Li Xiang persuaded him to be soft and let him go. However, Xiao Chengxu was so temperamental and left with someone.

However, Xiao Qihan didn’t follow him and knelt down outside the city to plead guilty. Li Xiang sighed, Xiao Chengrui was even more angry when he learned that Xiao Chengxu had gone back, and lost his temper. Helan Mingyu was very worried when he learned about it, and quickly wrote a letter for Ling Zhen’er to give it to Xiao Chengxu, so as not to hurt both sides.

Xiao Chengtai came to Xiao Chengrui with the so-called proof of Xiao Chengxu’s collaborating with the enemy and traitorous country, accusing him of collaborating with Hong Guangzhi. Xiao Chengrui immediately sent someone to arrest Xiao Chengxu to confess his guilt. Xiao Chengxu still refused to lower his head in the face of Xiao Chengrui.

Xiao Chengrui directly kicked him and scolded him to kneel down and ask him whether he was worthy of Dasheng. Xiao Chengxu denied that, as a citizen of Dasheng, how could he collude with the enemy and betray the country. Faced with the collusion document, Xiao Chengxu said that it was a forgery and false accusation. His personal seal was damaged three years ago, and it was rebuilt at the beginning of the year. Xiao Chengrui refused to believe it and had to check it clearly.

Helan Mingyu came to Helan Yunqi and asked her why Xiao Chengxu was beaten into Dali Temple again. Helan Yunqi told her the ins and outs. Helan Mingyu knew that someone must have deliberately framed her. Thinking of what she had heard, she felt that it must have been a counter-intuitive trick. Helan Mingyu begged Helan Yunqi to let herself meet Xiao Chengxu.

Helan Yunqi naturally refused. Xiao Chengrui suspected them, even if Helan Mingyu would be involved. Helan Mingyu had to make an appointment with Xiao Chengli, and asked bitterly whether the matter was as clear as a mountain. Xiao Chengli persuaded her not to ask about this matter again. This time Xiao Chengxu’s trouble was too great. Xiao Chengrui had already made a decision. Who would dare to refute him. Xiao Chengli said that if there were real evidence that Xiao Chengxu was wronged, he would definitely not let Xiao Chengxu be wronged. Helan Mingyu felt relieved when he heard this sentence.

Helan Mingyu knew that the document must be fake, and wanted to find the flaw to help Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengrui found Xiao Chengxu’s three-year paperwork, only to realize that Xiao Chengxu’s words were true, and he wronged Xiao Chengxu. But when he thought of so many ministers defending Xiao Chengxu, Xiao Chengrui felt upset again.

The imperial study room was severely damaged by water, but the collegiate documents were intact. Helan Mingyu felt that the whole thing was very strange, so Ling Zhener asked Ling Zhen’er to find out. He Lan Wanyin deliberately talked in front of Xiao Chengrui about going to the Helan Yunqi Hall today to invite Concubine An to discuss, saying that Xiao Chengxu was Dasheng’s greatest hero, and he had smashed half of Dasheng’s country, and also fought against Xiao Chengrui and said that this world is his. , Xiao Chengrui’s inner anger was once again provoked.

Helan Mingyu learned that Xiao Chengrui had adjusted Xiao Chengxu’s battle report documents for three years, and it didn’t take long for the Imperial Study Room to catch fire. Whether those documents were burned, it shows that Xiao Chengrui did not want to pay him back! But Helan Mingyu will not let Xiao Chengxu be slandered in vain. Xiao Chengrui made an order to take Xiao Chengxu to the death jail at noon tomorrow, and Xiao Chengxu’s heart was ashamed.

Xiao Chengxuan immediately asked Yan Hai to contact the coach and intercept the prisoner tomorrow. Xiao Chengrui intends to kill them all at once, making people watch Xiao Chengxuan closely. Helan Mingyu didn’t expect Xiao Chengrui to deal with Xiao Chengxu in such a hurry. He also knew that Xiao Chengxuan was the most urgent now, and asked Ling Zhen’er to find a way to ask Xiao Chengxuan to stop him from moving. Xiao Chengxuan refused to agree. If Helan Mingyu hadn’t figured out a solution before noon tomorrow, he would take someone to intercept the prisoner.

Su Yuying ran to beg Helan Wanyin and asked her to say a few good things to Xiao Chengrui to let Xiao Chengxu go. Helan Wanyin pretended to agree to try, but Su Yuying also understood that she was perfunctory. Xiao Chengxuan had lost her mind, Helan Mingyu was worried. Su Yuying met Helan Mingyu when she was out of the palace and ran to lose her temper. Helan Mingyu calmed her down speechlessly.

Su Yuying learned that she had a way to save Xiao Chengxu, so she calmed down, and handed over the documents and letters from the mansion to them, but they were not Xiao Chengxu’s seal. Helan Mingyu asked Su Yuying to bring the marriage certificate, there must be a personal seal on it! But the two got married three years ago, and those who were burnt were within three years. What’s wrong in these three years? Kelan came to ask about Xiao Chengxu, but Su Yuying slapped him. Helan Mingyu hurriedly stopped it. Perhaps the key to saving Xiao Chengxu was Kelan.

Several ministers stood up and asked Xiao Chengrui to think twice. Su Yuying suddenly took Kelan and ran up with the marriage letter to say that she had been wronged, and asked him to make peace with Xiao Chengxu. Xiao Chengrui ignored them, but Xiao Chengli suddenly spoke out, saying that perhaps we could find evidence that Xiao Chengxu did not collude with the enemy. Xiao Chengli read the marriage book of the two and compared the seals on the marriage book three years ago and three years later.

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