The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 31 Recap

Ling Zhen’er was very worried about Lan Zhaoyi. She didn’t want Helan Mingyu to be wronged, but she didn’t want to cause such a big trouble. She was afraid that Xiao Qihan would be implicated. For so many years, Helan Mingyu has not been favored. Everyone stepped on them in secret. Although Lan Zhaoyi had no contact with them, he never harmed them. Helan Mingyu also understood Ling Zhen’er’s thoughts, but it was something. At this point, I just hope that the innocent will not be involved anymore. Xiao Chengrui and Helan Wanyin had just lost their sons. Helan Mingyu still did not forget to tell Grandma Li not to let them be touched. She only hopes that Xiao Qiyuan can grow up well.

Xiao Qihan knelt outside the halls of Helan Wanyin and Xiao Chengrui. Ling Zhen’er came to him. Xiao Qihan learned that she had reported on Lan Zhaoyi and was very sad and angry, so he drove her away. When Ling Zhen’er was about to leave, two people ran over and said that Lan Zhaoyi bit her tongue and killed herself. Xiao Qihan suddenly struck like thunder. He stumbled and ran to Dali Temple in the rain. Ling Zhen’er hurriedly followed to persuade him not to go to Dali Temple at night. Xiao Qihan threw away Ling Zhen’er, his mother was killed by her, he would never forgive Ling Zhen’er in his life! Ling Zhen’er looked at Xiao Qihan’s back in Dali Temple with great sadness.

Xiao Qihan cried bitterly while holding Lan Zhaoyi’s body. Helan Mingyu heard Ling Zhen’er crying, and Ling Zhen’er cried and said that Lan Zhaoyi had committed suicide. She was sorry for Xiao Qihan, she was not afraid that Xiao Qihan would hate her, but Xiao Chengrui would implicate him. Helan Mingyu said that he would go to Helan Yunqi in a moment, and he would persuade Xiao Qihan to return to Xiao Qihan and light a bright lantern for Lan Zhaoyi.

Before Lan Zhaoyi died, Xiao Chengrui wrote a confession letter. After reading it, Xiao Chengrui felt that she was not sorry for her death and was not allowed to be buried in the imperial tomb. Xiao Qihan was arranged to go to Xiao Chengxu’s camp. Xiao Chengrui asked He Lan Wanyin to take good care of her body and stop thinking about it. Helan Wanyin was unwilling to catch up, but when he heard that Xiao Chengrui made Xiao Qiheng the crown prince because he was angry with Helan Mingyu, he realized that he had never won! Because of this, Xiao Qiheng came to such a fate, and Helan Wanyin’s hatred grew stronger.

When Xiao Chengxu learned that Xiao Qihan was going to come to practice, he immediately understood that Xiao Chengrui wanted to arrange for Xiao Qihan to clear it away. Helan Mingyu coaxed Xiao Qiyuan to sleep, and Ling Zhen’er noticed that Xiao Chengrui was coming and hurriedly said. Helan Mingyu hurriedly asked Grandma Li to take Xiao Qiyuan out first, and Xiao Chengrui felt that even his children could not be looked upon. Helan Mingyu was annoyed. Why didn’t he think that he was his own child when he asked Master Xiao Qiyuan Xingxing about the crime?

Xiao Chengrui knew that he was sorry for Helan Mingyu. How he explained Helan Mingyu would not take it to heart. If she wanted to complain, she would complain. The two quarreled again. Xiao Chengrui only wanted Helan Mingyu’s sincerity. Helan Mingyu also showed his sincerity. But how did Xiao Chengrui treat her? Helan Mingyu bluntly said that from the moment Xiao Chengrui forced her to become enlightened, she could only be the king of Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengrui was stunned, saying what she longed for was the outside world, the people outside, the hero outside.

Xiao Chengxu fought a war outside and again defied Xiao Chengrui’s orders. Xiao Chengrui lost his temper and ordered Xiao Chengxu to return to his teacher immediately and set up camp outside the city and not to enter the city. Helan Yunqi was very worried when she heard that, she quickly asked what was going on with Li Xiang, Li Xiangdao could be big or small, and Xiao Chengxu repeatedly touched Xiao Chengrui’s negative scales, fearing that the storm would not be small. Helan Mingyu felt that what Xiao Chengxu did had his own reason, but he was afraid that even if he had a reason, Xiao Chengrui would not listen. Outside the city, Li Xiang told Xiao Chengxu that Xiao Chengrui was furious and withdrew his troops for thirty miles. Xiao Chengxu said it was for the horse’s food.

Xiao Chengrui was unwilling to hear Xiao Chengxu’s explanation at all, and felt that he was quibbling, so he immediately ordered Xiao Chengli to question Xiao Chengxu. Helan Mingyu knew that Xiao Chengrui was afraid that Xiao Chengxu was on the bar, and he wanted him to bow his head sincerely and confess his guilt. This crime is not serious. The more serious one is the ghost in Xiao Chengrui’s heart. If Xiao Chengxu has been following him, he can rest assured. Will trigger his inverse scales.

Xiao Chengxu didn’t know why Xiao Chengrui was so anxious to cure his sins, but it was not the time now. He had already let people use public opinion to create influence. If Xiao Chengrui really insisted on killing him, he would have done his best to do his best. Xiao Chengli came to see Xiao Chengxu, Xiao Chengxu only replied one word, and died. Xiao Chengxuan also stood up and petitioned for death. The soldiers who followed him petitioned, and Xiao Qihan knelt down unwillingly.

Xiao Chengli told Xiao Chengrui truthfully that the princes and county princes were willing to lead the death. Upon seeing this, the courtiers hurriedly asked Xiao Chengrui for mercy. Xiao Chengrui was so angry that he could only give a light penalty. However, Xiao Chengrui was unwilling, so He Lan Wanyin took the opportunity to provoke.

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