The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 7 Recap

Wen You brings Zhan Qinghong to a sea of ​​flowers and creates a romantic surprise for her. Zhan Qinghong unexpectedly finds that Wen You no longer has a hostile attitude towards Lin Fang, and feels that if a man is sympathetic to each other, it can be a great deal of grievances.

Lin Fang was backlashed by Wudusan, and simply continued to maintain his turbulent appearance, asking the maid to pretend to be herself and summon the singing and dancing girl to perform at the inn, thereby covering up the fact that she was seriously injured. Zhan Qinghong went to the inn to visit Lin Fang and was turned away. He could only leave angrily. Shen Yanzhi couldn’t bear Lin Fang being tortured by the poison, so he went to Zhan Qinghong without telling him the truth about Heart Nunch Pearl.

It turned out that Lin Fang’s mother was the former leader of Shuanghua Sect, and the Heart-warming Pearl also belonged to the Lin family. Later, Lin Fang took it out to trap Feng Wufei, so as to add a bargaining chip for him to win the position of the leader. According to the original plan He was planning to use the Heart Warm Pearl to continue his life after winning the leader, but he didn’t expect it to fall into the hands of Zhan Qinghong.

Zhan Qinghong learned that Lin Fang’s body was getting worse, immediately went to grind the warm heart beads into powder and put them in a medicine bottle, and then took the medicine bottle to the inn. As Lin Fang announced the rectification of the martial arts, various martial arts sects brought gifts to see the leader on the grounds of congratulations. As a result, although the things were accepted, people refused to show up, making everyone contemptuous, even Gu Yue. They all mocked Lin’s superiors for accumulating wealth and ugly.

Even though Zhan Qinghong knew that the dancing girl was trying to hide, she was still surprised when she saw it with her own eyes. The dancers didn’t know Zhan Qinghong, thinking that she was a newcomer to fight for favor, all kinds of ridicule, Zhan Qinghong tricked them away by tricks, and then took out the warm heart beads that had been ground to force Lin to let him go.

However, the heart-warming pearl is a magical medicine for replenishing life. It should not be consumed by people with insufficient internal strength or severely injured. If people with low internal strength need to have others to help their movement, it can dissolve the heart-warming pearl, otherwise it will undoubtedly die.

Zhan Qinghong didn’t care about the difference between men and women, and immediately started to treat Lin Fangyun with the medicine. At this time, Wen You bought a sugar man on the street and planned to go to Zhan Qinghong. Suddenly, he heard the martial arts wind shouting, saying that Zhan Qinghong had driven Man Room song and dance girl wants to dominate Lin Fang.

Wen You knew that it was impossible, but couldn’t help but speed up and rush to the inn. At first, Shen Yanzhi and the two maids stopped him, but thinking that he was someone Lin Fang needed to win, they entered the room with him, almost causing a misunderstanding. . Hearing Wen You’s voice, Zhan Qinghong was overjoyed, and immediately called him into the room, and calmly told the truth of Lin’s radiation treatment. Wen You breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this. After putting down the sugar man, he took the initiative to take care of the responsibility.

Gu Yue ordered the head of Ji to bring a few disciples to attack the inn at night and set fire to the house. Shen Yanzhi and Wen You were just busy fighting, but had not noticed the fire in the inn room. Zhan Qinghong helped Lin Fang carry out the last week, and then dragged him out of the room through the back door. Su Batian and others arrived one after another, everyone was surprised No risk.

Since no corpse could be found at the burning site, the head of Ji could only return empty-handed. Gu Yue believed that Lin Fang’s life or death was uncertain, and there might be another wave of trouble. Gu Yan noticed that Lin Fang’s disappearance was related to his father, so he ran to question Gu Yue. Just as the father and son were in a stalemate, Mr. Yu came to Lin Fang on the order of the prime minister. Seeing this situation, Gu Yue was already ready to respond, but Lin Fang appeared unscathed in front of the crowd and accepted the invitation of Prime Minister Wang as a matter of course.

Lin Fang returned to the Lin family’s old house, looking at the familiar Jingyuan, memories of the past are vivid. Wen You and Zhan Qinghong talked and laughed happily, the scene of the two people getting along touched Lin Fang, making him love Zhan Qinghong, and decided to give her the precious dagger left by his father.

The martial arts hero banquet is about to be held. Lin Fanghua lavishly invited the best clothing workshop in Jun’an. However, although the clothes were good, Zhan Qinghong could not exchange them for Lin Fang’s satisfaction. Tired almost collapsed. In the end, Lin Fang ordered the people to buy all the clothes, and when Zhan Qinghong wore the new clothes to the banquet, he bumped into Hua Yao’s shirt, so angry that Princess Hua Yao ordered the maidservant to take off Zhan Qinghong’s clothes.

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