The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Fang had already noticed that someone was trailing behind him, so he deliberately went around the corner, and then sneaked into the bamboo forest to see Shen Yanzhi while the other party was not paying attention. After the two met, Shen Yanzhi left first. Zhan Qinghong and Wen You were standing high in the dense forest.

Seeing the mysterious man gradually approaching Lin Fang, Zhan Qinghong insisted on stepping forward to rescue him despite Wen You’s stopping. In addition, the other party came from Gu Jiabao, and if Wen You hadn’t helped, I’m afraid she and Lin Fang would have died here.

Sun Chuang’s corpse was found in Jun’an City, so Xia Houying’s previous guess was true, so someone pretended to be Sun Chuang to attend the conference. Gu Yue was worried that Feng would not be exposed, so he hurriedly suggested that he would not notify the infield for the time being, and treat this emergency as a trial. Xia Houying knew everything well and followed Gu Yue’s words.

Everyone came to the last level “Linglong Tower”, where the leader token was placed in the tower, and the rules of the game did not limit the means, but life and death, each fighting by ability to win. As soon as the voice fell, the others fought together. The head of Ji was sent by Gu Yue to help Gu Yan secretly, so he did everything possible to prevent others from snatching the token.

Gu Yan was immediately ashamed when he learned that his father, as the deputy leader of the martial arts, had cheated openly. Lin Fang saw that the head of Ji was the mysterious man who had repeatedly assassinated and failed. At the same time, he saw that Sun Chuang of the Flying Eagle Gate was the “Nether Three Demons” Feng Bufei pretending to be Feng Bufei. Everyone was shocked when he heard that, and immediately found that Sun Chuang was falling on his body With the countless treasures stolen, the mask was removed, revealing the true face of the phoenix.

Feng Bufei admitted that he agreed to Gu Yue’s request for the Seven-Star Swordsmanship, but whether he wanted to use the token was entirely based on his mood, and did not pay attention to Head Ji. Gu Yan was upright and upright, unintentionally fighting for the position of the leader, and then turned around to attack the head of Ji, but Feng Bufei flew directly to the second floor, just about to reach out for the token, unexpectedly lost to Wen You.

Su Batian and Ji Headmaster were defeated. Together with the pretending Feng Bufei, only Lin Fang, Zhan Qinghong, Wen You, Shen Yanzhi and Gu Yan were left on the scene. Shen Yanzhi was Lin Fang’s person, so naturally they would not be allowed to compete for the leader. Feng Bufei took the opportunity to slap Lin Fang with a palm, and Zhan Qinghong used his body to protect him in desperation. Seeing Zhan Qinghong fall from the top of Linglong Tower, Wen Youfei leaped up and hugged Zhan Qinghong who had fainted, immediately. Give up the game and go to the doctor.

Everyone waited anxiously for the result outside the tower, the gate of Linglong tower opened wide, and it was Lin Fang who walked out. Xia Houying was the first to admit that Lin Fang was the new leader of Jiangdong Wulin. With the cheers of the people, Gu Yueqiang had to admit his inner anger and had to admit it in public. After the martial arts conference, Lin Fang and Wen You put their hearts together, and a sincere dialogue made the two decide to join hands in creating a flourishing martial arts world.

Wen You stayed by the bed to take care of Zhan Qinghong, who knew Zhan Qinghong murmured Lin Fang’s name in a daze, which made him feel uncomfortable. It happened that Xiao Lan was holding a pot of hot water and almost fell rashly, Wen You subconsciously protected Zhan Qinghong, his whole back was soaked, Zhan Qinghong gradually woke up, before he could say a few words, he saw He made random excuses to see medicine, and then fled.

Gentle saw that Zhan Qinghong also liked being gentle, and even pointed out that Zhan Qinghong only had friendship with Lin Fang and had no other thoughts. Wen You was overjoyed when he heard this, and ran back to the room with Gentle’s newly made pills. It happened that Zhan Qinghong learned of Wen You’s thoughts from Xiaolan’s mouth, and it was immediately sweet. In order to coax Zhan Qinghong to take medicine obediently, Wen You promised to buy sugar people, and the two agreed with each other, and their hearts were connected.

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