The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 12 Recap

Zhan Qinghong mistakenly gave the heirloom jade pendant to Qiu An, Qiu An refused to return the jade pendant, and expressed to Zhan Qinghong that he wanted to marry her like that, but Zhan Qinghong only regarded him as his fourth junior brother, but only Children. After a fight, Zhan Qinghong succeeded in regaining the jade pendant, but Qiu An was so angry that he was acting like a baby to Zhan Qinghong to deceive himself, and he didn’t like him at all. Up. Seeing Zhan Qinghong stomped anxiously, determined to get the jade back next time.

At this time, Wen You came, looking for Zhan Qinghong to ask for a birthday gift. Without the jade pendant, Zhan Qinghong could barely prevaricate, but Wen You kissed Zhan Qinghong on the cheek and turned around and ran away, shyly saying this as a gift to him Birthday present.

Gu Yue noticed that Li Muzhong and Cao Yang had been provoked, and demanded to work together to deal with Lin Fang and put down personal grievances and deal with Chen Fang.

The next day, Zhan Qinghong and Wen You pretended to be a metaphysical bully in the street, eating overlord’s meal, and molesting good women in every way. Could this be their truest appearance? Hahaha. Finally, the two came to the Qinglong Gang gambling shop and decided to have a good fight. Zhan Qinghong smashed the lead-filled sieve, indicating that they were here to smash the place, and turned into a trader to send the robbed silver money. Recruit Qiu An to buy horses.

Using the excuse of discussing Qiu An’s marriage, Zhan Qinghong only opened Wen You and asked Qiu An again for the jade pendant. The stubborn Qiu An was still unwilling to return it, and asked if Zhan Qinghong liked a cold man like Wen You. And once again told Zhan Qinghong that she would work hard to make her like herself. This confession happened to be seen by Wen You. Wen You jealous rushed forward to tell Qiu An loudly that Zhan Qinghong would not like him, and that he would not push Zhan Qinghong to anyone. ,will never.

The success of instigating the relationship between the Yixuan Sect and the Qinglong Gang, the dispute between the two factions is on the verge of breaking out.

Qiu An expressed his liking to Zhan Qinghong to Lin Fang, hoping to learn more about Zhan Qinghong, Lin Fang advised Qiu An to like not to have it, but Qiu An felt that if he liked it but did not express it, he would regret it. Xiaolan overhears the two people talking outside the door and understands Lin Fang’s intentions against Qinghong, and gives Lin Fang the fan Zhan Qinghong bought for Lin Fang, and asks if Lin Fang is also eager to fight Qinghong. Lin Fang said that he was seriously ill and did not want to drag Zhan Qinghong down, so he didn’t dare to have any ideas.

Qiu An took Zhan Qinghong to investigate an abandoned “haunted” house, but accidentally discovered Gu Yue’s hiding place, and the assassin killed Qiu An again. Li Muzhong came to Cangwu and cried, saying that his gang was bullied, and begged Lin Fang to call the shots. Lin Fang put down his head wine and led people to surround the inn, frankly that his purpose of coming to Cangwu was to find Gu Yue and arrest him.

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