Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 4 Recap

In order to help Su Nianfeng get into college, Su Muyun quietly entered Nianfeng’s room in the evening, gently opened her drawer, took out her papers and patted with her mobile phone, but Nianfeng who was sleeping aside didn’t notice it. After returning to the house, he carefully checked every question she did under the lamp and considered how to help her with tuition.

The school celebration is approaching. The teacher asked everyone to give a show. Some students asked Nianfeng to show a show. She said that although her image was almost better, she had time. Nianfeng said she had to study too. The student continued to say that many well-known alumni would come, and if she was spotted by a scout, she would be at the pinnacle of her life. As she was talking, Mu Yun walked over and said that Nianfeng didn’t want to go, and said that only he can bully her, others can’t.

After school, Nianfeng and Mu Yun walked out of the classroom and saw Qin Yao outside. She straightened her hair with her hands. Qin Yao heard that her grades had improved by ten. Mu Yun asked him to make a game and they had hot pot together, Mu Yun It has nothing to do with him lightly. Nianfeng saw Le Diyin not far away, so she pulled him over and introduced to Qin Yao, saying that he was her deskmate and helped her a lot. She invited Le Diyin to eat hot pot together and watched Nianfeng play with it. On Di Yin’s arm, Mu Yun looked upset, Le Di Yin declined her invitation because of his physical discomfort.

When eating hot pot, Qin Yao asked Nianfeng if she would participate in the school celebration performance. Nianfeng said that she would study hard in her third year of high school. Qin Yao said that he and Qi Yuan were planning to sign up for a singing show, and he encouraged Nianfeng to participate. After returning home, Nianfeng looked at the registration form and thought that it would be good if he could perform on the same stage with Qin Yao.

At this moment, Muyun opened her door and said that he was hungry. Seeing the registration form in Nianfeng’s hand, she knew she would listen. After Qin Yao’s words, she changed her mind, and attacked her saying that she had no artistic talents, and she was so angry that she pushed him out of the room.

Next, Mu Yun started to make trouble with her. She sang and said he wanted to call the police. When she read aloud, he learned from her. In order to avoid Mu Yun’s interference, she went to the school bathroom to practice. The two of them could make a combination to sign up for a recitation program, and Nianfeng agreed. When she handed the registration form to the teacher, the teacher asked her if she was talented. She said and Zihui had found a place to learn recitation.

The teacher said that there is not enough time to study in the third year of high school. Nianfeng didn’t know how to answer. At this moment, Mu Yun walked over and said that he would help Nianfeng with tuition, and the teacher agreed.

After leaving the teacher’s office, Nian Feng thanked Mu Yun for helping her, but Mu Yun said that helping her with tuition does not mean supporting her to participate in the school celebration. Nian Feng wondered why he wanted to help her. Mu Yun said that he just didn’t want to have a sister who had never attended college. Then Nianfeng and Zihui went to the broadcast class.

At noon, Muyun quietly came over and pulled her out of the classroom to let her go back to cook. He also asked her whether she was attending the school celebration for Qin Yao. After hearing a few words, Nianfeng ran away.

Zihui walked out and saw that Muyun didn’t want Nianfeng to attend the school celebration and said that she could help him. Then she said that when she was hungry, the two of them went to eat spicy crayfish. Muyun had a stomachache after eating a few, Zi Hui quickly sent him home, Nianfeng saw Mu Yun looking uncomfortable, and hurriedly helped him lie down on the sofa to find medicine for him to take.

Seeing the sleeping Mu Yun had a fever, she put a towel on his forehead, and then she leaned on the sofa and fell asleep unknowingly. Mu Yun woke up and looked at the lovely appearance of Nianfeng sleeping beside her. Secretly hope that she can stay away from the cruel past.

Zihui felt that there was a weird relationship between Mu Yun and Nianfeng. She decided to investigate further. That night she brought a bunch of white flowers to visit Mu Yun. Mu Yun was playing games with Nianfeng in the living room with her back facing her. Zihui asked if Nian Feng Muyun’s stomach was any better, and Mu Yun turned around angrily and said that he was not dead.

Zihui said that he didn’t know what flowers to send when he saw the patient for the first time. She thought the flowers were very beautiful, and Nianfeng echoed that they were very artistic. Then Nianfeng took out the photo album to show Zihui, she told Zihui what she did when she was young, but her parents would help her review it.

Nianfeng and Zihui met Qi Yuan in the broadcast class, and Nianfeng couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed when they saw Qin Yao giving her milk tea. Qi Yuan learned that Nianfeng was preparing for the school celebration program. She felt that the conditions of Nianfeng generally made her better to devote time to study. At this time, Mu Yun came over and took Nianfeng’s shoulders and said that no one can despise the efforts of others, Nianfeng Great.

Nianfeng felt warm when she heard that, she asked Mu Yun why he was here, and Mu Yun handed her medicine to protect her throat. At night, Nian Feng dialed Tong Le Di Yin’s cell phone, and there was the voice of Le Di Yin’s father. He told Nian Feng Le Di Yin was rescued in the hospital. After hearing this, Nian Feng hurried out. Mu Yun followed out wearing slippers and he rode I caught up with Nianfeng on the bicycle. I heard that Nianfeng went to see Le Diyin in the hospital and said to take her there.

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