Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 3 Recap

On this day, the math teacher was taking a test in class. Su Nianfeng answered the questions with difficulty. The teacher walked to her and frowned when she saw her papers and said that this is a sample question in the textbook. Did she go back and review it? Nianfeng stood up and thought She said that she went home and was busy cooking for Muyun, but she didn’t say that. Su Muyun thought of standing up and explaining for her. She didn’t expect Le Diyin to stand up and tell the teacher that he would help her with tuition after class.

After class, Le Diyin helped Nianfeng explain the math problems. Su Muyun, who was cleaning next to them, was a little jealous when they looked close. At this time, another boy walked over with a thermos cup. He heard that Nianfeng was uncomfortable and let her Drink more hot water and said that he can also help her with tuition.

Mu Yun said that Nianyun didn’t know how to do sample questions because he didn’t care about it. Nianfeng said it had something to do with him. Muyun said he was responsible for her puppies. Of course she was distracted. It was too much and ran out of the classroom. When Le Diyin passed by Mu Yun’s side, he was tripped by the mop that Mu Yun stretched out, and then Mu Yun teased the boy who gave Nianfeng a thermos to make him stay away from Nianfeng.

When she returned home at night, Nianfeng closed her room to study. The next day she concentrated on doing the questions and did not go to dinner. When Mu Yun heard about it, she brought her a meal but saw that Le Diyin was helping her with tuition again, so she couldn’t help but ran over. Eat the food on the playground and play ball like a vent. Next, the girls in the physical education class are going to run 800 meters. Liu Zihui asked Nian Feng Muyun if she didn’t plan to apply through her friends. Nian Feng’s face became pale and her pace slowed down.

She said she didn’t know if Zihui asked herself. he. Zihui asked Nianfeng to help her, but when she turned around, she saw Nianfeng squatted down in pain while holding her stomach. She couldn’t help but hurried over to ask her what’s wrong. Seeing Nianfeng’s painful look, Zihui hurried to the playground and shouted Mu Yun who was playing ball. Mu Yun ran to Nianfeng and picked her up and ran to the infirmary, complaining that she was unwell. Be brave and die in the math workbook, waiting for the teacher to give her the award for diligence.

When I arrived in the infirmary, the doctor said after seeing her that she had low blood sugar and her body was in a special period. Nianfeng returned to work, and Muyun went to the doctor to ask for some brown sugar. When he returned to the class, he saw that Nianfeng was chatting with Le Diyin again, so he did not show up. Nianfeng and Le Diyin agreed to go to the cafe for tuition on the weekend, and what appeared in Mu Yun’s mind was the dancing of the two. When reading in the library, he couldn’t help throwing the book on the table in annoyance, and the teacher reminded him that it was Keep quiet in public. After that, Muyun forbids Nianfeng to go to tuition on weekends. Nianfeng said he was jealous and told him not to overturn the boat of her friendship with Le Diyin.

Liu Zihui kept applying for WeChat who wanted to add Muyun, Muyun dragged her to the place where Nianfeng tutored her. Four people sat at a table and made up their homework vigorously. Then Muyun and Nianfeng had a quarrel. When she got up, Mu Yun took her back home. Parents were on a business trip again, and they sent a message to let them take care of each other. Mu Yun pretended to have a stomachache, and Nian Feng couldn’t help but busy cooking for him.

At night, he opened the door of Nianfeng’s room and found her standing on the stool in front of the window, knowing she was sleepwalking again, so he walked over and gently hugged her down, helped her go to bed and covered her with a quilt. Turn around and close the window. Nianfeng woke up the next day and found Mu Yun sleeping on the ground next to her bed. She couldn’t help but pick up the doll and beat him to let him go out.

With the help of Le Diyin, Nianfeng made great progress in mathematics. In order to express her gratitude, she brought a cookie she made to him. Le Diyin barely took a bite and looked uncomfortable. Nianyun thought not. It was delicious, but Le Diyin said that it was because he was unwell. Nianfeng asked him with concern if he wanted to go to the infirmary. He said that he didn’t need to be used to it, but Nianfeng said that she only had his friend, and hoped that he would be fine.

The teacher called Mu Yun to the office and told him that the school has a few places that are recommended to Tsinghua University, so that he can prepare well. Mu Yun hesitated. The teacher knew that he was thinking about the wind, so he asked him not to waste such a good opportunity because of his sister. I also asked him for the phone number of his parents and wanted them to come. Mu Yun said that parents are usually abroad, so it is better to call Nianfenglai for parents.

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