Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 2 Recap

Su Muyun hoped that Su Nianfeng would choose him to be at the same table. She did not expect to be rejected by her. She also said that she was not worthy of him, a cosmic student. Two people came to line up outside the classroom. They formed two and walked into the classroom at the same table. Liu Zihui walked to Mu Yun and wanted to be at the same table with him, Mu Yun said casually. After they entered the classroom and sat down, Nianfeng walked in alone and sat in the last row of the classroom. Then Le Diyin walked in and asked if he could sit next to her. Su Nianfeng nodded.

Then the teacher took the bottom test. Su Nianfeng was very nervous and worried that the test would not be good, but when he heard that the teacher played the English listening text that Su Muyun played in the morning, and the part of the notes was actually the test questions, he couldn’t help looking at Su Muyun happily. Su Muyun, who was confident, finished the answer early and handed in the test paper. The teacher asked him to help rewind the papers.

Su Nianfeng was still working hard to answer the questions when rewinding, and she was the only one left. Su Muyun knocked on her table with his hand, and when she saw that she didn’t respond, she picked up her test paper and turned away. Su Nianfeng was very depressed. He wanted to praise Muyun, but he didn’t expect him to kill his relatives righteously.

After eating in the cafeteria, Su Nianfeng and Le Diyin walked and talked. I heard that she and Su Muyun are siblings. Le Diyin said that the two of them have different personalities, and her personality is quite cute. Su Muyun, who had been following them all the time, became more and more angry, and smashed the paper balls in his hands towards Su Nianfeng. Su Nianfeng covered his head and turned around to see that it was Su Muyun.

Su Muyun and his classmates were walking on the campus. Liu Zihui stopped him and wanted to give him a gift. The classmate next to him asked him to open the gift box, but Su Muyun refused. Liu Zihui gave it to his teammate. The teammate opened it. It was a limited edition sneaker. The students nearby cast envious eyes. Seeing that Su Muyun was gone, his teammate returned the shoe box to Liu Zihui and said that he was sorry that the shoe size was wrong.

Su Nianfeng comforted her and said that maybe her brother thought this gift was too expensive, she could give him a notebook or something. Hearing Nianfeng said that she and Mu Yun were brothers and sisters who grew up with no blood relationship, Liu Zihui turned her anger into joy and warmly hugged Nianfeng’s shoulder and asked Mu Yun what she liked.

On this day, the teacher put out an exam question, asking everyone to write a composition around ideals, to write their true feelings. Su Nianfeng felt very embarrassed and did not know how to write. Le Diyin used a note to communicate with her to encourage her to write what she was good at. This scene was seen by Su Muyun. After class, he walked to Su Nianfeng and asked her to have her early love.

When he came out, he wanted to tell his parents that Nianfeng laughed and said that his love letters were still piled up in her room. Muyun threatened to tell Qin Yao that she would transfer her love, Su Nianfeng immediately became anxious and threatened him if he dared to Qin. Yao said indiscriminately that she would renounce him.

The bottom test results came out, Su Muyun got full marks, and Su Nianfeng’s grades were very poor, she was in a depressed mood, Le Diyin asked her to think about people who were worse than her, Su Nianfeng felt that no one was worse than her. Le Tiyin said that he was ill when he was very young, and the doctor said that he lived a long time ago, so it is very beautiful and meaningful for him to live. Nianfeng didn’t expect that he was so seriously ill. It was only a stage when Le Diyin encouraged her to study, and her future had unlimited possibilities.

When returning home at night, Su Nianfeng cried because she failed the exam. She cried and said to Mu Yun that her classmates laughed at her. She also said that her mind was full of tofu and she was also sad. She had worked very hard, Su Mu Yun felt very distressed when she heard it, and gently embraced her shoulders and looked at her test paper.

The next day in class, Su Muyun got up and told the teacher that Su Nianfeng’s test paper had a problem. According to her actual ability, she should be able to get a high score in the test. The teacher gave her a brand new test paper. As a result, Su Nianfeng scored 105 points in the test. The students were surprised. Su Nianfeng was very happy to hear her teacher praise her for doing well this time.

In the evening, to thank Mu Yun for helping herself, she cooked a lot of dishes for him, but the next day he pressed her alarm clock to make her wake up late. She itched her teeth with hatred while running fast on the road, and Su Muyun rode When the car caught up with her, he said he could send her to her but let her change to the same table. Nian Feng said that he was the king’s clause.

At this moment Liu Zihui ran past them. Mu Yun stopped her and let her get in the car. Liu Zihui listened. He immediately sat happily on the back seat of the bicycle. Nianfeng was late and was trained outside the classroom by the director. Liu Zihui and Le Diyin helped her speak and then the director let her in. Nianfengxiang Liu Zihui expressed her gratitude, but she took the opportunity to let Nianfeng talk to Muyun. Her friend applied.

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