Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 18 Recap

Yun Shu looked at Zhang Sinian and thought, do they seem to be in love now in this state? For a while, Zhang Sinian also wondered if the two of them were getting along too rigidly, and Lu Yu said that he couldn’t do business affairs when he fell in love. Then Zhang Sinian said to Yun Shu that since it is now a couple relationship, it is better to save some tedious procedures, so he said to Yun Shu, let’s sleep in a bed together tonight, and then Yun Shu listened to his mouth. The water inside spurted out and sprayed onto Zhang Sinian’s clothes. Then Yun Shu agreed. Zhang Sinian said that he could take five thousand, the little bear, with him, so the two went to sleep.

Later, Zhang Sinian asked Yun Shu what kind of posture he liked. Yun Shu didn’t understand. Zhang Sinian asked what kind of sleeping posture he liked. Yun Shu said that he likes to sleep on his side, pulling it to one side for the rest of his life. Then Zhang Si Nian pulled the quilt over. Yun Shu said that he had no quilt anymore. Zhang Sinian suggested that the two people go to bed closer.

Yun Shu agreed, so the two leaned to the middle to sleep. Zhang Sinian said, isn’t this too superficial? So Zhang Sinian asked if she could sleep with her, Yun Shu agreed, so Zhang Sinian hugged Yun Shu to fall asleep, but Yun Shu couldn’t sleep, Yun Shu kept shouting Zhang Sinian, Zhang Sinian did not wake up , Yun Shu has not fallen asleep.

The next day, the alarm clock woke up, and Zhang Sinian woke up. Seeing Yun Shu, she opened her eyes and said to Yun Shu that she did not seem to be in good condition. Yun Shu said that she might have recognized the bed, Yun Shu Is it developing too fast? Then he suggested slowing down, Zhang Sinian agreed. Zhang Sinian went back to the office and asked Teacher Shen. Teacher Shen said to Zhang Sinian, give them some space, such as watching a movie.

At this time, Yun Shu was painting while in the office. Sister Mei saw it and was surprised. , Sister Mei made Yun Shu a professional painter, and then Yun Shu said that Sister Mei was joking. After a while, attorney Meng came to the office and asked how Yun Shu and Zhang Sinian were. Yun Shu was very happy. Then Yun Shu was very grateful to Attorney Meng, but attorney Meng said to Yun Shu, if you really want to thank yourself, you should talk to Zhang Si Nian broke up, and then said that he was joking. After a while Zhang Sinian called Yun Shu and said to Yun Shu, let’s go to the movies tonight. Yun Shu was very happy and agreed.

In the evening, the two of them went to the movie together, and saw half of Yun Shu, who fell asleep on Zhang Sinian’s shoulder. After the movie ended, Zhang Sinian asked Yun Shu if they were satisfied with their current progress? Zhang Sinian said that he didn’t know much about love, so he consulted with Mr. Shen, so he watched the movie. Although he is not very good at love, one thing I can be sure is that he likes Yun Shu very much, and Yun Shu listens to it.

After arriving, I was very happy, so I kissed Zhang Sinian and told Zhang Sinian that Zhang Sinian graduated from kindergarten, and then left, and let Zhang Sinian go with him. So Kochi refused to let Linnuo play games. Lin Nuo said that when he was still a friend, he played games every day. Kochi said that he should continue to be friends. Then Lin Nuo refused, and the two began to quarrel. Zhang Sinian and Yun Shu brought his cousin to see Yun Lan. When Yun Lan saw Huo Qi was very angry, he wanted to call the police, but when Lu Yu came in, he stopped.

Then Yun Lan decided to ignore the predecessors and Huo Qi left. Up. Lu Yu asked Zhang Sinian to chat, and asked Zhang Sinian what Yunlan meant? He also said that he and her were not the same. Zhang Sinian said that he was indeed not the same. As a public figure, Lu Yu often appeared in front of the public, hoping that he could give Yun Lan more time, and then Lu Yu asked Zhang Sinian about him How about with Yun Shu, Zhang Sinian said that he and Yun Shu confessed, but they have just started their relationship, and he is far from Yun Shu’s ideal boyfriend. Lu Yu said Zhang Sinian has finally gotten to know Up.

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