Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 17 Recap

Yun Shu came halfway and ran into his cousin. The cousin told Yun Shu to take her to see her uncle, so the two of them left together. Zhang Sinian went to Meng Ran’s company and did not find Yun Shu, so he asked Meng Ran. Where is Yun Shu, Lawyer Meng said that Yun Shu had already left work 40 minutes ago. Then the two went to check the surveillance, saw Huo Qi and Yun Shu, and took Yun Shu away.

Lawyer Meng originally wanted to call the police, but Zhang Sinian stopped it because Yun Shu said he didn’t want Huo Qi to enter the cell. Then the two went to find someone together. At this time, Yun Shu and his cousin were at Brother Rabbit. Yun Shu said to his cousin, didn’t he bring himself to see his uncle? What is this place? Afterwards, Brother Rabbit introduced herself. Brother Rabbit told Yun Shu that her cousin owed herself a lot of money.

Yun Shu told her cousin that he didn’t need to pay back his money, but the cousin and Brother Rabbit had a relationship. He wouldn’t care about the matter anymore, and then wanted to leave, but his cousin refused to let Yun Shu go. After a while Zhang Sinian and Lawyer Meng also came. The two people looked at the contract signed by their cousin. Lawyer Meng said that they had signed more than 1 million yuan. Zhang Sinian said, is this contract legally valid?

Lawyer Meng nodded, and then Zhang Sinian analyzed the current situation for Brother Rabbit. If they said that they called the police or frozen the account, then Brother Rabbit’s loss would exceed the money Huo Qi owed him, so he took a compromise. In other words, he helped Huo Qi return more than 500,000, and Brother Rabbit gave up more than 400,000, so the two reached an agreement. So Yun Shu and Zhang Sinian left, and then the cousin said that they could go by themselves. Kochiyi was looking for something in the room very anxiously.

Then he took out a knife and a stick to go out. Lin Nuo held Kochiyi. , Asked her what she was going to do, Kochiyi said to find Gu Xiao, and then Lin Nuo refused to let him go, and promised Kochiyi to help her find a boyfriend. At this time, Yun Lan was returning from dinner with her blind date, and Lu Yu was waiting at her door. After a while, Yun Lan went home without too much communication from Lu Yu.

Yun Shu was bandaging Zhang Sinian’s wound, Yun Shu asked Zhang Sinian if it hurts, Zhang Sinian said if it hurts, Zhang Sinian said to Yun Shu that he had something to tell Yun Shu, and then lawyer Meng called Calling, lawyer Meng asked how Zhang Sinian and Yun Shu were? Yun Shu said that they were all very well, and Zhang Sinian later confessed to Yun Shu that he liked her.

At this time, Gao Zhiyi and Lin Nuo were singing in the cabaret. When eating breakfast the next day, Zhang Sinian and Yun Shu sat down for breakfast. Zhang Sinian said that this would make the field of vision wider. Yun Shu was very happy. He remembered that Zhang Sinian and himself shared everything.

For two, Yun Shu then watched a TV series in bed, thinking that he didn’t need to watch sweet romance dramas, and he could start a sweet plot with Teacher Zhang. Kochiyi and Yunshu met, Kochiyi said it was Lin. No good, Yun Shu persuaded Kochiyi and Lin Nuo to be boyfriend and girlfriend again, but Kochiyi told Yunshu that he and Lin Nuo had been friends for two years, and it was impossible to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Kochi asked Yun Shu, how was it with Zhang Sinian last night?

Therefore, Yun Shu described the situation this morning to Kozhiyi. This morning, Yun Shu woke up early and sent Zhang Sinian out. Before Zhang Sinian went out, Yun Shu put on some makeup, put on lipstick, and put on The computer bag was handed to Zhang Sinian.

Later, Zhang Sinian noticed Yun Shu’s changes and approached Yun Shu. Yun Shu also wanted Zhang Sinian to give himself a good morning kiss, but he did not expect Zhang Sinian to give him a good morning kiss. Shu said, her lips are a bit red today, are they angry? So he handed Yun Shu a piece of lipstick and went out. Kochiyi laughed when he knew it. Then Yun Shu said, “How can he go out with lipstick, a big man?”

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