Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 16 Recap

The next day, Zhang Sinian wanted to go to work. Yun Shu went out and told Zhang Sinian that he had not changed his clothes today. Then, Zhang Sinian said that he still had something to do today and asked Yun Shu to go to work by himself. Then Zhang Sinian Yun Shu said, happy birthday, I was sorry last night, and then Yun Shu didn’t take it seriously.

Zhang Sinian went to find Lu Yu, Yun Shu returned to the company, Meng Ran brought breakfast for everyone, saying that the bakery near his home had a discount, so he brought breakfast for everyone, and specially brought a copy for Yun Shu. Shu told Meng Ran that it didn’t need to be so troublesome. Meng Ran said that Yun Shu wanted Yun Shu’s and made his own.

After ten minutes, he would report to his office in his office and then left. The colleague was strange at this time, because the company recently had dinner and breakfast, and then the female colleague said, is this unclear? It means Meng Ran and Yun Shu, Zhang Sinian is now with Lu Yu During the chat, Lu Yu guessed that it was because of Yun Shu. Lu Yu told Zhang Sinian that he had known Zhang Sinian for so long and had not seen him like this.

However, Lu Yu said that Zhang Sinian and Yun Shu were just It’s just a contractual relationship, but looking at Zhang Sinian’s current situation, Zhang Sinian might feel that if he competes with Meng Ran, he might lose. Zhang Sinian is very strange. The next day Yun Shu and Meng Ran were eating together. Meng Ran asked Yun Shu how Zhang Sinian celebrated her birthday last night? Yun Shu said that he was a little late to go home last night, so, then Meng Ran guessed that Zhang Sinian didn’t celebrate her birthday. Lin Nuo was playing games with Kochiyi. Kochiyi was beaten to death and was very angry.

After a while, Gu Xiao called Kochiyi, but Kochiyi did not answer. He continued to beat the king, and even said that he bullied even a mobile phone if he lost. Yourself. After a while, Lin Nuo said, if you want to cry, just cry. Kochiyi said that he didn’t care about Gu Xiao at all. After a while, Gu Xiao sent a courier, a pair of white shoes. Then, Kochiyi lay on Lin Nuo’s shoulder. She started crying. At this time, Gu Xiao was chatting with his girlfriend. Gu Xiao’s girlfriend said that she might have misunderstood and wanted to explain clearly to her, but the girlfriend did not let Gu Xiao explain.

Lu Yu went to the company to find Yunlan. In the evening, Luyu made an appointment with Yunlan for dinner. Yunlan agreed. Then the two went out together. But on the way, the fans rushed to take pictures with Luyu when they saw Luyu. After being left out in the cold, he went home first. After a while, Lu Yu went to Yun Lan’s house and said to Yun Lan that he had agreed to have a meal together. Why did he leave first? Yun Lan said that he was a little tired, and Lu Yu packed it up for Yun Lan.

Then Yun Lan asked Lu Yu to go back first, and Lu Yu left first. The next day Meng Ran asked Yun Shu to work overtime. Zhang Sinian followed, but he saw that they were playing with mobile phones in the park. Then Zhang Sinian said that Meng Ran took up Yun Shu’s time for overtime work, but After a while, the object of cooperation came, and the object of cooperation looked at Zhang Sinian.

Zhang Sinian told the object of cooperation that he was a passerby and left. Zhang Sinian and Yun Shu came to see Grandpa. Grandpa liked to eat. Yun Shu prepared for Grandpa. Zhang Sinian followed Yun Shu to dig for clams on the beach. Afterwards, Zhang Sinian looked at Yun Shu and was fascinated by the look, and then ran into Yun Shu. Then Yun Shu asked Zhang Sinian why he had hit him, Yun Shu also ran back, Yun Shu walked by the sea, Zhang Sinian followed, and the two laughed happily.

At this time, Yun Lan saw a photo of herself and Lu Yu taken on the Internet. After a while, Yun Lan received a courier, but the courier was a threat. It scared Yun Lan. It might be sent by a fan of Lu Yu. Yun Shu received a love report that Meng Ran had given to Zhang Sinian before. Yun Shu was very happy to read it, and he also sent the report to Zhang Sinian. After seeing it, Zhang Sinian hurried back to find Yun Shu. , Yun Shu ran into his cousin on the way back.

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