Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 15 Recap

Zhang Sinian sent Yun Shu to work, but he did not expect a traffic jam on the way. Yun Shu said that he would be late if he continued like this. Then Meng Ran came and knocked on Zhang Sinian’s car window. Zhang Sinian saw Meng Ran. Ask Yun Shu not to turn his head, saying that generally this way of greeting is very dangerous, and then Yun Shu did not turn his head. But Meng Ran knocked on the window again and said something. Then Yun Shu saw Meng Ran. Meng Ran asked Yun Shu to get in his car, so Yun Shu got in the car, but Zhang Sinian got out of the car and rode Meng Ran. Ran’s motorcycle sent Yun Shu to work.

Meng Ran drove Zhang Sinian back to the company. When Meng Ran drove back, he saw Zhang Sinian standing in front and did not intend to stop. He kept going forward and Zhang Sinian kept backing for a while. Stopped, Meng Ran said not to let himself do this kind of thing next time, so the two of them left. Lu Yu works as an assistant in Yunlan’s law firm. At this time in the pantry, Lu Yu heard Yun Lan’s colleagues say that Yun Lan has methods, and then Lu Yu said to them that he was pursuing Yun Lan, but Yun Lan did not use any methods, nor was he playing cat-catching.

Yun Lan also heard the mouse game later. Yun Lan told her colleagues, who said she has no means? Otherwise, how could he become Lu Yu’s girlfriend? Lu Yu was very happy when he heard it, and then his colleague apologized to Yun Lan. Yun Lan said it was okay. After that, his colleague left Lu Yu very happy and hugged Yun Lan. Meng Ran told Yun Shu that he had found news about her cousin, and then Yun Shu was very grateful to Meng Ran. Meng Ran told Yun Shu that he had been deceived by the most trusted person, so he warned him to become a lawyer. . At night Zhang Sinian did not sleep late.

Yun Shu returned home and told Zhang Sinian that lawyer Meng had helped him find the news of his cousin. Then Zhang Sinian said that the fastest and most effective way to find his cousin was to go to the Public Security Bureau. Reported the crime, but Yun Shu said that he did not want to report the crime because his cousin was his closest person and did not want him to go to jail, and attorney Meng was very reliable. The next day, Zhang Sinian went to find Meng Ran and told him to stop worrying about Yun Shu’s cousin, because he felt that Meng Ran had crossed the boundary, but Meng Ran didn’t think that he had crossed the boundary.

He was just helping Yun Shu. Just busy, Lin Nuo saw Gu Xiao came to the hospital to visit a patient in the hospital, and then Lin Nuo found Kozhiyi and told her that Gu Xiao went to the hospital to see a relative because a relative was undergoing surgery, and then Kozhiyi I went to see Gu Xiao in a hurry, but ran into Gu Xiao and a woman halfway through, Lin Nuo managed to prevent Gao Zhiyi from bumping into Gu Xiao and that woman.

But Ko Zhiyi finally knew that it was Gu Xiao’s girlfriend. Then he asked Lin Nuo if he knew it for a long time. Then he told Lin Nuo not to follow him and left. Attorney Meng invited Yun Shu to go with him at night. The restaurant is also reserved, and the scene is very well arranged. Attorney Meng asked Yun Shu how? Yun Shu said it was good. After a while, Yun Shu wanted to leave, but lawyer Meng suddenly played the piano and sang. Meng Ran also wished Yun Shu a happy birthday, and expressed Bai Yunshu to Yun Shu, saying that he was married to Zhang Sinian, Meng Ran said Knowing that they are only a contractual relationship for one year, but Yun Shu still said that she has fallen in love with Teacher Zhang.

Meng Ran said that she and Zhang Si get along day and night, and it is inevitable to have feelings. I hope Yun Shu can consider it. After a while, Yun Shu left. But Yun Shu left his mobile phone. Meng Ran hurriedly gave the mobile phone to Yun Shu. When he went downstairs at Zhang Sinian’s house, Meng Ran took Yun Shu’s hand and handed it to Yun Shu, but Zhang Sinian saw it. When he went home, Yun Shu didn’t see Zhang Sinian when he returned home, nor did he see him celebrating for a while. Zhang Sinian was lying on the bed and Yun Shu was very disappointed.

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