Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 23 Recap

Zeng Li met Qi Miao’s parents from the countryside in the hospital. He couldn’t believe that Qi Miao, who was a famous brand, came from the countryside. The next day, it was discovered that all three of Qi Miao’s family had disappeared. Guo Jing saw that he moved sincerely and found the address by returning the goods. Zeng Li ran straight after seeing him.

Qi Miao took the initiative to apologize to Zeng Li, but he didn’t want to lie to him. Zeng Li is a doctor at a large hospital and does online shopping by himself, worrying about not being worthy of him. For the business of online shopping, he had to take weight-loss pills.

After hearing this, Zeng Li talked about his troubled past. It was not that he was unwilling to fall in love seriously but was heartbroken. Until he met her, he wanted to seriously like someone. But all this is full of lies, and I feel tired again, I hope she will not lie to others in the future, and I don’t want to see her again.

When Dr. Yu passed the ward, he saw that Sister Kong was giving his daughter-in-law a banana again, and stepped forward to remind them that severe gestational diabetes would cause ketoacidosis, and both mother and child would be at risk. He hoped that they would discipline themselves. Sister Kong thought that Doctor Yu had a bad attitude, and remembered that it was useless to bribe Guo Jing, so she bribed the nurse with something.

Guo Jing and Han Haoyue chatted together. In order to give birth to a baby, Yuan Yuan made a hole in the condom and told herself that she was pregnant. Guo Jing didn’t expect Yuan Yuan to use such a detrimental trick. Han Haoyue also thinks Yuan Yuan is a lotus root. Fortunately, he only has a fat boy. It is suggested that Guo Jing also learn from Yuan Yuan.

Guo Jing remembered that Huang Rong’s allergy to rubber would not work. At night, he made up his mind to have a child and even threw away Huang Rong’s medicine. Huang Rong was angry and asked him to buy it immediately. Guo Jing hoped to gamble once and let his fate. , If you can’t get pregnant this time, blame him for incompetence.

Sister Kong pestered the doctor to inquire about the dietary arrangements of gestational diabetes patients, and even took out her mobile phone to record the doctor’s order. Fortunately, Sister Kong grabbed the lunch box in order to take advantage of the meal delivery process.

Huang Rong deliberately eats junk food and drinks at home. Guo Jing can’t get through Huang Rong and has to agree not to force her. Huang Rong reminds him again to buy medicine.

Huang Caiyun pushed Wu Han and Tang out for a walk, wondering why Wu Han and Tang also helped Guo Liye to persuade Huang Rong to have a child that day. Wu Hantang thinks that Huang Rong can eat, drink and play every day, but what if he gets old. I hope Huang Rong can have a child quickly, so that he can have fun in the future. Huang Caiyun thinks what he said is reasonable. Huang Rong can help with the birth of a Wu Hantang, and can help with a second child when he retires.

When Guo Jing went to work, he saw Guo Liye carrying a big bag and curious about what he was doing. Guo Liye said he was going to travel, and reminded Guo Guo not to go home without problems and give Guo Jing and Huang Rongteng a place. Guo Jing understood that his father wanted him to reproduce, so he prepared a candlelight dinner.

Guo Jing waited for Huang Rong to return home, but when he opened the door he saw Guo Guo standing outside. In order to fulfill his wish, he tried to drive Guo Guo out of the house. Guo Guo thought that Guo Jing was not kind, and he went home in the middle of the night to show that he had a quarrel with Han Haoyue. At this time, Huang Rong called and the hospital received more than a dozen food poisoning emergencies, and she did not go home at night.

Guo Jing went home and saw Han Haoyue squatting on the ground and handing him the key, hoping that he would have a good talk with Guo Guo in the house. Who knows that the two stayed in the house for half the night, and they didn’t respond to calls or messages. When Huang Rong also came back, the two wanted to go home but couldn’t knock on the door. They ended up staying in a small hotel outside. In the middle of the night someone looked for a dog and awakened everyone. Huang Rong and Guo Jing heard a complaining voice that seemed familiar, and they looked closer. It was found that Guo Liye also lived in a small hotel.

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