Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 22 Recap

Originally, Huang Rong was going to attend the health training lecture hall, but accidentally went to the wrong recording studio and came to Secret Talk, and even said all the frustrations he had suffered in the past few days. It is said that family ugliness cannot be publicized, so the program team specially asked the guests to wear masks, but the mask suddenly fell off, so not only the Guo family father and son recognized Huang Rong, but even the hospital colleagues and neighborhood neighbors are also well known.

Guo Jing went to the TV station to pick Huang Rong home. The two talked about it on the road. Huang Rong knew that he was complaining about himself but did not say clearly. As he was about to ask the other party what he thought, Zeng Li suddenly called and told his girlfriend Qi Miao was sick and went to the hospital. . Huang Rong did not find any problems with Qi Miao during the consultation, so she advised her to stay in the hospital for observation, but Qi Miao tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

Sister Kong is Guo Liye’s old neighbor for many years, but her poor quality is still competitive. She loves to fight against Guo Liye, especially since her daughter-in-law became pregnant. Not only did he often jump in the queue to buy breakfast, he even went door-to-door and warned him to unplug the entire building’s network cables to prevent network radiation.

Guo Liye was so angry that he was basically monopolized earlier. He bought a large pot of tea eggs alone, but Huang Rong was happy to see it. It happened that Zeng Li picked up Qi Miao and was discharged. He didn’t expect Qi Miao to faint as soon as she took a few steps. After a detailed examination, Huang Rong found that she had low blood sugar. Qi Miao also confessed that she would take weight-loss pills in addition to dieting.

At the same time, Sister Kong took her pregnant daughter-in-law on a walk in the community. When she saw the neighbor’s cat and dog, she would take out a water gun to drive her away, for fear that they would be next to her daughter-in-law. When Huang Rong got off work, she found Sister Kong posted by her door to eavesdrop. Who knew she was searching the wireless network from house to house, and even checking Huang Rong’s mobile phone. Now Huang Rong couldn’t bear it, so she cursed her away.

Since the incident on the TV station, Guo Liye has stepped up to urge Guo Jing and his wife to get pregnant, and even arrange scorpion and ant porridge for dinner. Huang Rong couldn’t swallow, so he went back to the room first. Guo Guo thought that Guo Liye was very axis. If he didn’t want to have children, he would take the initiative to attack, otherwise he would not be able to waste the old man.

Because of Guo Guo’s advice, Huang Rong invited Guo Liye to drink in private, and took the initiative to talk about the idea of ​​having a baby. He planned to consider having a baby a year later, so I hope Guo Liye can give her some time. Guo Liye likes to listen to the truth and appreciates Huang Rong’s simplification. He immediately agreed, but the next morning, Guo Liye sobered and played a rogue and refused to admit what he said last night. Guo Jing knew his father’s temperament, so he could only toss about it.

Qi Miao suddenly became unconscious, Huang Rong ignored the argument with Guo Liye, and Lima drove Guo Jing to the hospital. After consultation with experts, Qi Miao was determined to be food poisoning with upper respiratory tract infection. Huang Rong mentioned that Qi Miao was concealing his condition, hoping that they could help find the source of the medicine. So Zeng Li and Guo Jing went to Qi Miao’s house to check and found that Qi Miao was actually an ordinary purchaser, and the rent was owed for three months, but the room said nothing Other drugs, once taken, will become addictive and aggravate toxins in the body.

In the hospital, Sister Kong used all kinds of damages to call Huang Caiyun’s expert number. She was worried about her daughter-in-law’s collision, so she went to see a doctor. Huang Caiyun guessed that her daughter-in-law has gestational diabetes after hearing the symptoms described by Kong. I came to the hospital for a look. Sister Kong saw Guo Jing’s doctor’s photo in the corridor. It happened that her daughter-in-law was living in the obstetric ward, so her attitude changed the next day. She came to visit Guo Liye with a gift and begged him to let Guo Jing help take care of Gasser.

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