Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 21 Recap

Since his children are all married, Guo Liye’s daily entertainment is playing chess in the community. However, although he has become a lonely family, his old friends are busy with his own affairs, whether it is to bring his grandson at home or go home to accompany his wife. The empty nest friends also plan to visit the cemetery to prevent nowhere to go after death.

Huang Rong calmly got up as usual. After her sister Huang Caiyun went to work, she deliberately pushed Guo Jing away to buy watermelon, and stayed alone to have a showdown with Wu Hantang, accusing him of giving orders at home when his condition had improved. Wu Hantang felt that he had been accustomed to serving as a servant for more than ten years, and suddenly one day he became a master of the sky, and he was happy in it, a little forgetful. Huang Rong understands Wu Hantang’s thoughts very well, and blames him for not caring too much about him. Now Wu Hantang retires at home. The top priority is to find a hobby, make life busy, and save trouble.

However, Wu Hantang’s hobby is buying vegetables and cooking, so he personally prepared food for Huang Caiyun to send to the hospital, and even promised that he would not lose his temper in the future, by the way, he told Huang Caiyun to pay attention to his body. Huang Caiyun conducted a deep self-examination through this incident, and even apologized for the fact that he always lost his temper before, and fed Wu Hantang food. On the way back, Wu Han Tang Le was very sad and could only take a wheelchair at home.

Huang Rong took advantage of the rest time to cook for Wu Hantang, but Wu Hantang saw that she didn’t know her salt and sugar, and began to worry that Guo Jing would not be able to cook after a business trip, and Huang Rong might have to be hungry at home. Huang Rong thought it was cheap to order takeout, but the food in the pot was stale before he could finish his words. During the meal, Wu Hantang hoped that Huang Rong and Guo Jing had a baby soon, so as not to regret in the future.

As soon as Guo Jing finished the operation, he was immediately entangled by Zeng Li. He wanted to pursue Qi Miao, so he asked Guo Jing to prescribe a nutritious meal for Qi Miao in the name of Wu Han and Tang. Guo Jing couldn’t bear Zeng Li’s soft and hard foam, so he could only agree. When he came to Qi Miao’s house, he accidentally discovered many problems and simply found an excuse to leave.

Originally, Guo Guo was going to prepare a honeymoon with Han Haoyue, but Guo Liye suddenly mentioned about the cemetery, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when he opened his mouth. This made Guo Guo suddenly angry and said that Guo Liye was fine all day long. The embarrassment at the wedding, I hope he can take the initiative to reconcile with his in-laws, after all, I will not see you afterwards.

When he walked out of Qi Miao’s house, Zeng Li kept tweeting all the way. Seeing that he seemed to be moving sincerely, Guo Jing said his thoughts. Unexpectedly, Zeng Li couldn’t hear a word, but thought he was jealous of himself. That night, Guo Jing informed Huang Rong of the matter, and based on the hickey on Qi Miao’s neck, the man’s bag at home, and the luxuries that can be seen everywhere, he analyzed that Qi Miao had problems. It was clear that her job was to do export trade. The English should be good, but there is a 900-sentence English book on overseas trips in the toilet. Huang Rong thought Guo Jing was making a fuss. Zeng Li wanted to get his heart out when he was in love, but it didn’t take long to break up.

Guo Liye took his sons and daughters to visit his wife’s grave, and took the opportunity to rebuild the relationship with his family. Guo Liye deliberately used his deceased wife as an excuse to force Huang Rong to have a child. Huang Caiyun hopes that everyone respects Huang Rong. Huang Rong speaks directly about not having children. Guo Jing believes that Guo Liye has made the atmosphere very embarrassing and Guo Guo is unhappy. . The party broke up after an uproar, and Guo Liye returned home and began to complain. As a result, Huang Rong suddenly appeared on the TV screen, and he actually mentioned the recent annoying events on the camera.

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