Great Age 创业年代 Episode 9 Recap

Kwong Mingchou argued with Director Zou and explained that he had not stolen the motherboard and was blocked every step he took. Jiang Cheng rushed out and became angry with Director Zou and others. Why would Zhou Dingbei be investigated for a trendy letter that reported him, but no matter what the argument was The facts of the investigation still cannot be overturned. The warehouse was sealed and the business was suspended. The financial account books were handed over to Mei Zhaohe for inspection. Yu Wenjing also handed the account books to Mei Zhaohe angrily.

No matter what happened to him, Mei Zhaohe saw Yuwen. Jing’s attitude is also very gentle. Kwong Mingchou was also very angry that Chaoxin was being investigated, especially Jiang Cheng was talking on the sidelines, the warehouse was sealed up and the inventory should be corresponded one by one, which would delay many of the timeliness of Chaoxin’s business, Kuang Mingchou was angry and directly approached Director Zou to resign. Although Director Zou believed that Kwong Mingchou was also embarrassed, he was determined not to let Kwong Mingchou go. It is clear that Bai Kwong Mingchou was not going to be frank without investigation, and Kwong Mingchou could only accept the matter at this point.

Yao Kun received an invitation to study tour from a Japanese university, but the study tour time was too long, and Yao Kun was not willing to Kuang Mingchoan and needed more consideration. Yao Kun came home and heard Yu Wenjing complaining that Chaoxin was reported to have closed business, and the matter was because of finding Yao Kun the main board. Yao Kun went directly to Kwong Ming-chiu in a hurry, but Kwong Ming-chie comforted Yao Kun that there was nothing wrong, and Yao Kun proposed I want to study in Japan. I asked Kwong if he would like to go with me.

In addition, Japan has advanced business management to learn from. Kwong wanted to learn but was unable to leave after being investigated, so he could only say that he had to think more. Kwong and Jiang Cheng chatted at Hong Yuqiao’s home. Hong Yuqiao was angry when he talked about Zhou Dingbei and encouraged Kwong to leave the computer office to join him. Kwong asked Hong Yuqiao if he was willing to continue to be the dead man without changing his way out. Hong Yuqiao was inspired by Kwong. When I got home, I also told Guan Tao that I was planning to start a company and what I would sell for it.

Since the demand for computers has increased, there have also been many computer assembly booths in Pingdu Street. Hao Bing, a computer science college student taken in by Hong Yuqiao, also suggested to Hong Yuqiao to change the business scope of the store, not only assembling computers, but also learning from the university. Hao Bing has a lot of computer knowledge to develop software and hardware. Hao Bing has a lot of enthusiasm for computers, but Hong Yuqiao has not much money on his hands. He has already registered the company and has to set up a decent office.

The remaining money can no longer support Hao Bing’s research and development. , And Hong Yuqiao wanted to take a project that no one else had done before, and he promised Hao Bing that he would invest in what he wanted to do when his work was done. Hong Yuqiao was All those who were optimistic about Hao Bing would only take him in. Seeing that Hong Yuqiao trusted him, Hao Bing agreed to follow Hong Yuqiao’s arrangements.

Chao Xin was investigated and delayed the business progress. It happened that Jiang Cheng was busy checking the case before it was not put in the warehouse and was not sealed. Kuang Mingchou thought that he could take the computer assembly materials back to the dormitory and move first. Jiang Cheng saw that there was a way to survive. .

Yao Kun was still thinking about whether to study in Japan. Yu Wenjing happened to see her trying to persuade Yao Kun not to leave everyone. Yao Kun thought that everyone was exhausted and suggested to Xishan to visit. Kwong Mingchou led Chaoxin’s staff carefully back to the dormitory to assemble the computer, but the movement disturbed Professor Tang of the Institute of Microcomputers, who became angry and posted a warning letter.

Kwong Mingchou worked hard all night to make up for sleep on the sofa. Yu Wenjing informed Kwong Mingchou of the decision to climb the West Mountain. Yu Wenjing watched that Kwong Mingchou and Jiang Cheng were sleeping in the daytime recently. She suspected that the two were engaged in a secret operation. When she asked, she was carrying a computer on her back. Yu Wenjing was originally angry, but she still had no choice but to cooperate with Mei Zhaohe to check the accounts.

Hong Yuqiao’s company is busy, and the office is arranged in the broken factory. Wang Yong and Mei Zhaohe went to visit, praising that the broken factory environment is not conducive to the company’s development. However, Hong Yuqiao has some stubbornness to break. The plant has a prosperous business. Mei Zhaohe and Cha Chaoxin’s accounts made Yu Wenjing very annoying. After checking the accounts, there was no problem and immediately blasted away. Mei Zhaohe happened to hear that Yu Wenjing and Yao Kun called to discuss about going to Xishan for an outing, so she begged for nothing.

The land paid for the opportunity to play together. Hong Yuqiao was ready to open for business, and Kwong was invited to participate, but Kwong was under investigation and was unable to participate, but he was sincerely happy for Hong Yuqiao. Yu Wenjing took Mei Zhaohe to the department store to make a big purchase. The large bags of things sent home were too exhausting for Mei Zhaohe. Mei Zhaohe also left a hand for Yu Wenjing to buy hand cream to show her hospitality, but Yuwenjing had no intention of it.

Guan Tao took Zhu and his wife who had set up a stall outside the original store to see the store. The original shop was not needed for the establishment of her company. She was about to rent out for the Zhu and his wife to do business. Wanting to make more money, Guan Tao thought of renting out her own TV series and game consoles in the store for other people to play, and letting the Zhus and his wife help to collect the money, so that the Zhus and his wife could afford to rent more copies of the store. income. Guan Tao’s idea is really good. Hong Yuqiao’s life is getting better and better.

Guan Tao gave Hong Yuqiao a Shanghai brand watch as a gift before opening. It is not only a blessing, but also a reminder of how old Hong Yuqiao will become in the future. The boss can’t forget to go home, and the two give high fives as proof. On the second day, Hong Yuqiao’s technology company officially opened. District Mayor Tian Yi also personally participated in the opening ceremony to encourage the city’s first private technology company. A few days after Chaoxin ceased business, Kuang Mingchou came up with Chaoxin’s flagship product.

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