Great Age 创业年代 Episode 10 Recap

Kwong Mingchou took out the warning letter posted by Professor Tang: Keep your morals, don’t make a loud noise! Today’s computers are all processed in English. If computers made by Chaoxin can process Chinese characters, it will win the market. Professor Tang is the one who has this technology. Kwong Mingchou went to see Professor Tang with a gift.

Professor Tang went straight to the research institute if Kwong Mingchou needed help. He also made it clear that he did not want to deal with business people. The 35th National Day military parade, China’s reform and opening up is proceeding drastically, and China is ushering in a new era of all-round development.

Chaoxin’s review was fully concluded and no problems were found. Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng formally asked Director Zou to resign. Director Zou persuaded them not to be impulsive and suggested that Zhou Dingbei apologize face to face. Director Zou found Zhou Dingbei and ordered him to give an explanation for the injustice of Chaoxin. Zhou Dingbei really wanted to apologize, but he didn’t find the time. Director Zou just gave the stage, Zhou Dingbei decided to apologize to Kuang Mingchou immediately.

Director Zou found District Mayor Tian Yi as a testimony and called Kuang Mingchou and others to ask Zhou Dingbei to apologize in person. Kuang Mingchou accepted the apology, but he hoped that Zhou Dingbei would bear the losses that Chaoxin suffered during the suspension of business. Zhou Dingbei was anxious for a while. Director Zou was asked to speak for himself, and he promised face to face that he would trust Chaoxin and no longer cause trouble. The public case is over. District Mayor Tian Yi also wants to know what difficulties the technology companies are still facing.

Kuang Mingchou directly pointed out that the company is facing the market and cannot immediately close business because of a groundless incident. In the long run, it is easy to miss the market wave. Hearing this opinion, he also introspected the problem. District Mayor Tian Yi believes that the current system is still in the experimental stage. These problems are normal, but problems that belong to the market still need to be resolved by the market. The game consoles Guan Tao set up in the shop are very popular. Hong Yuqiao wanted to let Hao Bing make another copy of the game console.

Mingchou Kwong continued to suggest to District Mayor Tian Yi that some of the top experts in the institute should be introduced into the company to develop their own products for technology companies. They should not only act as agents for other people’s products. However, these experts are not so willing to stay in the institute for a lifetime. Jump out of the organization and enter the company. Mingchou Kwong delivered breakfast to Professor Tang early in the morning.

He wanted to know how Professor Tang used Chinese characters to print out the paper. He also explained that Chaoxin Company was facing a crossroads and needed the technical support of Professor Tang to make a domestic brand, but Professor Tang was conservative in thinking.

After taking the national scientific research funds, he would only do things for the country. Even if Kuang Mingchou could give a higher salary, he was unwilling. Kuang Mingchou was very upset about how to persuade Professor Tang. When Hong Yuqiao said nothing, he first took back the game console and then handed it to Hao Bing to study the structure of the game console. The two projects received by Chaoxin were successfully completed. Party A was very satisfied. After receiving the payment, Chaoxin finally got back on track.

The structure of the game console is relatively simple for Hao Bing. As long as Hong Yuqiao can find out the components and parts needed to assemble the game console, he can make it. Hong Yuqiao needs to find the components when he listens to the game. Jiang Cheng found his buddy to exchange the right to use the motorcycle to monitor Wang Yong’s entry and exit from major institutions.

The several deals that Wang Yong was about to negotiate were successfully snatched away by Jiangcheng. Wang Yong expressed his grievances with a sad face in front of Hong Yuqiao. When Hong Yuqiao heard that Zhou Dingbei was at fault, he did not comfort Wang Yong. He kept accusing Wang Yong of how he continued to work under Zhou Dingbei’s hands and should get out early.

Following himself or Kuang Ming, Wang Yong left directly without being comforted. Professor Tang’s Chinese character programming project lacked key materials at a critical moment, but the research institute’s project funds were not enough to solve Professor Tang’s problem for a while. Professor Tang’s problem is extremely urgent. Once Chinese character programming is successful, he can use Chinese characters to input program instructions. This result is enough to shock the world and win glory for the country.

Director Zou is also willing to support this epoch-making project, but he asked Professor Tang to create a Chinese character programming card as soon as possible, so that he can apply for a special grant for Professor Tang’s research and ask Jingqi Company to purchase the most advanced for Professor Tang. Parts, Professor Tang readily agreed. Kwong Ming-chou learned that Professor Tang’s project encountered Professor Tang’s assistant Xiao Zhou again, and asked him to help persuade Professor Tang, but Professor Tang had made up his mind and Xiao Zhou could not persuade him.

The several game consoles that Hong Yuqiao asked Hao Bing copied were very popular in the shop. Huang Xueyi, the boss of Huang, also took a fancy to the business opportunity and found Hong Yuqiao to discuss cooperation. Hong Yuqiao didn’t lack money and technology, and didn’t want to cooperate. But Hao Bing quickly said the lack of parts. Boss Huang seized the loopholes. As long as Hong Yuqiao was willing to cooperate, he could find the parts and the market. Three and a half of the shares.

Hong Yuqiao played Huang Xueyi perfunctorily, and taught Hao Bing not to leak his information to others. Professor Tang’s family and relatives saw him in Ping. The family had never seen him in the country. When they arrived in Pingdu, they were so excited that Professor Tang asked for leave to accompany him to play, but Professor Tang was conservative and refused. It is also true that Professor Xia Tang’s family offered to take it to play, but Professor Tang directly refused without merit. Hong Yuqiao was thinking about how to get accessories at home, but there was really no way out.

On the second day, he still found Huang Xueyi to discuss cooperation. Huang Xueyi took advantage of Hong Yuqiao’s weakness in no other way, and directly added another 10% to the 35%. , Hong Yuqiao decided to cooperate with him and gave Huang Xueyi the accessories list. Professor Tang’s sister directly found Kuang Mingchou and asked him to take him out to play, Kuang Mingchou naturally agreed. Wang Yong suspected that someone was following him and talking to Guan Tao when he happened to see Kuang Mingchou taking Professor Tang’s relatives shopping.

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