Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 20 Recap

On the stage of the “Young New Generation” rehearsal, Gu Yang and others were surprised to find that Lin Chen had joined Ran Xing team as their opponent. After the rehearsal, Zhao Zhengnan caught up with Lin Chen, and Gu Yang and others came over and asked him why he left suddenly and took away their sound source. Lin Chen said that he had not taken anything from Weilai. Gu Yang felt very uncomfortable, but he knew it was Lin Chen’s choice. He hoped that he could win to the end. Lin Chen asked him to worry about himself. Looking at Lin Chen’s departure, Gu Yang still couldn’t accept it. The fact that he joined Ran Xing.

In the official game on the second day, Ran Xing’s performance was eye-catching and the evaluation was rated as A-level. Although Weilai’s team was not bad, they got B+ with some small mistakes, and the Pingzi team, whom Guan Xi trusted, got A-. Yang felt a little disappointed after they knew the result. After that was the recording and dance session, Ran Xing team stood in the center of course, while Wei Lai team stood behind Ran Xing team, Xing Hao said frustrated that this blocked them all.

Joey looked at Lin Chen on the stage and couldn’t help smiling, feeling that Ran Xing made him more dazzling, but Teacher Jiang frowned slightly. She found that Lin Chen had a more mature sense of stage when he arrived at Ran Xing, and threatened as Weilai’s opponent. Bigger. The voting channel will be opened the next day. The prospective players are very nervous. Gu Yang comforted everyone not to care about their rankings.

They just need to try their best to show themselves. He also asked everyone to learn from Zheng Nan wearing headphones, calming his mind, Zheng Nan nodded. Xing Hao felt something was wrong with Zhengnan. Upon closer inspection, he found that he hadn’t even plugged in the earphone cable here to pretend to listen to music. He felt that Zhengnan was the most nervous. Others couldn’t help but enjoy Zhengnan when he saw Zhengnan being pierced. Arguing that you are thinking.

Joey told President Li that the Ranxing team is currently the most popular. After reading the statistics, President Li Kua Linchen is not bad and is the highest among all contestants. Joey said that although most of the evaluations were positive, there were also voices saying that compared to last year’s Yu Minghao, this year’s Ran Xing team was not enough.

Last year, Yu Minghao was both the center and the captain. He led the team all the way to the final. He was full of comedy. The audience had already seen it. Therefore, the requirements for this year’s participating teams were very high. According to the previous configuration, Yize was both captain and center. , Lin Chen was in the center because of Yize’s waist injury, but the problem now was that Lin Chen came out earlier than Yize.

President Li knew that this was indeed a problem. It was equivalent to having two main pushers, and resources would be scattered. He decided to let Lin Chen be both the captain and the center, and the main push Lin Chen. When Joey announced the news, the other team members were not convinced. Lin Chen said that as long as he could make his debut, he didn’t care what others thought of him, but if the game was lost, it was not him but everyone who lost. Yi Ze agreed with Lin Chen’s statement and asked the other team members not to fight inwardly.

Before entering the second round of the competition, the director asked each contestant to provide a short video to record the blessings sent by the family. Zheng Nan was a little embarrassed. He rushed back to ask his mother to record a video while his father was not at home. Unexpectedly, the father who forgot to bring something along the way came back suddenly. When he saw his son, he was so angry that the two of them quarreled again , Zheng Nan took the camera and left.

He didn’t want to submit the video. Chen Xuan said that there was a player who did not submit the video because his family did not support the “Young New Generation”. Zheng Nan sent a message to his father. When he was a child, he was the number one in the school. He was the pride of his father. Now he still wants to be his father’s proud son, but this time he was on the stage. The father read his son’s text messages and couldn’t help his eyes. Throwing at the pictures of his childhood on the table, I felt mixed.

During this time, Mr. Han was overworked by the trainees and felt very uncomfortable. Mr. Jiang urged him to go to the hospital to see. He said no. These were seen by the careful Gu Yang. When the team members left, he felt uneasy again. Turning to go back, I didn’t expect to see Teacher Han, who was exhausted, fainted to the ground.

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