Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 13 Plot

Gong Zhicheng said that he reported to Lu Xiaoxue because he wanted her to detoxify her forcibly, and the voice changer was used for fear that the police suspected that he was involved in C2. But Gong Zhicheng did not find any evidence of his crime now, so the police had to let him go.

At the urging of his wife, Team Zheng reluctantly returned to the hospital to rest when it was dark. While his wife, Yang Shujun, proposed to Team Zheng to send their daughter to a boarding school while he was eating, because now she has also found a job and Team Zheng has no time. . Wang Xingjian found out that the creation time of the document that Gong Zhi had dealt with had been modified.

In fact, the real drug dealer was Gong Zhicheng. And Feng Lei is just his scapegoat. However, if they want to arrest Gong Zhicheng now, they must find evidence of his drug trafficking and production before they can arrest him. But Gong Zhicheng should have destroyed all the evidence of his drug trafficking and production by now. Just when they were at a loss. Team Zheng proposed to investigate the source of the sales of the equipment and materials used to manufacture drugs. Use this to find evidence.

After investigation, Team Zheng discovered that the house in a high-end community may be a transfer station for Gong Zhicheng to purchase equipment and materials or a place where C2 was directly manufactured. When investigating the previous surveillance, it was discovered that after Du Lin died, Gong Zhicheng drove to this community with things.

The Zheng team checked the whereabouts of Gong Zhicheng that day through the GPS on the car rented by Gong Zhicheng and found the drug making equipment that Gong Zhicheng had left outside. Brought her back to the police station for professional testing. It was midnight, and my wife saw that she hadn’t returned to the hospital. Anxiously called and asked him why he hadn’t come back. Renzui said that the case is now at a critical moment and there is no way to go away. After drinking water and choking accidentally, everyone looked at her anxiously, thinking she had some discomfort. Aiming said with a smile, just choking, don’t be nervous.

After inspection, there are indeed traces of c2 remaining on the instrument. It is possible that Du Lin was killed by Gong Zhicheng, but when Du Lin died, his room was a secret room, but the possibility of homicide was not ruled out.

After staying up most of the night, the Zheng team was already in poor health, and the spirit of having not rested for so long has long since remembered. Don’t let Zhang Zhuoying buy coffee for him, come back and refresh yourself . But in the sweet coffee and bitter coffee bought from Zhang Zhuoying. Suddenly it occurred to him that if one of the medicines for Du Lin’s heart rate flattening medicine had a higher active ingredient than other medicines, it would be enough to kill him when Du Lin treated him as the same medicine with the same content. Through this clue, Team Zheng and the others found the pharmacy where Gong Zhicheng went to buy the heart-rate-ping medicine and the people at the pharmacy confirmed that it was indeed Gong Zhicheng who bought the heart-rate-ping medicine. There is evidence to arrest Gong Zhi!

When Team Zheng brought people to the school to arrest Gong Zhicheng. Gong Zhicheng urged them to let him finish the last class. It may be the last class. Team Zheng they agreed.

Be honest in the interrogation room against them. Gong Zhicheng urged them to contact him, let him contact his ex-wife, and ask her to bring her child back to the United States for treatment. In this way, he can put his heart down and make atonement. For her daughter’s illness, Gong Zhicheng said that as long as it was a profitable project, he would do it. It was said before that he did not agree to Du Lin, but he had already agreed. After all, Du Lin gave the money to help her daughter. .

When Du Lin asked Gong Zhicheng to raise the purity of c2 even higher. Gong Zhicheng hesitated very much and wanted to reject him. However, Du Lin used Gong Zhicheng’s daughter Niuniu to threaten him. Gong Zhicheng reluctantly agreed. After discovering that Du Lin had a heart disease, he purchased a papillin and developed a very high content of a pill in his laboratory. Later, Du Lin came to a place to meet. . .

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