Together 在一起 Episode 20 End Recap

Ding Ge Ge ran to the empty street alone, and his fear of the virus was too deep, but he smiled and called his younger sister, saying that he would go home next year for the New Year, telling her not to spend money, and he said that he would give her. Make up the birthday. Ding Gewei hung up the phone and cried out of disintegration. He was scared and annoyed, and it was so uncomfortable. Ding Gewei fell on the bridge and cried.

When the passing sanitation workers saw this, Ding Gewei took out the thermometer and found that he had no fever anymore. Ding Ge Ge measured it several times in disbelief. The results were the same. Many vehicles passed by oncoming medical aid teams from all over the country. Ding Ge Ge yelled at these vehicles to cheer on Wuhan. The rest of my life was so happy.

Back in the community, the volunteers had arrived and sent new supplies. Ding Gewei took the thermometer and took the temperature of everyone, full of energy. Tu Fang took everyone to deliver food to every household, and also cooked chicken soup for Jiaojiao’s family so that they could focus on nutrition and adjust their mood. Ding Gejie came to give Ni’s father an injection, or he was willing to wear a mask. Ding Gejie has studied professional nursing, and Ni Dad babbled something, saying that the most beautiful thing in Wuhan is not the scenery, but the people of Wuhan.

Lao Bai felt that he was surrounded by the virus, and quickly took tape to seal the windows and even the sewers. Yu Xiaojia was about to give birth prematurely. Liu Zhiyuan quickly called Tu Fang and asked her to arrange a car. Tu Fang has already contacted the car, but still needs to wait. Liu Zhiyuan kept calling to remind him, and Tu Fang had to let Ding Gezu drive Liu Zhiyuan and Yu Xiaojia to the hospital. Finally, Yu Xiaojia gave birth to a son, and the mother and child were safe.

Liu Zhiyuan excitedly hugged everyone and said that he had a son, and asked Tu Fang and his daughter Yuanyuan to say that they would go to see him as soon as they were unblocked. Tu Fang felt a little uncomfortable. Only then did Ding Geometry know that Liu Zhiyuan was Tu Fang’s ex-husband, but Tu Fang didn’t feel awkward. After all, there are so many things to do every day. They are not big people and can only do things within their power.

Jiaojiao made a video call with her parents. Her mother-in-law’s high fever had not gone down yet, Jiaojiao also endured tears and told her parents that they were all right, and cried for a long time after hanging up the phone. The pharmacy chemist came to Ding Gezu and said that they had charged him more than 200 yuan. There were too many people buying medicine these days, and they hurriedly delivered it as soon as they found a mistake. Ding Gezuo dumbly gave the money to Tu Fang, and he didn’t expect to make a special trip for such a thing. Tu Fang smiled and said that Wuhan people go straight and hearty!

Jiaojiao was very uncomfortable lying on the bed, and her temperature rose again. Her mother-in-law quickly called Tu Fang. Ni Daddy’s son is the Wuhan college entrance examination champion. After graduating from Peking University, he participated in the World Debate Competition on behalf of the country, but Ding Gejie has never seen him come back.

Granny Jiaojiao got her some ice cubes to cool her down. Tu Fang called and said that both of them had been diagnosed and they were positive, but the community won a bed. Mother-in-law Jiaojiao quickly helped her pack her things and let her go to the hospital first. Jiaojiao didn’t have enough energy to go there. She wanted to give this bed to her mother-in-law. She knew that this disease was the most dangerous for the elderly. The mother-in-law sent Jiaojiao away without saying a word, and went back to lying on the bed.

Daddy Ni’s son wanted to give him a rib soup. Ding Gewei begged Tu Fang to let him in. Tu Fang sighed and said that Daddy Ni’s son had died in a car accident ten years ago, and Daddy Ni was mentally affected by it. After some trauma, I only remember the things before his son died. Hearing these things, Ding Gewei was sad. Liu Zhiyuan is a chef.

After seeking Yu Xiaojia’s consent, he called Tu Fang and said that from today onwards, he has all meals for people who cannot eat in the community and community workers. Ding Gejie and Tu Fang went to every house with these meals. Lao Bai realized that they might have something to do for the community and agreed to let his wife be a volunteer. She had been in a nursing school before, so she went I went to give Daddy Ni an injection.

Tu Fang and Ding Gejie stewed the ribs soup and sent it to Daddy Ni. They said that his son had brought it and told him to protect him. When Daddy Ni heard that his son was here, he was very happy. Ding Gejie did everything he said. Ding Gejie asked Ni Dad to treat himself as a son in the future, and he felt uncomfortable looking at Ni Dad’s appearance. Mother-in-law Jiaojiao fainted, and Tu Fang quickly took her to the hospital. Tu Fang asked Ding Ge Ge to repair the Internet, and he fainted in the heavy rain. When Ding Ge Ge saw this, his whole body was dumbfounded. When Tu Fang was ill, Ding Gejie replaced her to maintain the order of the entire community, busy doing tedious work.

Soon after, Jiaojiao and her mother-in-law recovered, and the family of four reunited. Tu Fang also recovered, and returned to the community with Yuanyuan. Everyone was very happy to see that she recovered. Ding Gewei was the happiest one. Every family raised a thank-you sign to express their gratitude. In this war epidemic, Tu Fang and Ding Gejie stood by their posts as ordinary community workers, doing the most ordinary work, the most heroic Wuhan people.

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