Together 在一起 Episode 19 Recap

Mei Aihua drove to the service station to find Master Han. Master Han was surprised and asked how she found him. Boss Mei told him that she called his lover and knew he was here. Boss Mei wanted him to go back with her to help them produce qualified masks. Master Han asked Mr. Mei, who had said that he had shipped the masks to Hubei, why he was still reselling them at a high price. Boss Mei apologized to him that she did not do the right thing, and hoped to forgive her and give her another chance. Even if you don’t help her produce masks, please help to find out where the problem is.

Master Han didn’t believe what she said, turned around and left. Boss Mei chased up and said that masks are so scarce now, and many people around him lack masks. Why is it so difficult to find him to look at the masks? Master Han was moved by these remarks, so he helped Boss Mei look at the mask problem and told her a lot of things to pay attention to. It is also recommended that they change to another supplier because the goods are not up to standard.

Boss Mei went to the director of the house to help open a pass to Hubei. Not only did she get qualified melt blown cloth this time, she also wanted to learn how to make melt blown cloth by herself and help the surrounding mask factories make masks together. The director Fang, seeing her so hard, promised her to try. Soon after applying for the pass, Boss Mei decided to drive the car to get the goods.

Boss May found her ex-husband and told her ex-husband Feifei that she did not intend to fight for custody. She felt that she was indeed an unqualified mother, but she had been reluctant to admit it. I also think it’s better for my daughter to be with him and spend more time with her. The ex-husband felt something was wrong and asked her why she suddenly figured it out. Boss Mei told him that she was going to Hubei to buy goods and make masks by herself. After hearing this, her ex-husband thought she was so crazy and she was not responsible for Feifei.

Boss Mei drove the truck to the service station again. Master Han was surprised and asked how she knew he was still here. So Boss Mei told him that his wife told her, and promised to send him back to his hometown. Boss Mei told him that she was going to Xiantao Lab. Master Han thought she was joking. Boss Mei told him with a serious face that she was serious about making masks and that she was serious about saving people.

Master Han drove for Boss Mei. Master Han told Boss Mei that it is easy to get the goods, but it is a bit difficult to learn skills. Boss Mei said that she had considered this issue, but she could only give it a try. Master Han saw that she was so sincere, so he told her that he had a good friend who was an expert in that factory, and he could introduce her to him. Boss May was very happy.

They drove all the way to Hubei. Xiao Lin received a video from his girlfriend. The girlfriend told him that she was slowly recovering. Xiao Lin told his girlfriend that when the epidemic was over, he would pick her up and take her wedding photos in Shanghai. Master Han and the others drove to Hubei. They saw there were basically no vehicles or pedestrians on the road, only the sound of ambulances. When they came to the factory, the expert’s son told them that his father had been diagnosed, but he left some cloth and his knowledge of cloth production, and also recorded some videos.

They drove to Master Han’s hometown, and Master Han’s daughter and mother came to meet him at the entrance of the village. Boss Mei brought them a box of masks. Master Han said that he would not go back. He wanted to go back to Ningbo to make masks. So he bid farewell to his family and left. He stopped halfway through the car and knocked three heads toward his hometown. The mask factory began to produce according to production standards, and Master Han and boss Mei were isolated in the hotel.

Wang Manli sent the mask to pass the quality inspection. In the evening, Master Han asked her why she didn’t want to make money. Boss Mei told her that she saw so many people working hard to contribute to her, so she also wanted to do something for this society. She also said that she has found new business opportunities because the demand for masks may not increase any more. Boss Mei and the others sold masks through live broadcast. Boss Ji went to find her and wanted to cooperate with her. Boss Mei agreed. As a result, the mask factory successfully produced the masks and shipped them to various places for people in need.

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