Together 在一起 Episode 18 Recap

Han Song stayed in the service area every day. Mei Aihua came when she was videoing with his wife. She tried her best to find Han Song and hoped that he would follow her back to Ningbo to make masks. After all, someone who knows how to make masks, Mei Aihua I only know Han Song, so I can promise to give her original shares when the company goes public. However, Han Song was still brooding about what happened before.

Mei Aihua said that he would donate those masks, but it turned out that they were not sold. Mei Aihua was at a loss, but she really wanted to contribute to the country this time. Han Song was stubborn and refused to agree. Mei Aihua anxiously stopped him and asked, who is not short of masks at this critical juncture, why should they delay things because of their previous personal grievances. Han Song had to look at Mei Aihua’s mask and helped her find out the problem, saying that her meltblown cloth was not up to standard, and suggested changing the supplier.

Mei Aihua contacted the reliable manufacturer of meltblown cloth. Their factory is in Xiantao, Hubei. She came to the director of the house to open the pass. The director of the house was a little embarrassed. It was not so easy to apply for entry and exit in Hubei, so he could only agree to give it a try. After the pass came down, Mei Aihua decided to go to Hubei to buy goods tomorrow. Wang Manli was very worried about wanting to go with her, but Mei Aihua was very tough. What should I do if the two of them get infected together? Wang Manli can at least stay There is a personal care for the factory. Wang Manli was very reluctant, so she could only cry and agreed.

Mei Aihua does not intend to fight for custody rights with Cao Zhengyi. She admits that she is not a good mother. Without Cao Zhengyi’s care for Feifei, sometimes between career and Feifei, Mei Aihua will instinctively choose to work. Cao Zhengyi felt that something was wrong with Mei Aihua and was very excited when she learned that she was going to Hubei to buy goods. She was not only a boss, but also Feifei’s mother. She was too irresponsible to go to Hubei. Mei Aihua insisted on going to Hubei and ignored Cao Zhengyi’s frustrated words.

Mei Aihua drove to Han Song and said that she would send him back to his hometown. She was serious about making masks and being a human being. Seeing that Mei Aihua’s travel permit had been issued, Han Song had to get in the car. Although Xiantao is a melt blown cloth production base, there are also many mask factories around it. It is very likely that she went here for nothing this time. Of course Mei Aihua knew, but she also had to go. It would be better if she could produce meltblown cloth by herself. Han Song said that he knew a meltblown cloth expert and could introduce him to Mei Aihua.

Xiao Lin suddenly received a video call from Xiang Xiang. Xiang Xiang was already fine, and just transferred from the ICU, Xiao Lin cried with joy. Mei Aihua and Han Song entered Hubei smoothly. As a result, as soon as they arrived at the factory, Zhao Gong’s son told them that Zhao Gong had been diagnosed in the hospital this morning and the factory was also closed, but they were left with some meltblown cloth and videos. I believe They can make qualified meltblown cloth with these. The videos left by Zhao Gong are his own experience over the years. I hope they can take off their masks and talk face to face when they meet again.

Mei Aihua sent Han Song home. Han Song’s mother and wife and daughter were waiting outside the village, but Han Song decided to go back to Ningbo to make masks with Mei Aihua, not to make money, but to save people. Han Song’s mother was ill and was undergoing chemotherapy every day, but she still supported him to leave. It is a good thing to make masks. When leaving, Han Song suppressed tears and knocked three heads towards the home.

Back in Ningbo, Han Song and Mei Aihua began to isolate and remotely command the factory to make masks. Wang Manli sent an inspection report to Mei Aihua. This time the masks they made were qualified, and the first batch of masks will be donated to Hubei soon. Mei Aihua looked at the mask and the inspection report with tears, and wrote 001 on the mask.

Mei Aihua and Han Song were chatting across the balcony. In fact, Mei Aihua only wanted to make money at first. It was not until Xiaolin said that Xiangxiang was infected that she realized that the epidemic is not far away. After the epidemic ended, Mei Aihua wanted to do something related to medical and health. This time the epidemic made her think about life. Han Song’s admiration for her spontaneously arises. After the isolation period is over, he wants to shake hands with her seriously.

The business of Mei Aihua and Han Song’s mask factory is getting better and better. Ji Weihua ran to hope that she could distribute some orders for herself. His factory was almost unable to hold on, so Mei Aihua also settled with him. Now the epidemic The control is good, she has already started preparing to make health kits, if Ji Weihua is really willing, she can give her the factory.

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