The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 4 Recap

Since the death of the Baihu Gang, Wen You has often been distraught and awake at night. The so-called illness is nothing more than unrequited love. Just as the brothers and sisters were talking about this matter, Princess Hua Yao suddenly visited and invited him to see the Qinhuai River lantern.

Originally Wen You wanted to refuse, but couldn’t bear Hua Yao’s stalking. Gentle understood the eldest brother’s distress and proposed to go together. At the same time, Zhan Qinghong was bored in Gujiapu, and Lin Fang simply took Gu Yan to ask the two masters and servants of Zhan Qinghong to enjoy the lights in order to relieve the trouble of Qinghong.

On the banks of the Qinhuai River, the lanterns were beginning to come on, and the market was very lively. The four of them wore masks and looked east and west. Zhan Qinghong and Lin Fang went to the river to light the lights. Only Gu Yan and Xiaolan remained where they were. Zhan Qinghong and Hua Yao saw a sugar man at the same time. The two couldn’t make a difference. Hua Yao almost fell during the pulling time. Wen You stepped forward to fight with Zhan Qinghong. Unexpectedly, both of the masks were caught off and they recognized each other.

Wen You comforted Hua Yao and ordered someone to send her back to the palace to calm down the turmoil, but Hua Yao’s anger was hard to dissipate and ordered his entourage to investigate Zhan Qinghong. At this time, Xia Houying’s call came from the water pavilion, inviting everyone to talk about the wine. Lin Fang hinted that Xia Houying was testing Wen You, and Xia Houying asked everyone to talk about martial arts. As a result, Xia Houying’s ambition was very appreciated by Xia Houying.

Gentle suddenly confessed to Xia Houying and offered to show her body. Everyone was shocked when he heard the words. Xia Houying was even more embarrassed and could only leave first. Wen You reprimanded Gentle to marry Cao Mang without tutoring. This sentence deeply pierced Zhan Qinghong’s heart, insisting on competing with Wen You.

The two stepped on the Qinhuai River to chase and hide. Zhan Qinghong suddenly fell into the water and sank. Wen You hurriedly jumped into the water to get her out. Seeing the recurrence of Zhan Qinghong’s old injuries, Wen You was guilty and anxious for a while, and Zhan Qinghong felt sweet in his heart when he saw that he cared about himself so much.

Lin Fang met with Xia Houying secretly, and discussed with Wen You and others. The current martial arts conference seems to be peaceful, but it is dangerous and dangerous. At that time, the situation will be unclear regardless of the enemy and us. If you can master Zhan Qinghong, it will be like mastering the initiative. Through Wen You The affection for her will confuse the water and believe that the position of the leader is bound to be won.

The martial arts convention arrived in no time, and Jun’an Chang Street was crowded with people, and the knights of all factions had already arrived. Lin Fang does not know how to martial arts, so Zhan Qinghong will protect him as promised. Wen You is full of hostility to Lin Fang, thinking that he is careful and secretive, but considering that Zhan Qinghong is in danger, he can only hold back his temper for the time being. .

The conference will be invigorated by Gu Yue, Xia Houying, and Jiming Temple Abbot Yuan Hui. As for the content of the competition, there are three sessions. There are only forty places in the first level, and everyone needs to pass through Jun’an Gate to reach Luoyan Peak outside the city. There are dense forests and cliffs on the way, and beasts attack everywhere.

Due to the large number of contestants, everyone started in groups according to their family background and protected the firecracker tubes. If the blaster tubes are discarded, they will be announced. Zhan Qinghong was very dissatisfied that the martial arts conference was divided into three to six or nine grades. He couldn’t help but protest. Seeing that the leader of the Shuanghua Sect, Shen Yanzhi, had a frank temperament, he was quite appreciative of him. Before leaving, he gave the Hundred Flower Illusory Pearl She defended herself.

Lin Fang knew that Zhan Qinghong was very successful, and planned to cut corners with her to avoid chaos. Wen You didn’t see Zhan Qinghong for a long time, worrying about her accident, so he turned back to search, just in time to see Zhan Qinghong and Lin Fang falling down the cliff. Wen You was anxious, and immediately jumped down. As a result, the three of them were safe, but a blessing in disguise, and found that the opposite cliff was the end of the first level.

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