The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 3 Recap

Zhan Qinghong’s cry for help was transmitted through the stone wall to the nearby secret room. Lin Fang realized that Zhan Qinghong was in danger, so he tricked Feng into not flying and regaining the warm heart pearl. Feng Bufei rushed to the back hole, and Zhan Qinghong resorted to aggressive generals to make Feng Bufei slap the leader of the White Tiger gang to death. Seeing the strategy succeeded, Zhan Qinghong took the road and fled, but it was not Feng’s opponent who was helpless.

Fortunately, General Xia Houying arrived in time and tried to fight Feng without flying. Zhan Qinghong stood by and watched the excitement.

The two masters fought, and the internal force spread to Zhan Qinghong, causing her to break through the stone wall and roll into the secret room. She accidentally rescued Lin Fang. By the way, she found the Promise Swordsmanship and hurriedly took it to Wen You. Feng did not fall into the wind, and could only escape. Xia Houying found Jueyin Guixuanzhang on the chest of the bandit leader.

Although Lin Fangtong was injured by this palm, the man was excellent in martial arts and had a pure inside. Fly these mixed roads. Now that Jueyin Guixuanzhang has reappeared, it shows that there are relevant clues. Lin Fang urges not to stun the snake, and it is best to trace it secretly.

All the members of the Baihu Gang were wiped out. Zhan Qinghong and Wen You cared about each other in unison, and they smiled at each other. Lin Fang and Xia Houying came, and they met each other. Through Xia Houying’s introduction, Zhan Qinghong learned that Wen You was actually the son of Zhongshuo Wen Qiao, and his family was prominent, and Xia Houying was Su Qianhong’s younger brother, also in his youth. The infatuated man who fell in love with Su Qianhong and was defeated by the sword in the war, and later left his division to join the army and was saved by Lin Xiaotian.

As soon as the voice fell, the atmosphere on the scene was extremely embarrassing. A person who swindled to death raised a knife and slashed at Gentle. Xia Houying flew himself, gentle and secretly moved. Xia Houying and Lin Fang left first, Zhan Qinghong went down the mountain with the Wen brothers and sisters, and then handed the Wuji Sword Book to Wen You. The ambiguity and small movements between the two were tenderly seen, and could not be seen through. Speak out.

Everyone returned to the mansion one after another. The Wen brothers and sisters were reunited with their parents. However, Wen Qiao was a staid person and did not like the eldest son to interfere in the martial arts, and the little girl showed up. Wen You didn’t think so, but he couldn’t sleep that night. He couldn’t help but recalled the little bit about Zhan Qinghong, just like a hairy boy in the beginning of love.

Gu Jiabao invited all the heroes to meet before the martial arts conference. Zhan Qinghong received Lin Fang’s invitation and went there as scheduled. Su Batian, known as the “Yunji Warrior”, was publicly humiliated and defeated, claiming that he was treachery. Deserter. Zhan Qinghong saw that all martial arts people agreed with Su Batian’s words, and he was immediately frustrated and turned into anger, and his intention was to compete with Su Batian.

Zhan Qinghong is good at light work, but his strength is no better than the opponent, and he has missed several times. Lin Fang stretched out his hand to catch Zhan Qinghong, considerate and gentle, but made Zhan Qinghong stunned slightly. Su Batian took advantage of this opportunity and Zhan Qinghong was injured for Lin Fang. Fortunately, Gu Yan repelled Su Batian in time. Seeing this, Lin Fang pretended to be drunk and left with Zhan Qinghong smoothly.

The martial arts conference was just around the corner. Gu Yue asked Feng Bufei to change his name to help Gu Yan seize the position of the leader. Feng Bufei thought that he had a seven-star swordsmanship in his hand, so he responded to it. Since Zhan Qinghong wore golden silk soft armor in advance, the injury was not serious. It happened that Su Batian’s axe slashed the hole in the soft armor.

Xiaolan kept reproaching Zhan Qinghong for being too stubborn when he was young, so he took the soft armor Burn a hole. Lin Fang took the wounding medicine to visit Zhan Qinghong, only to find that Zhan Qinghong actually took the wounding medicine internally. Zhan Qinghong also analyzed Lin Fang’s life according to the situation of Gu Jiabao’s banquet, which was at least under the fence.

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