Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 1 Recap

In the hospital, Xiao Yifeng with tears on her face, nestled in Su Muyun’s mother’s arms, looked worriedly towards the operating room, and soon the doctor walked out of it and announced that Yifeng’s parents had lost too much blood in the car accident. Both died without rescue. Xiao Yifeng was irritated and fell ill. The doctor said that she had a stress disorder.

She may have problems such as sleepwalking, selective forgetting, and symptoms such as inability to concentrate. Looking at Xiao Yifeng on the hospital bed, the young Su Muyun secretly vowed that he would take good care of her.

In a blink of an eye, Xiao Yifeng became Su Muyun’s beautiful and lovely sister Su Nianfeng when he grew up in Su Family, and Su Muyun also grew into a tall and handsome school grass. This morning Su Nianfeng was immersed in a sweet dream. There was a sunny boy named Qin Yao in the dream. Suddenly she was woken up by the alarm clock, but she found Su Muyun sleeping on the floor of her bedroom. She pushed him awake in an angry manner.

“My brother always teaches her with a straight face, and they grow up together in such a noisy manner. In the video of parents who are on business trips, they still quarrel with each other. Mother has long been accustomed to thinking that it is common to be strange.

When his parents were on a business trip, Su Nianfeng made breakfast for Muyun. Nianfeng had a good cooking skill, but Muyun pretended to have a bad appetite and started to eat after Nianfeng left. The new semester of Huiming Middle School has begun.

Su Nianfeng, who became a senior in high school, vowed to study hard, but found out that he had brought the wrong textbook to the class. Su Muyun walked in and saw Bingshan school grass coming, the girls They all looked at him excitedly, but everyone was wondering if he shouldn’t go to the first class, how could he come to them to learn the fifth class.

Su Muyun went straight to Su Nianfeng, took out the textbook from her schoolbag and threw it on her desk. As the book still put down a sentence, she said that she was lost. Su Nianfeng thought he was only here to give her the book, but he did not expect that he would take the initiative from Xueba Ban applied to come to her scumbag class. Looking at Nianfeng’s surprised eyes, Su Muyun said lightly that her parents were afraid of her early love, so he asked him to supervise her study.

There was a friendly basketball match in the afternoon. Su Muyun came to the Nianfeng room and asked her to watch him play. She didn’t want to go, but then Qin Yao came, and she immediately changed her mind. Not only did she agree to watch the game but also give it to Qin Yao. After making the dim sum, Qin Yao praised the deliciousness of the dim sum.

Nian Feng was very happy when he heard it, but Mu Yun was uncomfortable with a stern face. Looking at Qin Yao who was active on the field, she wondered since when did she pay attention to him? Perhaps it was from that time that he blocked the flying ball for her and made her feel good about him. She felt that he was the first one to do so. Gentle to her boy, his smile suddenly illuminated her whole girlhood.

After the basketball game, Nianfeng rushed to the classroom for tutoring. Unexpectedly, the class was over. The teacher reminded her that her grades were not optimistic and hoped that she could work harder. After everyone left, Nianfeng went to the classroom alone to tuition, and suddenly received a text message from Mu Yun asking her When to come back to cook, she responded quickly.

After a while, Mu Yun took her favorite tuna rice ball and came to the classroom. Originally, Mu Yun planned to help her with tuition, but he didn’t expect Nian Feng to ask him to say more about her in front of Qin Yao in the future. Don’t always tear down her desk. Mu Yun was unhappy when she heard that, and immediately put her books into her schoolbag and left the classroom. Nianfeng didn’t understand why he turned his face and quickly followed out.

Liu Zihui, who was called a problem girl by his classmates, and the gentle Le Diyin were also assigned to the class of Nianfeng. Le Diyin was secretly happy to see that she was in the same class because Su Nianfeng had helped him. Liu Zihui likes Su Muyun. As soon as she entered the class and introduced herself, she suggested to the teacher that everyone could freely form the same table.

The teacher agreed. The students happily packed their books and lined up outside the classroom to choose a new tablemate. Su Muyun packed up her schoolbags, he gave Nian Fan to let her choose to be at the same table with herself, but Nian Yun was annoyed that he scribbled in her notebook and refused.

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