Psychic Princess S2 通灵妃 第二季 Episode 72 End

On Qianyunxi Street, reminiscing about the past, Night Nether found an abnormality chasing the princess

Qian Yunxi walked down the street with tears, the past is vivid, and the stall owner who put the oil paper umbrella is still there. Qian Yunxi remembered that she was spinning with the oil paper umbrella, and Ye Youming was attracted by her beauty and stood there. There was a daze.

The happy past seems to be still in sight, and now Ye Youming is going to marry another woman as a concubine. At the same time, the angry Ye Youming ran with a riding whip to teach the crape myrtle who was in trouble, and crape myrtle also felt wronged. Don’t turn your head.

Ye Youming suddenly found a dried plum on Ziwei’s neck. Suddenly remembering that the same dried plum was found on Qian Yunxi’s hair last time, Ye Youming suddenly realized that that person’s real goal was Qianyunxi. Not Nan Qingwan.

Ye Youming hurried to find Qian Yunxi, for fear that Qian Yunxi would encounter difficulties, but found that Que’er and Sesame Bean were locked in the room. At first, Que’er refused to tell where Qian Yunxi had gone, because it was Qian Yunxi explained. But Ye Youming claimed that he was suspicious that someone was planning to murder Qian Yunxi. Queer urgently told Ye Youming Qianyunxi to go to Lingyun Mountain, and urged Ye Youming to hurry to save people. Hearing that, Ye Youming turned around and ran away.

Only then did Nuomi Tuan realize that Ye Youming was walking too hurriedly, and he didn’t help them open the barrier at the door. They still couldn’t get out for a while.

Ye Youming quickly rode to chase Qian Yunxi. At this time, Qian Yunxi was walking in the alleys of the street, and Ye Youming, who rode to the street on horseback, was anxious, praying that Qian Yunxi would never have an accident, otherwise he would definitely not Will forgive myself. At this moment, the figure flickered behind Qian Yunxi, the speed was so fast that it was unrecognizable.

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