Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 20 Recap

We have been together for some time. If it weren’t for Luo Xiaoxi to remind him, Jiang Shaokai would never have thought of buying her a couple ring. The two came to the jewelry store hand in hand. Unexpectedly, they were taken by the fiancé and arrested. Then came Papa Luo, his nose and face swollen and annoyed. Not only did he not persuade him to divorce, he was also arrested and beaten. The fiance held a knife and rubbed Jiang Shaokai’s neck back and forth. At this moment, it was all up to him whether he wanted love or death. With tears in his eyes, Jiang Shaokai said faintly that he was sincere to Luo Xiaoxi, and then only felt a pain in his abdomen. He thought he was really going to die, and he fell to the ground while saying his final confession to Luo Xiaoxi, but found I don’t have anything, it’s just intact.

Only then did he understand that he probably passed the test that started without notice, and Luo Xiaoxi and him could last a long time.

Luo Xiaoxi reaped love, and Su Jianan was proud of her love career. In the next second, Lu Boyan sincerely invited Luo Xiaoxi to join Lu’s media to help her in her career. After signing the contract and becoming a real artist, Luo Xiaoxi was exposed to formal body language training. On the first day, the smile of eight teeth alone was a hero. She has a tough road ahead, but fortunately, her attitude is always positive.

In the Tao Ran Literature Club, President Du twisted and twisted and was not like him before. He suggested that Master Su Jian’an should not remember the villain and transfer Chen Xuanxuan back. After all, he was an old man who had been with for many years. Su Jian felt that there was something to be tweaked, and vaguely saw something else.

When Chen Xuanxuan returned to Tao Ran Literature Club, Su Jian’an hadn’t said anything. President Du scolded him with a straight face, and was not embarrassed to come to Su Jian’an to intercede earlier. Chen Xuanxuan knew she had done something wrong and did not ask for forgiveness. She called the president deeply with tears in her eyes, and left after apologizing. Unexpectedly, Su Jianan eventually stopped her and made peace for the two. Chen Xuanxuan was grateful that she would work hard with the president since then.

Su Jianan’s novels became famous in one fell swoop. Many companies wanted to buy the copyright to adapt them into film and television. At first, Su Jian’an was happy, but found that the other party didn’t understand the novel at all. If they sell the copyright rashly, it would be a bad idea for these teams to make quick success. Therefore, for several days, she was busy interviewing the heads of various companies, eager to meet very sincere partners.

Reluctantly searching for no results for several days, she was exhausted, Lu Boyan looked distressed, but he refused to build a team for Su Jianan, so she could only do it distressed. In addition, they are sincerely loving each other now, not better than before, so he wants to discuss with Su Jian’an to reorganize a grand wedding. But the fact is that Su Jianan goes home every day and spreads in his arms a tired expression, so this matter is forced to shelve.

When the premiere of the film “When Time Stands” arrived, Kang Ruicheng came to Lu Boyan and his wife with an invitation letter. Su Jianan was full of spirits. This was his first film as a screenwriter. Lu Boyan was so happy to see her and naturally attended.

The starring Han Ruoxi at the premiere miraculously exaggerated Su Jianan’s talent. When the reporter asked Su Jianan’s participation in the production of Kang Ruicheng’s film so successful, will the two continue to cooperate in the future. If you can participate in the adaptation of Su Jianan’s new novel, Kang Ruicheng is of course willing. When asked about Lu Boyan, he kissed Su Jianan, and of course he fully supported his wife.

Su Jian’an then met various persons in charge who were interested in cooperating, almost all of them came to her as Lu Boyan’s wife, and none of them saw the value in her novels. Another day later, another film and television company intends to cooperate, and it turned out to be Kang Ruicheng. He did things carefully and logically, and made a systematic and comprehensive plan, which completely accorded with Su Jianan’s intentions, so he would cooperate happily.

Lu Boyan waited for Su Jianan downstairs in Tao Ran Literature Club. Su Jianan happily told him about the film and television. When he heard that it was Kang Ruicheng’s company, Lu Boyan’s face suddenly became gloomy. Why didn’t Su Jianan know to avoid suspicion? The contradiction last time was intensified in this way. One felt that this kind of thing could not be magnanimous, and the other said it was just a cooperative relationship with consistent views. In short, both sides insist on their own words and refuse to listen to the other’s explanation, and the situation will be forced into the direction of the Cold War.

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