Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 19 Recap

When the reporter asked an unpleasant question, the two big bosses were extremely unhappy, but Su Jianan sighed at this moment, as if asking the teacher to explain. She confessed to the audience that, in fact, Lu Boyan and Kang Ruicheng have always been very good friends in private, but because of the competitive relationship between the two companies, they have been singing red faces. Of course, the above are all lies. Su Jianan intends to tell the media that they have a good relationship, so they don’t need to spend a lot of time to sow discord.

Su Jianan winked, and the two understood. A picture of the business rivals of the century who were confidants made the headlines. It was a clever way to save money. This time reporters don’t need to ask questions to know who is behind it. Back to Ruijin Entertainment, Kang Ruicheng dropped his mobile phone and warned Han Ruoxi not to have another time, otherwise there would be no room for people with misconduct.

Although the video turmoil has been clarified, the follow-up impression on the outside world is always tainted. Su Jianan’s book volume has not risen much. Lu Boyan looked at the data curve and thought of a way.

He started the live broadcast to truly restore the sweet daily life of Lu Shao and his wife. He didn’t believe that the boys and girls who enjoyed eating sweets every day clicked the reservation without excitement.

Lu Boyan was obviously unaccustomed to the live camera. He spoke dazedly as if giving a speech. He took everyone to unlock the little monster Su Jianan’s usual sleeping position, and deeply restored the plot of kissing and waking the heroine. There were bursts of spikes on the barrage. Called like. Su Jianan thought in a daze that he was doing something again, and was about to fist Lu Boyan, and when he reacted, he abruptly returned to greet everyone seriously. He looked really cute and screaming again and again. The number of novels booked for is also picking up quickly.

In the following days, they broadcasted a lot of plots to restore the novel, such as going on a couple’s road dating, feeding each other ice cream, tying Su Jianan’s shoes, and being surrounded by fans and fled in panic. Washing his wife’s feet at home, or even restoring a sex scene, fans couldn’t help it anymore, and the scheduled amount skyrocketed to the millionth in one breath. Su Jianan eventually published his first physical book.

After Jiang Shaokai was busy with the release of Su Jianan’s physical book, he received deep praise from President Du. Now he is busy at work and has gained Luo Xiaoxi again in love. He is about to go home with Luo Xiaoxi, who knows that her father took it. Bodyguards dressed in black came to visit.

Luo’s father had a folding fan in his hand and a gold chain on his neck, looking like a gang boss, and forced to ask about the relationship between Jiang Shaokai and Luo Xiaoxi. He was frightened and hurriedly said that he was a roommate, and then fled away in a panic. Dad Luo saw that this kid didn’t seem to be responsible, and then looked up Jiang Shaokai’s previous wind and snow, and decided to test Luo Xiaoxi.

A black cloth directly set Jiang Shaokai into a feasting KTV. Luo’s father asked why he didn’t admit his relationship with Luo Xiaoxi that night. Jiang Shaokai hurriedly explained how many glasses of self-punishment when he got up and got up. Luo’s father had a different attitude after drinking. Slowly, he mentioned the relative Luo Xiaoyu who was coming for two days.

Jiang Shaokai Jiu Jin came up, and when he woke up, a strange face looked at him grinningly, and he was so frightened that he quickly grabbed Luo Xiaoxi and explained. Why panic? This is Luo Xiaoxi’s cousin. Jiang Shaokai’s task today is to spend a day with Luo Xiaoyu. Luo Xiaoyu conducted various intimate tests on him all day and reported the results to Dad Lu. This person really liked Luo Xiaoxi, and would think of Luo Xiaoxi no matter what she did with her.

After the first two rounds of the test, the final test began. Who would have thought that a cousin Luo Xiaoyu from nothing, could turn Jiang Shaokai into a fiance who was married out of thin air, Jiang Shaokai gritted his teeth angrily. When I asked Lu Boyan and his wife, they were also unified in the early morning, and this was actually true. Jiang Shaokai took Luo Xiaoxi and ran to ask Luo’s father to divorce him. Perhaps Luo’s words moved him sincerely. This time Luo’s father was willing to take a trip for the young couple.

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