Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 20 Recap

Han Haoyue received a call from Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan apologized to him for what happened today, and she was going to visit her home. At this time, the doorbell rang, and Han Haoyue mistakenly thought that Yuan Yuan came to the door, complaining that she had played the rhythm for so many years, so the two people had to divorce. Unexpectedly, it was Guo Guo who opened the door, and Han Haoyue immediately explained what happened today.

Guo Guo forgave him after listening to Han Haoyue’s statement. Tonight is the night of their bridal chamber. The two have packed up and are about to go to sleep. Who knows Yuan Yuan’s voice came from outside the door. Guo Guo asked Han Haoyue to chase Yuan Yuan away. Unexpectedly, Yuan Yuan went to the room and advised them that Han Haoyue had a prostate problem, and Guo Guo was angry that Han Haoyue deceived herself.

Huang Rong received Huang Caiyun’s call and took Guo Jing back to Huang’s house. I saw Huang’s stuff scattered all over the ground, and Wu Hantang and Huang Caiyun, who had been silent, yelled loudly. Even if Huang Caiyun was packing up his things to leave the house, Wu Han and Tang were indifferent. Huang Rong discovered that Wu Hantang’s behavior was unusual. He thought he had come from illness. He asked Wu Hantang if he had poor appetite, insomnia and dreams, and couldn’t control his emotions.

Wu Hantang didn’t understand why Huang Rong knew his situation, so Huang Rong immediately handed him one. Cup, it was discovered that Wu Hantang was holding the cup, but his hands were shaking constantly. He suggested that he go to the hospital for an examination, suspected of chronic metal poisoning.

The next day, Wu Hantang went to the hospital for an examination, and it turned out to be chronic metal poisoning. Guo Jing personally cooks for his family, and Huang Rong also rushes to the kitchen. Huang Caiyun shook his fan, and Wu Hantang, who had been working hard, enjoyed the treatment like a landlord.

Wu Hantang’s personality has changed drastically since he fell ill, but his usual temperament is now full of righteous indignation. Even the little nurses around him are wondering why he suddenly changed.

Zeng Li saw a beautiful woman Qi Miao in the family planning department. He used Holmes as a trick to tease his sister, but he was rejected by Qi Miao. Zeng Li lamented that Guo Jing’s Holmes was useless. In the evening, Zeng Li met Qi Miao again at the bar, he took the initiative to apologize and invited her to drink.

Wu Hantang was in a bad mood and asked Guo Jing to go downstairs for a stroll. Guo Jing hoped that he would not get angry at Huang Caiyun in the future, and would anger at himself and Huang Rong if he had any problems. Guo Jing turned around to get the wine and saw Wu Hantang grabbing a erring man and cursing. On the other side, Huang Rong also comforted Huang Caiyun, knowing that she was always an empress and suddenly became a maid, and her mentality was absolutely unbalanced. At this time, Guo Jing and Wu Hantang went home drunk. It turns out that Wu Hantang was asked to retire early because of mercury poisoning.

Guo Jing and Huang Rong sighed that Wu, Han and Tang had worked their entire lives, and they retired when they said they retire. Guo Jing also believes that things are impermanent, and he is determined to work hard for his children.

In the morning, Wu Hantang was nagging everyone at home, teaching Huang Rong to wash her face and blocking the washbasin with her hair, reprimanding Guo Jing to close the windows for ventilation, and reminding Huang Caiyun to be careful not to drink porridge too hot. Huang Caiyun quickly found an excuse to leave, and Huang Rong and his wife also quickly.

Evacuate. In the evening, Huang Caiyun came back from get off work early to cook, but Wu Hantang changed his habit of eating hot pot. Guo Jing was curious that such greasy things could not be served on the table before, but now his family has changed because of Wu Hantang’s willingness. After the meal, Huang Rong and Guo Jing decided who would wash the dishes by throwing darts. Guo Jing happened to do the dishes without throwing out the garbage. Wu Hantang immediately called Huang Rong to go, and Huang Rong didn’t dare to compete with him and walk into the kitchen with interest.

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