Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 19 Recap

Huang Rong was on the night shift all night, and couldn’t sleep at all when he got home. The basketball players next door played basketball, the violin player played the violin, the meat chopped meat, it was like a vegetable market. In desperation, the two moved back to the Huang family.

Guo Jing wakes up Huang Rong to go to work. Huang Caiyun thinks that after Huang Rong gets married, he eats instant noodles and lives in the duty room, so he will barely sleep on the street. The two lived in Huang’s house before renting the house. Guo Jing was scared when he heard that.

Guo Liye went to his wife’s cemetery to talk, Guo Guo was about to marry, and he didn’t manage well. His son-in-law was a second marriage, but he was pretty good. I used to imagine that Guo Guo would marry the champion and finally married the common people, but the common people are also very good. If he is paralyzed that day, at least someone will give himself a meal.

Shi Kang reported to the deputy dean’s office. The deputy dean was angry that he took a kickback and decided that the report was true and decided to expel him. Shi Kang had no chance to defend himself and was kicked out of the office.

Guo Liye handled the marriage between Han Haoyue and Guo Guo. Guo Guo believed that Han Haoyue knew that he did not need to worry about him. Guo Liye believed that although Han Haoyue had a second marriage, it should be handled properly. Han Haoyue’s sincere attitude made him worry a lot.

Guo Jing invited Huang Caiyun to attend the wedding invitation with her sister. Huang Caiyun mentioned that she did not participate in the operation that day. Guo Jing said that people in the Guo family wanted the Huang family to attend. Huang Rong also helped Guo Jing say good things. Huang Caiyun agreed to attend the wedding, but decided to Talk about renting an apartment at the wedding.

Wu Hantang persuaded Huang Caiyun not to mention renting at the wedding, not to make Huang Rong ugly at the wedding, and not to forget the old with new grievances. Huang Caiyun thinks that Wu, Han and Tang are good old people, even if they are a thief, they have to thank others.

Guo Liye greeted the guests at the entrance of the hotel. Huang Caiyun and Wu Hantang couldn’t believe that he was so stingy and chose such a remote place. Even the drinking fountains in the hotel lobby are broken, and Guo Liye believes that money can be saved by himself.

Huang Caiyun and his wife came to the wedding early in the morning. A group of relatives gathered around Huang Caiyun to consult about Huang Caiyun’s knowledge of gynecology. Huang Caiyun was so tired that she was sweating profusely.

Guo Guo dressed nicely in the morning and waited for Han Haoyue to meet him, but Han Haoyue encountered a traffic jam.

In the hotel, everyone was waiting for the bride and groom. Huang Caiyun and his wife couldn’t sit still. They walked to Guo Liye to discuss the renting of the house, hoping that he would not interfere with the children’s affairs. Guo Liye deliberately played haha, but Wu Hantang couldn’t stand it. He splashed water all over, and smashed the banquet table, threatening not to come and go in the future.

Guo Guo couldn’t contact Han Haoyue and didn’t want to go to the hotel alone. At a critical moment, Han Haoyue sent a message. Guo Guo rushed to the learning institution of Dongdong after seeing it, and seeing Han Haoyue with his ex-wife and Dongdong, the warm picture stimulated her. Yuan Yuan explained that she had just returned from the airport and Dongdong was ill and uncomfortable, so Han Haoyue came. Guo Guo didn’t want to hear Yuan Yuan’s explanation, and while pushing and shouting, Yuan Yuan and Dongdong pushed Guo Guo down, and Guo Guo took one. The unmarried belly left the institution.

Huang Rong comforted Guo Guo. Guo Guo is now in a dilemma. Huang Rong thinks that this happened to him, so he catches him back first and teaches him a lesson. Huang Caiyun regretted that she hadn’t checked it well, but Wu Hantang was silent, Huang Caiyun complained again, and Wu Hantang closed the door impatiently.

Han Haoyue received a call from Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan apologized to him for what happened today, and she was going to visit her home. At this time, the doorbell rang, and Han Haoyue mistakenly thought that Yuan Yuan came to the door, complaining that she had played the rhythm for so many years, so the two people had to divorce. Unexpectedly, it was Guo Guo who opened the door, and Han Haoyue immediately explained what happened today.

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