Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 18 Recap

Huang Rong was angry about Guo Liye’s actions. Guo Jing said something nice to him. He believed that Guo Liye bought a house to gather a group of children. He hoped that Huang Rong would give himself a chance to go back and persuade his father to stay in a hotel temporarily tonight. Huang Rong decided to go back to the duty room tonight.

Guo Jing went home and argued with Guo Liye. He was angry that he wanted to see that he got married and divorced. Guo Liye thinks that one month’s rent is very expensive. He has invested the money in the stock market. When the curve changes, he will even give the meat soup. He paid the down payment, and Guo Jing was happy that his father calculated for himself, bragging to bring Huang Rong back tomorrow.

Jia Chunwan saw his wife flipping through her cell phone in the middle of the night, and his wife Fang Fang voluntarily admitted that she was flipping through her cell phone because she really didn’t understand. Jia Chunwan was angry that she had put a recorder in her suit. Fang Fang thought he was someone outside, and he was unwilling to tell you about your pregnancy and threatened to divorce.

Guo Jing brought the fish made by Guo Liye to Huang Rong. If he thought it was delicious, he could eat it every day when he went home. Huang Rong understood what he meant and asked whether the fish came online or caught. He caught this fish. What should my wife do?

I am lonely and alone. If everyone in this family is in charge, the house in this water will be occupied by people, and there will be no place to go home at night, which is too pitiful. Guo Jing heard her voice, Huang Rong didn’t want to talk about family affairs, and asked why Jia Chunwan was ill, but Fang Fang came to Guo Jing.

Jia Chunwan brought a gift to find his ex-wife. The two were about to visit his mother together. When his ex-wife found that his face was wrong, Jia Chunwan suddenly fainted to the ground.

Fang Fang approached Guo Jing and wanted to help with the abortion operation. Huang Rong suddenly found Guo Jing’s contact information for Fang Fang, thinking that Jia Chunwan should be onset soon, and then ordered colleagues in the emergency department to prepare. Sure enough, the emergency department received a call and Jia Chunwan suffered from acute renal failure.

Jia Chunwan was sent to the hospital, and when he woke up, he learned about Fang Fang’s operation. He was angry that Fang Fang was actually involved in the abortion without discussing with him. Fang Fang said that he did not have a miscarriage because Dr. Guo hoped to consider it again.

Guo Jing persuaded Huang Rong to go home and even let Doctor Yu pretend to be Guo Liye. Huang Rong broke through his tricks and killed him and did not want to go back. Guo Jing played a rogue lying in the hospital’s duty room.

Fang Fang took care of Jia Chunwan. His ex-wife came to the hospital to visit. He said that Jia Chunwan had been to his home recently, but both of them took care of his own mother. The two were neighbors in the neighborhood. Jia Chunwan has never had a mother. He regards his mother as his own mother, so he has been by his side to take care of her after her mother was sick. Because of the high cost of treatment, Jia Chunwan did some absurd things outside.

Jia Chunwan approached Guo Jing and asked whether the broad bean disease would inherit. Guo Jing hoped that their couple would give birth to a child. Jia Chunwan was caught by the doctor on the way back to the ward. He hoped that he would not be doing deceptive things. The doctor would beat others and Guo Jing stepped forward to help Jia Chunwan get ahead.

Afterwards, he hoped that Jia Chunwan would take the initiative to surrender, so as to prevent medical care from harming others. For the child in Fang Fang’s belly, Jia Chunwan voluntarily surrendered and admitted his mistake.

Guo Liye made a table of food at home, and the family gathered for a drink. Guo Liye hoped that Huang Rong would move home to live in, but he did not apologize after cutting it first. After three wine rounds, Guo Liye gave Huang Rong the gold necklace left by his wife.

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