Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 17 Recap

Guo Jing pretended to be a patient and walked to a hospital called the First National Medical Center. The doctor told him that Huang Caiyun had another free consultation. Guo Jing went upstairs and saw a male doctor named Huang Caiyun sitting in the lobby. At this time, a man thanked Huang Caiyun for sending him a pennant, and Guo Jing discovered that this person was a childcare.

In addition, when the male doctor Jia Chunwan appeared unprofessional during the consultation, Guo Jing determined that he was an imposter and had no medical skills, and stepped forward to expose the male doctor’s deceptive tricks. While talking, Jia Chunwan fainted to the ground, and Guo Jing immediately called the doctor.

After Jia Chunwan woke up, he asked why the doctor had just stopped showing up. The doctor saw that he was okay and asked him to go to the clinic. Suddenly Jia Chunwan was vomiting. At this time, another doctor Zhang Yong came in and the door came 120. .

Guo Guo deliberately dressed himself as a successful woman and went to the hospital to find Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan’s status as a psychologist analyzed from a psychological point of view because his stepmother did not feel the same way, so he did not like the predecessor’s child. Guo Guo thinks she is slandering her stepmother.

Yuan Yuan analyzes that Guo Guo met her child Dongdong yesterday and will definitely visit him today. Guo Guo cares about herself very much, otherwise she would not observe herself as soon as he walked in. Guo Guo believes that Yuan Yuan used Han Haoyue as a babysitter, and she respected Han Haoyue very much, and sent the invitation, hoping Dongdong could attend the wedding. Yuan Yuan was angered by Guo Guo and sat on the ground sad.

Huang Rong diagnosed and treated Jia Chunwan and discovered that Jia Chunwan’s wife was actually the woman she had met during the seafood buffet. At that time, this person was in a state of hair loss during the New Year, and she guessed her mental fatigue. Guo Jing mentioned in front of Huang Rong that Lao Jia was a liar, and he proved Huang Caiyun’s innocence after calling the police.

Jia Chunwan sat in the ward and groaned. His wife misunderstood that he had an affair. Jia Chunwan was angry and wanted to leave the ward, but fainted on the ground as soon as he got up. After waking up, Jia Chunwan saw Guo Jing and Huang Rong together and was unwilling to be treated, and Guo Jing saw that he walked out of the ward reluctantly.

Huang Rong found that his eyes were yellowish in the sclera and hoped that he would be transferred to the hepatobiliary department, but Jia Chunwan was about to be discharged from the hospital, thinking that the jaundice was not serious. Huang Rong hopes that he will sort out his emotions and come to himself to complete the procedures.

Guo Guo cooks the oxtail hall for Han Haoyue. From now on, he will have three meals a day and eat all meals. In the future, the two will have one child, so he doesn’t need to ask his ex-wife. He will give birth to a child when he is young. Han Haoyue thinks that the child is not a small animal, so she will keep it if she doesn’t want to raise it. In addition, Guo Guo is angry to get up, in case the child kicks out of bed. Guo Guo didn’t want to talk to him and directly asked him to take good nutrition.

Yuan Yuan started to teach Dongdong when she got home. Dongdong took the initiative to admit her mistakes, thinking that she shouldn’t be good with her stepmother, and agreed to play together next time. Yuan Yuan hopes that Dongdong will tell herself what she sees. In the future, Han Haoyue will have another child, and Dongdong will become twice-cooked pork. I hope Dongdong will enjoy this time.

Doctor Yu received a call from his friend Mr. Yang and was about to have a miscarriage for five months of pregnancy. It turned out that Mr. Yang discovered that his wife had undergone plastic surgery and was worried that his wife would affect the appearance of the child. Doctor Yu did a four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound for the child. After seeing the photo, Mr. Yang was reluctant to give up the child and decided to give birth.

Jia Chunwan quietly left the hospital, went to his ex-wife’s home to cook, and returned to his home at night. The next morning, he went out to do a new deceitful business, but his wife was angry that his heart was always on his ex-wife, thinking that he minded that he could not have a child.

Guo Jing and Huang Rong went home and found that the combination lock at home had been replaced. They came out of the house and claimed to own the house. It turned out that Guo Liye sublet the house privately.

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