Great Age 创业年代 Episode 8 Recap

Kwong Mingchou approached Zhou Dingbei for an explanation, but Zhou Dingbei insisted on not admitting that he had intercepted Kwong Mingchou’s business, and pretended to say that if the supply was sufficient, he would provide it to Chaoxin. However, Zhou Dingbei’s price to Chaoxin was only 95% of the market price. Zhe, Kwong Mingchou also proposed that the two companies can help each other. Chaoxin is willing to share projects, but Zhou Dingbei is unwilling.

There is a big profit gap between selling computers and projects. Kwong Mingchou understands what Zhou Dingbei meant in the end. Can’t talk anymore. Kwong Mingchou went home to discuss with Jiang Cheng, Yao Kun, and Yu Wenjing. Kuang Mingchou thought he could also go to Director Zou and District Director Hetian and said that Yao Kun suddenly thought that ATG’s previous project would also arrange a 5% share of accessories. This point can be a fuss, Kuang Mingchoo understands what Yao Kun means.

District Mayor Tian Yi supports the development of every technology company, and he does not know the competitive relationship between Zhou Dingbei and Kuang Mingchou, so he has to help Jingqi and Kuang Mingchou no longer care. Director Zou also asked the two not to argue further because of the competition, and to always remember that they were all from the Microcomputer Institute. District Mayor Tian Yi wanted to ask Zhou Dingbei to offer more discounts to Kuang Ming, but Zhou Dingbei cleverly rejected those reasons in the market. Kuang Ming was crying and grieved and said that he wanted a 5% share of accessories.

In front of Director Zou, Zhou Dingbei was not at a stalemate anymore, thinking that five percent was a small amount for computers, and he agreed, only with conditions. This five percent share can only be used in the municipal department Kuang Mingchou had no choice but to agree to entrust these five hundred computers. When Jiang Cheng found out, he was a little unconvinced and prepared to make trouble. Under Kuang Mingchou’s persuasion and analysis, he had to obey.

Hong Yuqiao and Guan Taoshou’s store selling tapes is also doing well. One day, a young man squatted by the food stall opposite the Hong Yuqiao observation store. This young man had been squatting for two days. Hong Yuqiao watched The young man bought a bun and gave it to him. Yao Kun took Kuang Mingchou to meet Director Li and Tian Yi of the Bureau of Trade. Director Li was very worried about the future development of Chaoxin. He could not directly deal with small accessories. Kwong Mingchou had already made up his mind and it was difficult to obtain imported computers. ,

But computer accessories do not require approval. Chaoxin can assemble the computer with the accessories and install the Chaoxin brand. This is a completely independent brand. Not only that, it also requires technological innovation to create its own computer. District Mayor Yi and Director Li praised Kwong Mingchou very much, they are technical people with bright brains.

The young man at Hong Yuqiao’s relief was a computer science college student who was expelled. His father died early and there were many brothers and sisters. Only his mother gave him hard work to go to college. So the young man went out to take part-time jobs and missed courses during college. The young man did not dare to go home and could only wander, Hong Yuqiao watched the young man understand computers and repair radios, so he took him to work in his own shop. Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun went home for a walk, and they both appreciated each other’s ability to fight back. Before Lexus returned to Hong Kong, he met with Kwong Ming-chiu.

The business was not righteous. Lexus still admired Kwong Ming-chiu’s ability and gave Kuang Ming-chiu a popular game console in Hong Kong. He also ordered Kuang Ming-chiu to be a business. Kuang Mingchou took the game console home. Yu Wenjing and Jiang Cheng didn’t understand the business of game consoles. Kuang Mingchou gave the game console to Hong Yuqiao for her to ponder.

Young people know a lot about game consoles, but Hong Yuqiao hasn’t penetrated the business of game consoles. Jiang Cheng and Kwong Mingchou were busy assembling computers, but they lacked the key component of the chassis. Kwong Mingchou disagreed. The chassis was easy to get and it could also be branded as Chaoxin.

Although Chaoxin is not as loud as ATG, the brand is slowly developing. The computer motherboard used by Yao Kun school burned out and could not be turned on, and it was sent back to the ATG headquarters to replace the motherboard. The time for the replacement of the motherboard was not as good as the East Asia Economic Discussion Conference held by the school. Kuang Mingchou worked out a solution for Yao Kun.

At Zhou Dingbei, Zhou Dingbei resolutely disagreed. No matter how Wang Yong persuaded him, it was useless. Kuang Mingchou had to give up and start thinking of his own way. Everywhere in the market, I don’t want to say anything, but also release news. Who can provide the motherboard of ATG must thank you. Mingchou Kwong approached Hong Yuqiao to ask a friend who sold tapes through Guangzhou to ask if there was a motherboard. The airmail cost was fully paid. Guan Tao knew that Yao Kun needed it and persuaded Hong Yuqiao to help.

When Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng were at a loss, Boss Huang took the rain in time and took them to the place where the Tianjin people piled the eliminated motherboards and computers. It really made Kuang Mingchou find a few pieces and put them in for Yao Kun in time. The computer repaired and saved the files. Now, Yao Kun’s successful holding of the conference was praised by economists from various countries participating in the conference. Japanese economists even invited Yao Kun to study in Japan, and even suggested that Yao Kun go to Japan to study for a doctorate degree.

Ming-Chiu Kwong looked at Yao Kun happy. I am also very happy, please ask Yao Kun to help me see the Japanese computer market. Zhou Dingbei saw the report that Kwong Mingchou had stolen the banner and replaced it with the motherboard. He did not believe that the abandoned motherboard Kuang Mingchou found. He also sued Director Zou with a villain, and requested that the library be closed for inspection. Director Zou disagrees. When there is no evidence, Zhou Dingbei grabbed the main board and insisted on checking. Director Zou reluctantly agreed.

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