Great Age 创业年代 Episode 7 Recap

Kwong Mingchoi’s current situation can also help Zhou Dingbei’s educated youth club. Zhou Dingbei thinks that Kuang Ming’s talent is good because it is not good for Wang Yong to invite people without his consent. Wang Yong feels that there is nothing wrong with Kuang Ming’s staff. The existing projects of the educated youth club were all introduced by Kuang Mingchou. Only then did Zhou Dingbei know what Kuang Mingchou did before.

Kwong Ming-chiu’s project stopped having nothing to do, but she insisted on going to work and never gave up. From Yu Wenjing’s view, Kuang Ming-chiu’s charm has increased. When chatting with Yao Kun in the evening, she felt that Yao Kun and Kwong Ming-chiu are a good match, and Yu Wenjing felt a little bit sad. , But it is absolutely not because the man and Yao Kun are separated, the two cherish each other’s draw hook agreement.

After Zhou Dingbei’s project ended, he also reflected on whether Kuang Mingchoo’s actions were reasonable at home. Sure enough, on the second day, the Microcomputer Institute announced that Kwong Mingchou and others were important forces in promoting scientific and technological reform and progress, and affirmed the role of these young people in the field of science and technology, which made everyone dare to let go of their hands and feet.

District Mayor Tian Yi held a meeting to allow leaders of various scientific research institutions to participate in the discussion. Director Zou was the first to propose that in order to reduce the obstacles to young people’s entrepreneurship and the constraints imposed by scientific research institutions, young people should be allowed to go out and start companies alone.

It was in support of the decision to lease the building next to the supply and marketing cooperative to these entrepreneurs for free for two years. Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng were very happy, and several projects on hand could be restarted. With the speech of the national authority of the People’s Daily, Zhou Dingbei completely changed his mind. He insisted on starting a company with the employees of the educated youth club and operating it well, and he must not lose to Kuang Mingchiu.

In this way, two technology companies opened lively. Not long after Chaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. opened, Kuang Mingchou received the news that the Municipal Science and Technology Commission would introduce 500 computers. This is a large amount, but the approval is a troublesome thing. Even if Yuwenjing can get Guangdong approval, Yao Kun also thinks Not a long-term solution.

Kwong Mingchou had an idea. He wanted to get a foreign computer agent so that he would not worry about the supply of goods. Yao Kun was very supportive. Kwong Mingchou decided to go to Guangzhou and brought Jiangcheng and Yu Wenjing, a native of Guangzhou. He confessed to his father before leaving and agreed to help Mei Zhaohe buy a popular toad mirror.

Kwong Mingchou returned to the dormitory and saw Yao Kun sitting outside waiting for him. Yao Kun wanted to tell Kwong Mingchou that he had to go to Hong Kong if he wanted to get the agency rights. Kwong Mingchou was also very moved to see Yao Kun being so considerate of himself. In fact, he also thought about it. This time I went to Guangzhou to meet with a Hong Kong boss.

After talking about these official business, Kwong Mingchoi gave Yao Kun the key to the dormitory to facilitate her in and out. Yao Kun was also very happy, and the love between the two was ready to come out. The three rushed to Guangzhou on the second day, during which Yu Wenjing noisily talked about her plans for the company’s future, Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng perfunctory.

When they arrived in Guangzhou, the three of them first found Chen Xiaoguang. Several people ignored the predecessors and drank and ate at Chen Xiaoguang’s house. Kwong Mingchou expressed his intention to cooperate and asked Chen Xiaoguang to help him open up Hong Kong’s pick-up channels. Chen Xiaoguang did not want to help when he heard that it was not good for him.

If you can get the agency right, you can regress and give all the Southern Market to Chen Xiaoguang, but Chen Xiaoguang twisted and did not agree. Jiang Cheng and Chen Xiaoguang talked and quarreled. In order to get Chen Xiaoguang to agree, Jiang Cheng followed the example of Kwong Ming’s brick, and the result was bloody.

The shot was silly. After dinner at night, Chen Xiaoguang still hesitated and refused to cooperate. He was worried that Kwong Mingchoi would cross the river and dismantle himself once he had a purchase channel. In order to win the trust of Chen Xiaoguang, Kwong Mingchoi specially gave Chen Xiaoguang the 80 computer contract he signed in Changzhou as a sincere gift.

Chen Xiaoguang looked at this large profit and Kuang Mingchou’s repeated promises and shaken his heart. Cooperation is possible, but he reminded him that Lexus in Hong Kong is difficult to do. Wang Yong met Mei Zhaohe on the computer. Mei Zhaohe chatted and revealed that Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng went to Guangzhou to get the national computer agent. Wang Yong quickly reported it to Zhou Dingbei and the 500 computers of the Science and Technology Commission.

According to the contract, whoever is required by the Science and Technology Commission to acquire 500 computers will be responsible for the business. Zhou Dingbei has been very active since he opened his mind, knowing that nowadays, computers cannot be produced in China. If they can win the general agent, then there will be no shortage of business. Later, if computers can be produced in China, they need brands. Zhou Dingbei asked Wang Yong to prepare to go to Hong Kong to discuss agency rights when he finished his report with his superiors.

Kwong Mingchou, Jiang Cheng, and Yu Wenjing have confirmed whether the purchase channels provided by Chen Xiaoguang are authentic. After verification, the country established some import and export trading companies in Hong Kong in the early days and found agents in Hong Kong, but these trading companies are state-owned enterprises. , Not only does not require approval, but also can be settled in RMB.

Lexus is the manager of the ATG computer in Hong Kong entrusted by the state and the general agent in Asia, so the three have to go to Hong Kong for further negotiations. When he saw Lexus, he also revealed the reason why he did not give the agency power to Chen Xiaoguang. Chen Xiaoguang did not have a national background and was not very trustworthy. Yu Wenjing made it clear that Lexus had a government background, so that Lexus promised for a week. Just go to Pingdu to sign a contract.

As soon as Kuang Mingchou and others left, Wang Yong blocked Lexus’s statement that he was the official company under the Computer Research Institute, and he found it through the Hong Kong branch of Xinhua News Agency. He also showed a letter of introduction from the Computer Research Institute. When Ling Zhi came to Pingdu, he also brought Tian Yi, the district chief, and Ling Zhi left Mingchou Kwong and chose to cooperate with Zhou Dingbei. It is also very uncomfortable for Kwong Ming to be intercepted, but now it is true that the future development of the company must be considered.

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