Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 21 Recap

Xue Rong came to Fu’s family to find Yuzhan, and asked about her current situation with concern. Yuzhan asked why the emperor Jinzhan died and why the emperor did not give the world an explanation. Xue Rong felt that she believed that she had forced her death. , Could it be that there was no trust between the two? Xue Rong was very sad, and Yuzhan coldly said that he was going to Hanqiu Temple to pray for Jinzhan, and then left.

Yuzhan heard the sound of the piano outside in the carriage that was leaving, only to realize that Zhang Yongyao was playing the piano beside him. The tune was the autumn stage Shiyu, which was written by the former luthier Zhong Zhizhang in memory of his lost sister. Although the tune was sentimental, but Sorrow and not hurt, it means that the sky is sunny after the rain, and there is no vitality, which can soothe people’s hearts. Zhang Yongyao wants to use this song to comfort Yuzhan.

The queen has reached the immortal world, and hopes that she can mourn and change. If this song can comfort her, It is not in vain to wait here. Yuzhan is grateful for his concern and said that Jinzhan has encountered an accident and the marriage of the two will be delayed. I hope he can forgive me, and Zhang Yongyao expresses his understanding.

Both Fu Yanxin and Li Huaijin were sad because of Jinzhan’s death, and Li Huaijin even blamed himself for being unable to rescue Jinzhan, and watched her die in the flames, crying bitterly.

Jinzhan quietly pretended to go back outside the Fu Mansion and found that there were many eyeliners around the Fu Mansion, and the guards who had followed Cao Han for a long time were also guarding the door. He felt that Xue Rong had set up a net to kill her and planned to leave immediately to ensure safety. To rendezvous with father and sister.

The eldest princess felt that the eldest daughter of the Fu family had always been entangled with the emperor. Originally, she was going to be married to Zhang Yongyao tomorrow, but now she has a relationship. It is very unfortunate that Empress Fu could not sit in such a high position without this life. , After talking, and Yueying set off to Jiangzhai.

Jinzhan came to Jiang’s house, deliberately pretending to be a ghost to scare Chai Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen was so scared that he cried, telling Jiang Shao that Jinzhan had become a ghost and came to her, crying that he had died miserably, Jiang Shao found a hairpin that looked like Jinzhan at the door , Guess that Jinzhan is still alive.

Li Fang brought Jinzhan dressed as a man to Fu Mansion to find King Wei, and sent someone to close the door. At this time, Jinzhan and his sister’s father recognized each other. Yuzhan was very happy to see that his sister was still alive, and cried with joy, but King Wei But he wanted Jinzhan to leave as soon as possible, so as not to harm his family. Once the queen was found to have suspended animation, the Fu family would be the crime of deceiving the emperor and would destroy the whole family.

Jinzhan told Yuzhan that Xue Rong sent Cao Han to escort her out of the city. When she arrived outside the city, Cao Han would act on her. If she hadn’t been wary, she really had no life to see Yuzhan. Rong is no one else.

Jiang Shao came to find Yuzhan and learned that Jinzhan was still alive, but he could not meet for the time being. He was very happy. At this time, Jinzhan ran to find Jiang Shao and found that Jiang Shao had left a note for her with the words “From now on After Jiang Shao became Jinzhan’s urging,” she knew that Jiang Shao had admitted her mistake. Then Zhen Zhen rushed back.

Jiang Shao told her to find another place for her. Jiang Shao chased him out and told him that the two could leave the capital together. Now Jinzhan is no longer a queen, and there is a risk of exposure at any time while staying in the capital. Now no one will restrain them. The two can return to Dingzhou first. Then go where you want to go. Two people can go wherever they want freely. The world is vast and you can choose.

Xue Rong’s only close relative in the world is Chai Zhenzhen, but because of the laws of the dynasty, the emperor could not take her to the capital, and he was always worried about where he would go in the future. If he wanted to keep her in the palace, he would definitely not be able to use firewood. The surname can be solved only by betrothing her to a husband, but there is already someone in her heart. Xue Rong is unwilling to force her, hoping that she can change her surname to be the righteous daughter of King Wei.

Jinzhan and Yuzhan went into the palace to see the emperor and told him that Cao Han wanted to assassinate her. The emperor was furious and found Cao Han, thinking that he had resisted the decree, and even dared to murder the queen secretly and deceive the queen, but Cao Han believed the queen Arson and suspended animation are extremely absurd.

They should not be allowed to act outside, so as not to cause more trouble. Once their identity is revealed, the emperor will be ashamed and criticized. In order to maintain the emperor’s reputation, he wanted to do it against her. Xue Rong ordered him to protect Jinzhan’s identity secretly, and if she came back in the future to expose her identity, she must resolve the danger in advance.

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