Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 20 Recap

Jinzhan negotiated with Chai Zhenzhen, but found that she was very determined. She came to Xue Rong angrily, saying that her sister was stubborn and both she and Xue Rong were suffering from the wrong marriage. I hope this kind of thing will not happen. Zhen Zhen repeats itself.

Xue Rong went to the ministers to discuss the family affairs. After she wanted to abolish the ministers, she asked them what they thought. The ministers did not know what was wrong with the queen. Xue Rong said that Jinzhan was out of line and did not do well with the harem affairs. The queen is the mother of a country and should be regarded as a model for women in the world.

According to the official book of the Ministry of Rites, Master Zheng said that according to the ritual system, the queen was born in a famous family, and her virtues were deeply influenced by the Fu family. Since entering the palace, she has never heard of a major mistake, but is sitting in the harem, in charge of the huge internal palace affairs. It is inevitable that there will be mistakes and omissions, but you can send more Shang Palace to assist, and slowly the queen will understand how to deal with official duties, thinking that the current abolition is unreasonable.

The eldest princess heard that the emperor was going to abolish the empress, she thought it was very strange. I don’t know what the queen did to make the emperor give up the marriage with the Fu family. After all, the Fu family would bring great benefits to the emperor. Jinzhan is the one. After Yueying speculated that the emperor took the initiative to abolish it, there must be another secret. When the emperor was the king of Jin, she said that she would marry Fu Yuzhan, but it was Fu Yuzhan who became the emperor’s love.

The emperor received a letter inviting him to meet in Youhuang at night. It is guessed that it was written by Yuzhan, but in fact the princess deliberately tested him. In the evening, Xue Rong came as scheduled, and the princess found that he really liked it. Yuzhan had a plan for the next step.

The eldest princess sent Yueying to spread the fragrant rumors about the emperor and Fu Yuzhan. Yuzhan was out to buy clothes. When she heard someone talking about rumors, insulting the queen, saying that Empress Fu was instigated by the Fu family, Yuzhan was very angry. , Accused them of not having Wang Fa in their eyes.

Fu Yanxin also learned of the rumors that the emperor wanted to abolish him. Master Su accused him of impure thinking. Such ridiculous things are already known to everyone. The city is full of love affairs between the Fu family’s daughter and the emperor. The spread of rumors should be stopped immediately. .

For the reputation of the Fu family and his daughter, Fu Yanxin accepted Zhang Yongyao’s proposal and asked Yuzhan to prepare for the wedding dress. There was already a copy of him in the court, saying that he used his daughter to charm the emperor and let him hand over the military power. , It means that the Fu family is greedy for power.

It is a traitor who charms the emperor. Yuzhan covets his sister Jinzhan’s rear position. She is worried that she will be discussed and laughed at by the world. The queen’s phoenix crown is no longer dignity, but shame. Now she must marry Zhang Yongyao. This prover family has no wolf ambition.

In desperation, Yuzhan agreed afterwards. Xue Rong learned that Yuzhan was going to marry Zhang Yongyao, and came to her very angry. Yuzhan said that even if they pretended not to hear, the Fu family became a scholar of thousands of masters even though they pretended not to hear. Means, the burden of rumors is too heavy.

Chai Zhenzhen told Jinzhan that Xue Rong had ordered Jiang Shao to marry her, and Jinzhan left sadly. Zhenzhen felt that even if Jinzhan and Jiang Shao fell in love, Jinzhan was in the second place and it was impossible to be with Jiang Shao. At the same time, she can’t let her drag Jiang Shao’s life’s happiness, and she must marry Jiang Shao anyway.

The father-in-law hurried to inform Xue Rong when the Ciming Palace walked through the water. The queen didn’t know what irritation she had received. After returning to the palace, she gave up all the palace ladies, and even Qing Ge was not allowed to enter. Then she closed the door and walked. Jiang Shao learned Later, he desperately tried to enter the house to save Jinzhan, but the fire was too strong to enter.

Zhen Zhen secretly saw that Xue Rongzheng let the eunuch secretly help transport the body of Jinzhan out of the palace, and felt that the emperor had killed Jinzhan and used the fire to destroy the body, which was shocked.

Fu Yanxin told Yuzhan that Ciming Palace was on fire, Jinzhan could not be found, and the life or death was unknown. Yuzhan hurriedly entered the palace and saw a scorched corpse. It was very heartache. It happened that the princess also came and saw the corpse.

But in fact, Jinzhan did not die. Everything was her idea. She deliberately set fire and wanted to escape by pretending to be burnt to death. Xue Rong helped her implement the plan to escape Jin Chan, and ordered Cao Han to remove her from the palace and use one. The female corpse replaced her.

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