Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 19 Recap

Wang Daqian admitted that he had written several forged letters that framed the Fu family and instigated the Xingzhou prefect to embezzle the construction money of the dam, but he was also forced to do nothing. Wang Daqian said that they arrested him and tortured him in every possible way, so he had to write the letter as instructed. It’s not that he intended to frame King Wei and Fu Jia. He didn’t know the person who arrested him. The leader was a martial artist. He forced Wang Daqian to write a letter and killed him. If he wasn’t alert, think of a way.

He escaped, and now I don’t know where he was buried. Although he escaped, he did not dare to return to Beijing. He only pretended to be infected with the disease and hid in the epidemic area. Wang Daqian begged Fu Yuzhan not to let people know his hiding place. Otherwise, it would be fatal. Yuzhan asked Wang Daqian to copy several letters separately and use them for other purposes.

Xue Rong learned that Yuzhan and Zhang Yongyao were going to the epidemic area together, so he sent Guo Fu to dispatch a team of imperial troops to inspect the affected area to visit the victims.

Sure enough, the news that Fu Yuzhan found Wang Daqian reached the ears of the traitor. They sent people to kill Wang Daqian immediately. Yuzhan took Wang Daqian and met a group of people in black on the way back to the Yamen. The accompanying guards sent out in time. Call for help, but Zhang Yongyao was still injured to save Yuzhan. Fortunately, Xue Rong rushed to rescue them in time, but Wang Daqian took advantage of the chaos and fled. The key witness of this case, his life is very important, and Xue Rong immediately killed him. The Forbidden Army searches the city.

Yuzhan thanked Zhang Yongyao for saving his life. Zhang Yongyao said that he did this to protect the witnesses and find out the case, so that the people of Xingzhou can be fair. Xue Rong came to visit Zhang Yongyao and told Xingzhou that he had just experienced a flood and was short of medicines and was not suitable for healing. The imperial army sent him back to Beijing to recuperate.

Yuzhan received the news that Wu Yang, the prefect of Xingzhou, committed suicide in the imprisoned courtyard, but Wang Daqian had not been found yet. Yuzhan felt that time was too late. Xue Rong only gave him five days. The time has come. At this time Jinzhan came and told Yuzhan that she had obtained Wu Yang’s ledger.

She and Jiang Shao went to Wu’s house and found that Wu Yang had taught his son to memorize a series of numbers and locations, and brought the child back to compare the arrested ones. According to the information given by the officials, it was discovered that the children’s back was actually a complete account book. Jiang Shao was still sorting out the remaining account books and handing them to Xue Rong when they were sorted out. With the account books in hand, no one would dare to frame Fu’s family.

Yuzhan presented the ledger to the emperor. Wu Yang recorded all the amount of money and the people involved in the corruption in the ledger. The emperor was very angry, and the moths were really daring.

Jinzhan wrote an invitation note to Jiang Shao, but Chai Zhenzhen hid it privately. She felt that the queen dared to meet Jiang Shao privately, so she deliberately went to the place agreed with Jiang Shao and pretended to be dizzy and fell on Jiang Shao’s In his arms, Jinzhan was very angry at this scene.

The corrupt Yan Chong was taken away. Only then did the princess learn that Wu Yang had kept the account book privately, and that Jinzhan and Yuzhan were the stalkers. She was very angry, but she felt that Yan Chong did not dare to identify her.

Xue Rong was unable to bring Chai Zhenzhen into the palace, so he ordered Jiang Shao to take care of him. Zhen Zhen felt that he was alone in the capital, helpless, lonely and scared. He wanted to live at home like before, although there was no money in the house, but The relatives were there, and they cried as they talked, and wanted to live in Jiang Shao’s mansion, Jiang Shao agreed.

Xue Rong returned to the imperial palace to openly embezzle and accept bribes by officials of the imperial court. He filled his pockets and deceived the monarch. The crime was extremely heinous.

The princess saw Chai Zhenzhen. Zhen Zhen lied to her surname Jiang. Jiang Shao took her in because she was pitiful. The princess left the cake and left. Jiang Shao knew that she was very worried and felt that she was herself. I didn’t tell the princess Zhenzhen about it.

It seems that the eldest father has begun to investigate the details of Zhenzhen. When Xue Rong learned about it, he said that he wanted to turn passivity into activeness, so he invited the eldest princess and told her that she had already been with her. The Chai family cut off contact.

But the next day, Chai Zhenzhen’s identity was still discovered. She had to come to the palace. The minister made false comments about his identity. Zhenzhen hoped that Xue Rong would marry her and Jiang Shao. Jinzhan learned that she was very unhappy. Want to talk to Zhen Zhen.

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