A Land So Rich in Beauty 江山如此多娇

A Land So Rich in Beauty
Other Title: 江山如此多娇 / Jiang Shan Ru Ci Duo Jiao

Genres: drama
Hunan TV
An Jian
Release Date: 
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  • Luo Jin as Pu Quansheng
  • Yuan Shan Shan as Sha Ou
  • Shen Meng Chen
  • Li Qian
  • Fan Tian Tian
  • Wang Kui Rong
  • Shi Liang
  • Zhang Zi Jian
  • Liu Jiao Xin
  • Luo Er Yang
  • Wu Yu Juan
  • Fang Zi Bin
  • Yu Heng
  • Zhou Pu
  • Jing Hao
  • Ma Liang
  • Liu Yi Ying
  • Wu Li Peng
  • Zhang Yang Yang

During the period, he unscrupulously wiped out the beauties of the rivers and lakes, but he was deeply involved in the rivers and lakes and officialdom, and gradually learned part of the master’s life experience through a series of events; he not only saw clearly the hatred with Yinhu Xiaozhu, I am also aware of the tremendous changes that the rivers and lakes will experience. As a result, his goal in life has changed, not only to face the master’s death, but also to fight against his real enemy-the trainers of the arena and potential political enemies of the officialdom. This book shows the intricate interpersonal relationships and the various intrigues of the characters in the officialdom and martial arts struggles.

Categories: Chinese Plot

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