Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 12 Plot

Team Zheng asked Xiaoxue to reform and quit drug addiction. It will get better in the future. Then she asked Lu Xiaoxue what she knew about Professor Gong. Xiaoxue told Team Zheng that Teacher Gong had divorced and brought her sick daughter. Team Zheng asked Wang Xingjian to take Tang Xiaoran to the hospital to visit Teacher Gong’s daughter to see if she could ask any clues. Come, after all, Tang Xiaoran had been there before, so that would not arouse Teacher Gong’s suspicion. Regarding Wang Xingjian, Tang Xiaoran had long changed his view of him before, and was also very concerned about him now, and seemed to have a good impression of him. Wang Xingjian was very happy when he saw Tang Xiaoran’s concern for him.

Wang Xinjian and Tang Xiaoran came to the hospital to visit Teacher Gong’s daughter Niuniu. In order to get some clues from Professor Gong from Niuniu. Wang Xinjian and Niuniu became good friends so that they could learn some clues from her. Niuniu liked the story that Uncle Wang Xingjian told her. Want to let Wang Xingjian’s brother come to visit her next time, Wang Xingjian of course agreed.

Zhang Zhuoying came to Qindu University and found that Professor Gong, who was supposed to attend the class, did not attend the class.

When Wang Xingjian and Tang Xiaoran were playing with Niuniu, two people suddenly came to Niuniu’s room and threatened Wang Xingjian with guns and took them away. . .

When Zhang Zhuoying saw that Professor Gong had not come to the school, she immediately felt that something was wrong, and immediately called Team Zheng to talk about the situation. She also said that Wang Xingjian and their mobile phones were also turned off and couldn’t get through. This is bad. Team Zheng immediately brought people here I went to the hospital and saw the three people taken away by the gangsters under surveillance.

The three of Wang Xingjian and the others were taken to a place by the gangsters. Professor Gong was also found here. When the gangster wanted to act on Tang Xiaoran, Wang Xingjian immediately attracted the gangster’s attention, just as the gangster wanted to give Wang Xingjian a Wang Xingjian said that he wanted to smoke a cigarette before he died. When the gangster wanted to smile at him again, Wang Xingjian unlocked the rope that bound him and stopped the gangster. Then immediately called Team Zheng and told them where they were kidnapped. While waiting for Team Zheng to come and rescue, another accomplice found something was wrong. Just as he wanted to go upstairs to check the situation, he suddenly heard the sound of a police car coming.

Aiming at the people who were quickly taken away, they came, and the gangsters kidnapped the king to build their place. And when Zhang Zhuoying chased one of the gangsters. Because I accidentally hit the targeted psychological shadow before. Zhang Zhuoying was accidentally hijacked by gangsters. Just when Team Zheng was in a hurry. Zhang Zhuoying, who had cultivated a tacit understanding with Wang Xingjian, successfully caught the gangster under Wang Xingjian’s suggestion.

Seeing Wang Xingjian out of danger. Tang Xiaoran ran up excitedly and enveloped Wang Xinjian. With so many people around, Zhang Xiaoran let go of her hand in embarrassment. When Wang Xinjian sent Tang Shaoran back to Qindu University. Tang Xiaoran asked him what he wanted to say to him. Wang Xinjian was embarrassed and said something and rested well. When he watched Tang Xiaoran return to the bedroom, Tang Xiaoran ran back quickly, kissed him, and ran away embarrassedly. Wang Xinjian smirked, looking at the direction he was leaving, he was very happy.

When the police interrogated Gong Zhicheng. He didn’t admit it at first. When they learned that Team Zheng, they knew that he reported Lu Xiaoxue. Only then slowly confessed everything. The daughter is sick and needs a lot of money. Du Lin paid him very high. When Du Lin found his plan and agreed to cooperate with him, he saw the great harm of C2. He refused to cooperate with Du Lin. Du Lin was unwilling to come to the door again and threatened him with his daughter Niuniu. Gong Zhicheng only agreed to Du Lin’s request. Feng Lei was also making C2 for Du Lin. After Feng Lei Du Lin died, when Professor Gong thought he could rest easy, Du Lin’s accomplices appeared to call and ask him how C2 was purified. Professor Gong was shocked. , Hung up but was still caught. He had previously reported Lu Xiaoxue for her good, and wanted her to detoxify her compulsorily.

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