Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 11 Plot

After Team Zheng ran back to the police station, Wang Xinjian and the others were worried. Team Zheng stated that it was a minor injury, and then began to interrogate Lu Hongyi. Wang Xinjian was very angry about what Hongyi did to Xiaoxue, and Lu Hongyi thought Xiaoxue was dead. Now, just when he laughed proudly. But when she saw Xiaoxue alive, Xiaoxue was very excited when she saw Lu Hongyi and said that Zeng Yi could finally rest in peace, and then rushed over and choked Lu Hongyi by the neck. Wang Xinjian and they hurriedly grabbed Xiaoxue and took her out to calm down.

After seeing Xiaoxue alive, Lu Hongyi knew that his plan had been broken. So he confessed everything, it turned out that he started taking drugs when he was the most popular singer. After that, fewer and fewer people listened to his songs, and his money became less and less enough for him to spend and take drugs. I also failed to do business, so I started a drug business. I was accidentally discovered by a local policeman while trafficking in drugs in Yunnan. Although I killed the police, I was still worried about exposure, so I returned to Qindu to open a bar and do drug trafficking.

He got acquainted with a big drug dealer through a friend’s introduction, and he provided many goods. And c2 was provided to Lu Hongyi by the big drug dealers, but the drugs sold to Lu Hongyi were strictly controlled. Don’t worry about heavy losses after Lu Hongyi was caught. According to the clues provided by Lu Hongyi, the Zheng team discovered that the message board at the time of the transaction had been closed. It seems that the big drug dealer knew that Lu Hongyi was arrested, and he was probably in Qindu.

. Faced with Zhang Zuoying of the Zheng team who was injured by herself, he felt very guilty and felt very guilty. The Zheng team comforted him not to blame himself, saying that the situation was critical at the time and it was normal to accidentally be shot. When Lei Jun came to inquire, he also said that he was not careful at the time. Despite this, Zhang Zhuoying still showed restlessness and often wandered away. Her hands could not be controlled and she kept shaking.

After returning home, Zhang Zhuoying appeared absent-minded during the meal. Her father was worried, and said that you should not hold back and talk to him. However, Zhang Zhuoying said that there was nothing. Although he was depressed, he didn’t want to say anything.

. When working at the police station, Wang Xingjian discovered Zhang Zhuoying’s anomaly. Facing Zhang Zhuoying’s situation, Wang Xinjian was very concerned, saying that he was not only absent-minded recently. His hands often tremble. Is it because of Team Zheng? Zhang Zhuoying admitted and felt that she was suffering from stress mental disorder. Wang Xinjian asked him to treat the disease, but Zhuo Ying said that he would leave and would never come back. What qualifications does a person who can’t even hold a gun in the anti-drug team anymore? His father is stressful Mental disorder did not return to the anti-drug brigade.

Team Zheng was very concerned about the drug trafficking incident and urged the doctor to work during the day and return to the hospital to take a good rest at night. His wife Yang Shujun reluctantly agreed after learning that there would be no danger as long as she did not exercise vigorously.

During the investigation, Team Zhang Zheng came to Kyoto University. Teacher Gong and Professor Gong asked for some information. I want to know the conditions and equipment of some laboratories that can produce c2. Professor Gong said that he would help him sort out some information, and the Zheng team informed Teacher Gong that his experiment may also be within the scope of the investigation. Teacher Gong did not change his face and said that this should be done. It is very likely that Gong Zhicheng is a drug dealer, because although he did not show anything on his face when he heard about the drug C2, he was nervous and sweated before leaving.

While following Teacher Gong, Wang Xinjian discovered that he had brought something from his laboratory to the police station and told Team Zheng that it was belonging to one of his students, Feng Lei. Research data on c2 was found in the computer. This Feng Lei is most likely the one who made c2. I thought it was a hardworking student, but I didn’t expect it. . He felt very sad about this. Team Zheng asked where this person was, but Teacher Gong said that Feng Lei had died in a car accident, and he was very grateful for Teacher Gong’s help.

When Team Zheng was in the hospital, Du Mingzhen came to the hospital to visit him. When she was about to open the door with flowers in her hand, she found that she was eating dinner with her family happily. She felt very disappointed and left without going in.

. Jin Zhenyu, a former good friend of Wang Xinjian who was arrested for taking drugs, was also released from prison. Wang Xingjian watched him get into an unknown car and left. And Yang Shujun, the wife of Team Zheng, was also very happy to be employed by Mr. Dai. After investigation, it was found out that the person who reported Lu Xiaoxue’s drug abuse was Gong Zhicheng, and she also lied to Team Zheng. He had known the existence of c2 and also reported Lu Xiaoxue. It’s probably the drug dealer.

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