Together 在一起 Episode 17 Recap

Mei Aihua has a knitting factory, but because the orders are all yellow, the factory owes everyone three months’ salary when the Chinese New Year comes, so Xiaolin and others bring everyone to make trouble. Although Mei Aihua had already given everyone part of the money out of his own pocket, everyone was still reluctant. Not only that, Mei Aihua also owed a certain amount of material money, and Gu Changfeng brought someone to the scene. Xiaolin took it.

Picked up beer bottles and drove away those people. Mei Aihua has a daughter named Feifei and her husband named Cao Zhengyi, but the two are ready to divorce. Cao Zhengyi hoped that she would give him the custody of Feifei, but Mei Aihua refused to agree. The two were ready to go through the procedure. Before leaving, Cao Zhengyi gave her a pack of masks. Because of the shortage of masks due to the epidemic, they had everything to wear on the street.

The factory was built by Mei Aihua and financial manager Wang Manli. Wang Manli persuaded her to file for bankruptcy and save money. However, Mei Aihua decided to mortgage her house to the bank and pay back the bank loan and the money owed first. She had to take a good gamble on the remaining money. It turned out that Mei Aihua was inspired to make masks, so she went to Han Song, who was a technician in Zhejiang Mask Factory. He was from Wuhan and wanted to sell the masks in his hands to go home for the New Year. Han Song said that someone had ordered these masks, but did not pay the deposit. Mei Aihua and Wang Manli said they could pay the full amount immediately.

Han Song was worried about the credibility problem. Wang Manli praised him and said that Mei Aihua had done a lot of charity before. Han Song immediately agreed to buy her the mask and took a photo with her. Mei Aihua took away all the masks, Ji Weihua came to Han Song to get the masks, and Han Song told him with a grimace that he had sold the masks to others. Ji Weihua was in a hurry, and Han Song apologized for giving him some money.

Mei Aihua sent everyone’s wages down, and kept calling to buy masks. Mei Aihua looked embarrassed. These masks were out of stock. Mei Aihua had to transfer a batch of masks from abroad, but the results were all moldy goods, and the hospital director Wang was in a hurry. So Mei Aihua had another idea. Wang Manli was speechless and felt that her idea was not mature at all. After returning home on New Year’s Eve, Feifei sensibly made egg dumplings for Mei Aihua, and then Feifei followed Cao Zhengyi to her grandparents’ house for the New Year, while Mei Aihua stayed at home and analyzed the masks thoroughly. Han Song was trapped on the way home and could only spend the New Year with passers-by.

Mei Aihua came to Wang Manli early in the morning and said that it was the most convenient for their kind of knitting factory to switch production to make masks, and decided to go to the house director for help later. The director of the room said that the conditions for the transfer are very strict, but Mei Aihua has prepared complete materials. The director of the room said that as long as all her conditions can meet the standards, she will help her resolve the approval. The workers were suffering from the epidemic at home, and they were unwilling to come with double wages.

The machine Mei Aihua contacted was also snatched by Ji Weihua. Ji Weihua also makes masks, remembering that Mei Aihua robbed him of masks last time and intercepted her goods. Mei Aihua was very angry. Mei Aihua had to add 80,000 yuan before the other party was willing to give her a machine. There was not much money in the account, Wang Manli cried and mortgaged her house. Only Grandma Yu and Old Sun were willing to help, and they also asked for no salary. Of course Mei Aihua refused. Xiaolin came back at this time, saying that they had heard that they were going to make masks and wanted to participate.

He also took out the marriage money that he had saved up to 100,000 yuan. It turned out that Xiaolin’s girlfriend Xiangxiang worked as a nurse in Wuhan. After the outbreak, she chose to stay there. Masks were becoming increasingly scarce. Xiangxiang asked Xiaolin to help her find the masks and send them. Xiaolin searched all the places but couldn’t find them. Soon Xiangxiang was infected. Xiaolin called again and no one answered him. There was no news from the hospital. Maybe Xiangxiang was gone. Xiaolin looked at Xiangxiang’s photo and cried, but he couldn’t find a simple mask.

Mei Aihua was very emotional when she saw this. The first oath in her life was to build the factory and become a rich man. The second oath was at the wedding. She said that she would never be separated from Cao Zhengyi in her life. Although these vows were not fulfilled, Mei Aihua just made a third vow, not for herself or for making money, but for people like Xiangxiang and Xiaolin who need masks. The aseptic workshop was ready, but the manpower was still insufficient.

After all, travel was restricted across the country due to the epidemic. Mei Aihua had an idea to contact the extras in the nearby film and television city. Xiaolin put on a sterile suit, and in order to produce a sterile mask, he also shaved his hair. Mei Aihua visited the aseptic workshop and formally pressed the start button. Seeing the masks produced, Mei Aihua was happy from the heart.

However, all the masks produced by Mei Aihua were unqualified. She could not find a professional quality inspector, and the quality inspection machine was stuck on the road. The director of the house was a little angry. Although the change of production is definitely a groping and learning, no matter how difficult it is, a worker who understands production must check it. Masks are life-saving, but quality is deadly!

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