Together 在一起 Episode 16 Recap

Song Xiaoqiang decided to be the guardian of the goddess on the ninth floor from today, and asked Li Tianran to come to him if he had any problems. Song Xiaoqiang asked Li Tianran if he was afraid of it, and Li Tianran answered frankly that of course he was afraid, but when he saw the patient getting better, they forgot to be afraid, although they also made mistakes. Song Xiaoqiang sighed, he thought he was the only one afraid. Song Xiaoqiang called Li Tianran to Sister Li, and wanted to see what she looked like.

Li Tianran said that he would let him see after the epidemic is over. The hospital arranged a hotel for Song Xiaoqiang, and the person who met the Harbin medical team also stayed in this hotel. Song Xiaoqiang from Dalian quickly got close to everyone, and finally met the fellow in so many days. Song Xiaoqiang drew the epidemic trend chart in the hotel room and decided to record the epidemic.

The next day, Song Xiaoqiang met an old grandma outside the hospital. She wanted to go to the ninth floor to see her seriously ill wife, but she could not go in. Song Xiaoqiang hurriedly helped the grandma give her wife hot dry noodles and change clothes, and comforted her doctors and nurses. Will take care of his wife and children, the grandmother wanted to give him money, Song Xiaoqiang quickly refused. Song Xiaoqiang fed his grandfather hot dry noodles bit by bit.

The grandfather was very sad looking at the photos of him and his grandmother when he was married. Song Xiaoqiang was gradually accepted by everyone, and the medical staff gave him a heart, and Li Tianran helped him to take pictures.

These photos were discovered by the reporter, and the reporter ran to the hospital to take them and asked Song Xiaoqiang to do what he did. Song Xiaoqiang was taking a selfie with the medical staff. Suddenly a patient was critically ill and the medical staff hurried to rescue him. The patient’s daughter, Xiao Zhou, was sitting outside crying, wishing to go in for her mother.

Song Xiaoqiang hurriedly comforted him when she saw this, and even danced and showed her treasures. Li Tianran also laughed when she saw it. Convalescent patients donated plasma, which contains a large amount of antibodies, which can effectively eliminate the new coronavirus. Ma Ge helped Song Xiaoqiang to change the toiletries and asked him to help his lover get some things. Ma Ge also promised to take him to see the cherry blossoms of Wuhan University.

Li Tianran came to send the patient out of the hospital, watching the patient leave, their faces also showed a heartfelt smile. The grandfather was suddenly critically ill, and Song Xiaoqiang hurriedly came to see the grandmother when he saw this, but the grandfather still left. Song Xiaoqiang looked at the news from Li Tianran at a loss. The grandmother was very sad with the photos the grandfather carried with her during her lifetime. No one will eat the food she cooked anymore. The grandmother bowed to Song Xiaoqiang and left tremblingly. Watching this scene, Song Xiaoqiang thought, if he can survive, he must live well.

The epidemic situation has gradually improved, and the cherry blossoms in some places have already opened up. Song Xiaoqiang came to Li Tianran with a picture of the cherry blossoms and wanted to add a WeChat account. Li Tianran turned his head proudly. Song Xiaoqiang watched the doctor snatch people from death every day. In his heart, each of them was a warrior. The number of new patients in Wuhan has dropped significantly, and I believe it will be cleared soon. Song Xiaoqiang and the medical staff bet on which day it will be cleared, and the news came that Li Tianran fainted again.

Li Tianran was a little regretful about lying on the hospital bed. She still let Song Xiaoqiang see her true face, and Song Xiaoqiang did not expect that she was actually a young lady, who asked him to call her eldest sister for so long. Li Tianran fainted because of prolonged fatigue, acute myocardial infarction and pulmonary edema. Song Xiaoqiang hugged Li Tianran in the air, and Li Tianran opened his arms back to embrace.

Ge Ma told Song Xiaoqiang that the cherry blossoms in Wuhan were all blooming, but they only bloomed for about a week. Li Tianran was rescued back by everyone. Song Xiaoqiang held a photo of Wuhan University’s cherry blossoms by her bed and said that they would go to see the Wuhan University’s cherry blossoms with her when she was ready.

They would definitely have time. Li Tianran was still in a coma, and Ma had no way to fold down the cherry blossoms, so he could only collect some fallen cherry blossoms under the tree and give them to Song Xiaoqiang. Song Xiaoqiang patiently glued the flowers to the branches and put them in the vase. Li was about to send it to Li Tianran. The medical staff suddenly ran to one place, and Li Tianran was critically ill again.

Song Xiaoqiang held Sakura in the operating room for a long time, and Li Tianran was finally rescued once. Secretary Zhou of Jiangtian Hospital specifically called Song Xiaoqiang to express his gratitude and asked him and the cleaning team leader to hand over the afternoon physical examination. If there is no problem, he can arrange for isolation and leave. Song Xiaoqiang reluctantly said goodbye to Li Tianran, telling her that she must win and she cannot lose.

Song Xiaoqiang’s nucleic acid test was negative. During the quarantine, news reported that Wuhan had no new additions. Song Xiaoqiang almost jumped up happily. Wu Nan was holding the phone by the bedside of Li Tianran who was in a coma. Song Xiaoqiang whispered that when the epidemic is over, please go to Dalian and take her to see the cherry blossoms.

The Nanjing Medical Support Team was about to leave. Song Xiaoqiang hurried to the balcony and shouted with everyone that Wuhan must win and China must win. Li Tianran has been out of the ICU, and the situation has gradually improved. Song Xiaoqiang still has a seven-day quarantine period, after the end of the National Health Commission arranged for him to go home with the Dalian medical team.

After answering the phone, Song Xiaoqiang received the photo from Li Tianran. Song Xiaoqiang became cherished after returning to Dalian. He liked to see everyone on the street. Every day without the epidemic was a good day. He was even more fortunate that he had been a volunteer. After that, Song Xiaoqiang voluntarily returned to Wuhan as a volunteer, and struggled with Li Tianran, Wu Nan and others again.

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