The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 1 Recap

Ten years ago, Great Xiao and Yan Kingdom fought a decisive battle at the border, and the martial arts leader Lin Xiaotian led a team to assist the Xiao army, turning things around in an instant. After the battle, the two countries were hit hard and they had to suspend their troops and stop the war. Unexpectedly, news of Lin Xiaotian’s sudden death came suddenly, which has since become an unresolved mystery.

The position of the leader is completely suspended. The ten-year time limit is fleeting. The martial arts conference will be held at Luoyan Peak in Jun’an City. Anyone who becomes the new leader can inherit the Seven-Star Sword Technique. This sword was once used by Lin Xiaotian, and even in the Million Army. To seize the top rank of enemy generals, the world’s heroes also dream of it.

As the daughter of Jingzhou Zhanjia Villa, Zhan Qinghong has been naughty since she was a child, with seniors spoiling her, and her juniors backing up. Even if she makes repeated mistakes, she is still guarded by the mother of “the first beauty of the former Jianghu”. The defeat of the war knows that his daughter Zhan Qinghong is very longing to go to the world, but since he retired as the deputy leader, he took his wife Su Qianhong to live in seclusion, and has not shown up for decades.

He can only pass the Zhan family’s sect master to Zhan Qinghong and let her be the sect master of the battle. Participate in the martial arts conference.

On the eve of his departure, the battle was defeated to test the depth of his daughter’s martial arts. Fortunately, he lived up to his expectations, but Zhan Qinghong never left the house.

It was inevitable that he would ask more, and he was very concerned about the old father. Instructed by the defeat of the war, Zhan Qinghong packed his bags and the soft gold silk armor given by Su Qianhong, and took the maid Xiaolan and set off for Jun’an.

The two of them came into the city like buns, looking east and west, especially when they heard that Feng Bufei wanted to steal. Take the treasure to warm the heart bead, so I want to take this opportunity to defeat Feng Bufei and stand up for fame.

Since Feng Bufei is one of the three demons of the Netherworld, he is not only good at light work, but also good at the skill of empty hands. If he can win the heart-warming pearl from this person, I am afraid that a detailed plan is needed. Zhan Qinghong and Xiaolan stayed at Tongfu Inn. Although they knew that the other party was a black shop, they didn’t care too much. Seeing that it was still early, they simply went to see the rumored first beautiful man in Jun’an, Lin Fang.

Because of Lin Fang’s frail body, there is no such thing as romanticism. His handsome appearance has made thousands of young girls obsessed. Everywhere he goes, there are shouts of flowers, which can be compared to the city. Zhan Qinghong showed off his horror and flew to a high place, intending to see it quickly, but she didn’t see Lin Fang in the carriage, but let Lin Fang notice her martial art.

Seeing Lin Fang’s true appearance, Xiao Lan was a idiot, Zhan Qinghong was a little upset, and simply went to look for the carriage along the way, and finally came to Gao’s house. Lin Fang was a guest at Gaojia Nanyuan, and had a chat with a few princes at the banquet.

During Lin Fang left the table alone and just went to the garden to breathe. Unexpectedly, Zhan Qinghong would come over the wall, looking for Lin Fang’s maid Jiading to escape. We happen to meet Lin Fang.

Zhan Qinghong didn’t know Lin Fang, and mistakenly thought he was the person who came with him to spy on Lin Fang. After some conversation, he also dispelled the idea of looking for Lin Fang, but when he left, he accidentally dropped the Zhan Family’s doormaster token. Lin Fang picked it up.

That night, Lin Fang revisited the old scene in his dream. Unfortunately, he was young and ignorant. He would only cry when he witnessed the death of his father Lin Xiaotian. He still failed to hear Lin Xiaotian’s last words.

The nightmare that accompanies Lin Fang for ten years has made him still unable to let go. Now that the deputy leader is defeated and returned to the arena, even if he is not the murderer of Lin Xiaotian, he at least knows the hidden secrets of the year.

Looking at the token in his hand, Lin Fang ordered the mysterious person behind the bednet to find out where Zhan was destroyed, and he wanted to return to the original owner himself to get close to Zhan Qinghong. At the same time, Zhan Qinghong sneaked into the Zheng family to witness a fierce battle. Feng Bufei thief failed to warm the heart beads and was intercepted by Shen Yanzhi. As the two of them were in a stalemate, General Xia Houying came with his men.

In the face of the siege of two groups of people, Feng Bufei’s martial arts secretly learned was miscellaneous and not perfect, and he was almost captured. Even the Heart-warming Bead was released, letting Zhan Qinghong catch it. Feng Bufei lost to Xia Houying, so he ran away, thinking that the heart-warming pearl was still in Zhan Qinghong’s hands, and hurried to pursue it.

Who knew Wen You suddenly appeared, Zhan Qinghong couldn’t dodge, and was accidentally attacked by him.

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