Renascence 凤唳九天 Episode 27 Recap

Ye Junqing found something abnormal outside the door and was followed. He deliberately pressed Duan Tingting to the bed, pretending to give her treatment and medicine, and then concealed from the person watching outside the door. Duan Tingting felt inexplicable.

Ye Hongyi rushed to the scene and saw Ye Junqing lying on the ground covered in blood, while Yao Mowan was holding a sharp knife in her hand.

Yao Mowan cried and asked Ye Junqing to pay for her life, because she had a secret letter in her hand. Following the clues in the letter, she found that Ye Junqing was the real murderer of Yao Moxin. Ye Hongyi was shocked, and Qianmian hurriedly sought medical treatment for Ye Junqing.

Categories: Chinese Plot

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